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The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program

The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program encompasses all of KoopaTV's interactive features into one constantly-running contest pitting readers against one another in a skill-based bid for PRIZES! On normal months, the prize is often a $10 Nintendo eShop code. This can change for special rounds (ones incorporating June for E3, and December for holidays).

Currently, the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program is no longer functioning, since the site no longer produces new content.

KoopaTV's Videogames
For five years, KoopaTV had released a new browser-based flash game. Then in 2023, HTML5!
  1. 2013: Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!
  2. 2014: Defend Anita Sarkeesian
  3. 2015: Capture the Confederate Flag
  4. 2016: The Wonderful 1237
  5. 2017: Soviet Missile Run
  6. 2023: Fire Withdraw

These games serve as not only brilliant entertainment pieces for KoopaTV readers, but also discussion topics for other KoopaTV articles. KoopaTV authors may discuss the games as an example of something in game design, for example, or discuss the development process.

The Requests Page

Here, you may submit a comment to suggest an article request for KoopaTV's authors. If they don't reply to your comment, that usually means they will, in fact, do your request. It just may take a while. Articles that are requested will state so somewhere in the article.

KoopaTV's TV Tropes Pages (Website; Video Game)

In a special partnership with TV Tropes, KoopaTV invites you to analyse and educate all about the tropes that KoopaTV employs with its articles and games! KoopaTV is in the business of art, and its staff loves and will use, subvert, invert, and avert many tropes. You are welcome and encouraged to add to the lists.

KoopaTV Feedback Forms and Quizzes

Leveraging the power of Google Forms, KoopaTV wants to know how you, the treasured consumer of KoopaTV's content, feel about this great organisation. Every new KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards round are a new duo of a Feedback Form and a Quiz (an open-notes set of multiple choice questions testing your knowledge on KoopaTV!) that are designed to be very fun for the user.

Write Guest Posts

Perhaps the ultimate way that you can interactively create a legacy on KoopaTV is to write a guest post — about what you want — and have it be published! There's all kinds of quality assurance guidelines that the staff would like you to follow, because KoopaTV treats guest posts with the same dignity and care that it does its normal posts. Therefore, be sure to check that hyperlink carefully, and ask KoopaTV's staff about any questions.


  1. The article states that The Loyalty Rewards Program is on Round 13,but th Loyal Rewards Program states we are on Rouns 16.

    1. ...oh, crap, I didn't realise that this page actually said which round the Loyalty Rewards Program is currently on.

      Well, good catch. Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. You're gonna have to do a little more than lol here.

  3. Finally someone who appreciates Ludwig

    Who cares about waluigi when we've got the koopa Beethoven


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