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Friday, January 4, 2019

KoopaTV's 2018 GOTY Nominations!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - And other categories.

These were decided and talked about in our Koopa Keep Discord server. Behold!
The déjà vu from years past is intentional. (To be eligible, those running have to start their existence in America from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.)

And just so you remember, that stands for “Game of THAT Year”. That's the KoopaTV touch.

But yeah, this isn't just about gaming, but also ourselves. ‘cause we're art to be recognised and applauded, too. Just to make it clear, we have an “each KoopaTV article may only be nominated once, total.” rule that obviously doesn't apply to the gaming half.

KoopaTV Game of THAT Year GOTY Nominations and other categories 2018
This article is such a rehash of the 2017 one that I just drew over the 7 to make it an 8!

Actually, this isn't a complete rehash of 2017. As I wrote in the footer of 2017's Awards article, we now have categories for Best and Worst comments on KoopaTV, as well as categories for each KoopaTV article category! That means more effort on my part. Hope you like it.

(We removed Best Communications Platform as a category, though.)

Videogame-related Awards for 2018

Best PC Game

  • Fallout 76
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • MapleStory 2

Best 3DS Game

  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Detective Pikachu
  • Kirby Battle Royale
  • WarioWare Gold
  • Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido

Best Nintendo Switch Game

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Kirby Star Allies
  • Mario Tennis Aces
  • Torna ~ The Golden Country
  • Fortnite
  • Hollow Knight
  • Celeste
  • Octopath Traveler
  • Ōkami HD

Best New Character

  • Francisca (Kirby Star Allies)
  • Poppibuster/Poppi Mk. II (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
  • Yoku (Yoku's Island Express)
  • Aster (Mario Tennis Aces)
  • C. Q. Cumber (Splatoon 2)
  • Block Man (Mega Man 11)

Best OST

  • Kirby Star Allies
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Torna ~ The Golden Country
  • Mega Man 11 (pre-order bonus soundtrack)

Game of THAT Year

  • Best PC Game winner
  • Best 3DS Game winner
  • Best Nintendo Switch Game winner
  • Best New Character's game winner
  • Best OST's game winner

KoopaTV-related awards for 2018

Best KoopaTV Guest Article Contributor/Best Guest Commentary Article

Best KoopaTV Review

Best KoopaTV Reaction Log

Best KoopaTV Artistic Corner Contribution

Best KoopaTV Enlightenment Movement Article

Best KoopaTV Game Stream Experience

Best KoopaTV General Article

Best KoopaTV Gaming Commentary Article

Best KoopaTV Article Series

  • Splatoon 2 Splatfests continued
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Nintendo Labo is dangerous
  • Vortexica's demise
  • Rawk's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney experiences
  • Miles Edgeworth's suicidal tendencies
  • E3 2018
  • GameFAQs Character Battle X
  • Rawk publishes six articles in a row

Best KoopaTV Article

  • Winner of Best Guest Commentary Article
  • Winner of Best KoopaTV Review
  • Winner of Best KoopaTV Reaction Log
  • Winner of Best KoopaTV Artistic Corner Contribution
  • Winner of Best KoopaTV Enlightenment Movement Article
  • Winner of Best KoopaTV Game Stream Experience
  • Winner of Best KoopaTV General Article
  • Winner of Best KoopaTV Gaming Commentary Article

Best KoopaTV Comment

  • “Does Game Freak really think the 800 million Pokémon GO players will get excited by this game? Everyone has a phone to download a free app on. Buying a whole console just to play Zelda and Mario on? Not so much. These kids play Xbox/PS4. Or PUBG/Fortnite on their computer. Furthermore they will just dumb down their franchise by removing battling (remember Pokemon GO has no EVs, IVs or abilities etc). Do they think veteran pokemon players will get excited at the idea of waving their arm around to catch wild Pokémon?” — Anonymous
  •  “OJ, to me, is a situational drink. Whenever my body has an actual need for that kind of Vitamin C, it tastes freakin' delicious, but other times yeah not so much.

    And yeah, pulp in OJ is just WRONG. I want to DRINK my drink not EAT it!” — Lheticus Videre
  •  “Wow I understand now! It's refreshing to come here and see something from a unique perspective rather than the regurgitated trash that other sites spit out. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question so thoroughly. ” — Anonymous
  • “It may not be exactly what you were looking for, but I tried my best.” — Kody B. 
  • “Velvet vs. James, I don't really have a preference on, since I like them both.

    You should vote for Kiryu because he's a wonderful character from an excellent franchise (and one of the best games I've played this year). Kiryu is strong, kind, and determined. He fights to help random people on the streets, plays mini-games with the seriousness they deserve, goes above and beyond to make sure a child whose video game was stolen gets to play it, and gives advice to a new dominatrix on how to treat her masochistic clients. He even gets in an Ace Attorney reference, and the developers appear to be fans.

    Estelle is from a turn-based JRPG made by developers who still put their heart and soul into turn-based JRPGs, Trails in the Sky. She's a fun character who starts out very aggressive and hotheaded but matures somewhat as the story goes on. Also, the developers made an Ace Attorney reference when the game was brought to systems with achievements.” — Samantha Lienhard
  • “All I learned is all politicians hate families with children even if they say they are for families. My daughter has not adjusted yet to the new times and her body still operates as if it was still an hour later. She gets cranky an hour earlier which is a sign she is tired and she still wakes up an hour earlier meaning her parents have to get up earlier too.” — ShinyGirafarig

Worst KoopaTV Comment

  • “Stop using windows, period. A fast new machine means that you can run a better OS as a host to a Win10/7 or whatever virtual machine for the windows games you like.
    My suggestion is GNU/Linux using the new KDE Plasma 5 -- great desktop and UI is a lot like your familiar Win7 and prior. distrowatch site will have a list of 'windows user friendly' Linux” — AladinSane
  • “I'm a huge baseball fan (Go Baltimore Orioles!)
    But I'm going team soccer. No real reason, as I'm unfamiliar with Splatoon, but it looks cooler.
    Team #FMI” — Takehiko The Espeon
  • “I said I liked the article, At least I actually came to read these old articles,Roleplayer and I'm not actually into Minecraft like you said on your match review crap, I'm into Fortnite and better gamez” — SonnyTMG//TheMinecraftGamer

Check back when the weekend is over for the winners! KoopaTV reserves the right to add or remove additional nominations post-publishing. The decision for what wins is solely up to KoopaTV's staff, though you're free to sway the staff in the comments. KoopaTV's staff is likely to vote for their own contributions and cause a stalemate, so the staff may actually rely on your comments! (You can rally for your comments too, if you got nominated.)

The weekend is over! Did your favourite win? Check the awards here!
Find KoopaTV's GOTY 2019 nominations over here.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll tell you Rawk is the guy behind that.

    2. (Too bad the rest of us don't think that way.)

    3. I'm almost done with the GOTY awards write-up.

      Let's just say... I'm past the games discussion. :)

  2. I really enjoyed the games of 2018, I'm also proud of the winners in this article. I can't wait to see what 2019 has to offer.


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