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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Phoenix Wright Impersonator Arrested For Poisoning—Exclusive Fight Footage Inside!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Ace Attorney's reputation restored.

(LOS ANGELES, California) Yesterday, head of Tender Lender Furio Tigre (42) was arrested after a fierce turnabout battle that spanned both inside and outside of Courtroom No. 4, reversing a courtroom decision one month earlier that held former policewoman and Trés Bien waitress Maggey Byrde guilty for the murder of Glen Elg, a programmer at Blue Screens, Inc.

Ms. Byrde was accused of poisoning the coffee of Glen Elg while he was alone at the French-styled restaurant, but her defence attorney, Phoenix Wright, demonstrated that the court case a month earlier in December was a mistrial. Interestingly, it was believed that Phoenix Wright was also Ms. Byrde's defence attorney in that trial.

However, as revealed in court yesterday, Glen Elg's poisoner was Furio Tigre. Mr. Tigre also admitted in court to having posed as Phoenix Wright in the December trial of Maggey Byrde, having fooled the court by dressing up as Phoenix Wright and using a cardboard attorney's badge. Mr. Tigre's intentionally shoddy defence was a stain on Mr. Wright's reputation as an up-and-coming Ace Attorney.

Mr. Tigre was said to conduct his business, a loan company, through fear and intimidation. KoopaTV exclusively obtained photography and footage demonstrating that he handled being investigated by Mr. Wright and the Los Angeles Police Department much the same way:

Ace Attorney anime Furio Tigre holding grabbing Phoenix Wright collar jacket
Furio Tigre (left) holding Phoenix Wright (right) by his suit jacket outside of the courthouse.

As seen above, Phoenix Wright just came out of Courtroom No. 4 on January 7 (before Furio Tigre was known to be involved in the case) and came across Mr. Tigre's scooter. Mr. Tigre went ballistic and started to fight Mr. Wright.

Furio Tigre Ace Attorney anime fiery explosion background
Furio Tigre's Final Smash, Max Malicious Moonsault.
(This would soon end the fight, but not before Wright got some hits in.)

Phoenix Wright retreated and Furio Tigre left the scene, not at all concerned that he created havoc right outside of a courthouse. He wasn't stopped by any police.

Full footage of the fight here:

However, Phoenix Wright losing the fight would not stop justice from prevailing in court the next day, and through outsmarting Furio Tigre and forcing him into admitting his guilt, Phoenix Wright was able to prove his client's innocence.

Furio Tigre was arrested and will be held pending trial at a higher court within one month.

Furio Tigre arrested police Ace Attorney anime
Furio Tigre being taken away by law enforcement.
He'll be going to his new home in an armoured truck, safe from any mobsters.

The Tigre-Wright footage was captured by KoopaTV's RawkHawk2010. If you would like to see more of the Ace Attorney's trials, you can purchase Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy at 60% off until 11:59 AM Eastern time on January 10, 2019. KoopaTV is pleased to report the news again, and if you have any hot tips for KoopaTV, feel free to request them over here.

The last time KoopaTV covered the news like this was back in 2017, with several corrections when we thought there was a closed case.
There was something odd about Blue Screens, Inc. KoopaTV investigated them.


  1. You know I was wondering why 'Phoenix' appeared to be older and had a darker complexion in court the other day. I thought perhaps it was because he got a tan, but it turns out it was actually Mr. Tigre the whole time. How did so many of us fail to notice it was not really Mr. Wright?

    1. I blame the cardboard badge. Special powers! Special powers of DECEPTION.


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