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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

If You're Interested in Guest Posts

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This is how you, the reader, can submit articles too!

We are finally a bit past the point where KoopaTV has picked up some traffic in the blogosphere. We've made a name for ourselves, with our team of authors pumping out content regularly. Update July 2023: Not anymore, since KoopaTV has stopped publishing new content.

You then might be thinking: Hey, I want my voice to be heard, too! So you use the comments section and engage in discussion about our articles with the authors and other readers. But you want something more. You want to write your own article, don't you? About a topic of your choice?! Well, sure! Why not?

All you gotta do is type an article according to KoopaTV's style guide (see below) and send it to submissions(at) for a KoopaTV author to post for you. They'll make sure the formatting is correct and they'll publish it in your name. You'll supply a 65x65 avatar (we can assist with this) and the name you wish to use. Your post will be published with the category “Guest Commentary”.

Component Checklist

  1. 65x65 avatar — your OWN avatar representing you or your organisation
  2. Author name — how you'd like to be credited at the top of the article
  3. Article title — this one was “If You're Interested in Guest Posts”. Alternatively called the “headline”
  4. Article sub-title — the bolded text after your author name. Can be used to build article hype, throw out your main point, and more!
  5. Article footer — the italicised section at the end of each article. A great place to talk about yourself as the author, and to put a call-to-action
  6. Article body — the actual article


Articles guest-posted here are not to be posted on any other site (including your own, but feel free to link to it) and become the property of KoopaTV! That means we own them. Please be ORIGINAL.

If you are part of an organisation, please clearly state your affiliation and motivation for wanting to submit content to us up-front. We appreciate honesty over obfuscation. We do not respond to agencies. Please contact us directly.

If you haven't had someone who is fluent in English proofread your guest article (if you're fluent, you count), don't bother submitting to us. We hate gibberish.

You must be INTERESTING. KoopaTV thrives off of editorials and our readers come here to read interesting prose with compelling opinions. Please give them a value-added experience. For examples of interesting content, please go and read KoopaTV's articles. Listicles (articles that are just a disjointed list) are not interesting.

If you write an e-mail to our staff, and it's not personalised and it's clear you have no idea what KoopaTV even is about, we reserve the right to mock you in our reply back. Please take any amount of time to research our site and its existing content, and, again, please be honest. Our decision whether or not we're interested in what you have to say has nothing to do with how much you flatter us, by the way. Don't lie.

KoopaTV will not pay you to write a guest article on our site. KoopaTV will also not accept payments from you for us to write on your behalf.

KoopaTV Style Guide:

[Avatar representing yourself at the top left corner of your post] By [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE IN ALL CAPS] - Sub-title.

Largest font size first letter that's bolded and then normal font size for the rest of the post by default (you may use discretion if you want to add emphasis somewhere with larger font size but bold/italics/paragraph breaks are probably best for this).

Use the pagebreak button after your first full paragraph or whenever there is something resembling a cliffhanger. This will generate a "Read More" on the front page of the blog so people will click on that to see the rest of your article, giving your article a page view.

Justified alignment. Line break between paragraphs. Blogspot doesn't allow for tab paragraph breaks so we don't use them.

Always put the accent mark in Pokémon, and use em-dashes (—) or en-dashes (–) when appropriate instead of hyphens. Don't censor plumbers' names, but try not to refer to their names directly if you can avoid it. Say things like "plumber", "mass-murderers", "that fellow with the red hat", or whatever creative things you'd like.

Always put game titles in italics and bold company names the first time they are mentioned in the article. Such as, "in Pikmin 3 by Nintendo, players control all of the types of Pikmin from Pikmin 2, along with new types like Stone and Flying!"

Always link your sources but with text displaying the source instead of a direct url, like according to CainTV, Brock Abomasnow is a bad president.

Only put one space after a period. Also, put only one space after a comma, too. Along with every other punctuation point.

Always put captions on your images.

Images are best uploaded rather than linked to by url, because if urls change or the site goes down, the picture is gone.
And that has happened a lot.

Avoid citing from the "Stay Away From These" list.

End of post (separate with two line breaks), have italics and a sentence about you, what you're up to, contacted information, personal site, or wotever info.

Guest Commentary vs. Guest Art

Guest Art should be anything that is not you commenting on something. Guest Commentary is basically the equivalent of KoopaTV's "General", "Gaming Commentary", "Reviews", or "Enlightenment Movement" categories. Example things that would fall under Guest Art would be original images, photographs, fan-fiction, songs, original games, poetry, videos, etc. In other words, any fan-works. This includes both fan-works of KoopaTV canon or of games.

There have been many times where KoopaTV's staff has taken fan-produced art (whether requested by the staff or simply given) and incorporated it within our own articles rather than publish something within the Guest Art category. KoopaTV would always prefer some kind of writing to go with an image or video-based submission if it were to be its own article. (Search engines, too.)

Us Guest-Posting For You

If you think we're an interesting set of authors and we can add some interesting flavour to your site, we're totally okay with guest-writing for your site! As long as we can link to and advertise KoopaTV in that guest post. We'll follow whatever format you want.


UPDATE 5/19/13: KoopaTV is supporting an additional guest-based category named "Guest Art" in order to differentiate guest-supplied commentary and guest-supplied creative endeavors.
UPDATE 1/24/15: Wrote policy on KoopaTV authors guest-posting on YOUR site.
UPDATE 3/09/15: Finally decided to include the Style Guide.
UPDATE 10/17/15: Included checklist and stuff. And headings. Mouseover 'em.
UPDATE 8/9/16: Addressing conduct for people who go around sites and want to dump their content here. Also re-ordered the sections here in order of importance. Added some more rules.
UPDATE 11/17/16: Added the rule where we reserve the right to mock you for uneducated submission requests.
UPDATE 2/7/17: Added more clarification for what we're (not) looking for, because people like to send us garbage. Also added explanations to the checklist components.
UPDATE 7/3/17: Clarified some aspects of Guest Art.
UPDATE 11/15/17: Added a rule about money exchanges (we don't want any in either direction) and stated that we will not accept agency requests.
UPDATE 7/5/2023: Several agencies, who already don't seem to notice we don't accept their requests, also haven't noticed that KoopaTV has shut down new content production. That also includes content posted by non-staff members.

Ludwig is looking forward to audience participation. He also wants an audience commenting on his Miiverse posts, which you can find by following him at NNID PrinceOfKoopas. He also has YouTube videos which can also be found at PrinceOfKoopas, but YouTube comments usually suck, so...

The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program rewards you for guest-posting!


  1. Ah...but I have already though up my OWN article!

    1. Well, does that mean you want Option #1 or what?

    2. After about 1 year I finally realise that Artemis' sentence does not make sense.

  2. Not yet, I gotta wait for people to post before I do, but yes.


  4. Here's my article

    Rawk is mean.
    Source: own experience.
    The end.

    1. This is why your application to be a staff member got rejected.

    2. Well.
      I never actually responded back.

    3. I lost intrest because I remembered Rawk was here.

    4. But you were aware of that when you first applied. <_<;

  5. I'm sorry, I can't use Microsoft Outlook because that's what the link leads me to.
    Is there another way to set it up?

    1. By the way, here's what my post was about:
      I made a super-cool picture of you in a special form!! I hope you like it when you see it.

    2. ...What, the submissions e-mail?

      Just... go to whatever you use to send e-mails and type the submissions e-mail in the To: field.

    3. If it's the "Ludwig Von Espeon" on your Google+ profile, then, uh, no need to e-mail us 'cause we can see it from there.

    4. Oh okay. Sorry about that...
      But do you like it?

    5. I'm not into being transformed into a furry.

    6. Oh, no... I didn't mean that.
      I can explain.
      I created a power-up of my own called the Eevshroom, which allows characters to transform into Eeveelutions, which are Pokémon.
      So I thought, "my favorite Eeveelution is Espeon, and my favorite Koopaling is using this power-up, I can make an awesome fusion of the two!"
      Yes, you are my favorite Koopaling, and I'm still sorry for not quite explaining. I don't mean to offend anyone.

    7. ...Are you okay?

    8. Yes, I'm okay.
      I'm not offended. I just don't like it.

  6. I made a guest post, but I haven't gotten a response back.

  7. This mentions you can assist with finding/formatting a correctly sized avatar? Well I had an idea for a guest article that I just HAVE to do now...but yeah really don't know how to get that or even what I really want for it.

    1. We can help the "how", but you need to think of the "what".

  8. Regarding guest posts, is there a specific application they should be written on? Like Word, or google sheets. Do we write it on blogger? I'm not too familiar with all this.

    1. ...Please don't write it on Google Sheets. Google Docs would be a lot better. >.>;

      You won't write it on Blogger, but I'll ultimately copy-paste it to Blogger. So any word processing application that'll let me copy-paste easily. (You may or may not want to embed imagery and video in there, and you can attach the links/files for that.)


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