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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coy Thoughts On Boycotts

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - My walk and talk are INTEGRATED!

People have been yammering on about how Electronic Arts has basically dropped support for Nintendo's Wii U system, bringing about eerie memories on how EA refused to support Sega's Dreamcast. If you recall, that lack of support is credited as being one of the reasons why the Dreamcast died and Sega was dumped out of the hardware business. Could the same happen to Nintendo?

So Nintendo fans aren't happy with EA. Some have even called for boycotts (as if EA being voted the Worst Company in America for two years straight wasn't enough). I think boycotts by gamers are notoriously weak-kneed. You're not really going to boycott the entirety of Capcom for murdering Mega Man Legends 3, are you?

Repeat after me: I am going to get Ace Attorney 5 — even if it's download-only.

Meanwhile, I've been boycotting Activision-Blizzard since Jackie Chan Adventures: Legends of the Dark Hand on the GBA, and EA since The Sims 2. I've been actively telling people that the Call of Duty series is ruining (or already has ruined) the industry, and I have no interest in the games so-called "dudebros" like to play. So I haven't given either company a dime. That's a REAL boycott! It makes it difficult to engage in conversations with other gamers in-person because they like to talk about Mass Effect, Diablo, or Starcraft, but I at least feel good that I maintain moral fortitude against various kinds of temptations. (I'll talk about why you should dump your BioWare fetish in a later article.)

Remember: In our wonderful competitive market economy, your choice of products that you buy is your VOTE. You are VOTING to support travesties like The Amazing Spider-Man 3DS over quality games by quality developers like... Mighty Switch Force! by WayForward. Don't do that!

Anyway, EA isn't actually ditching the Wii U completely. It's just that they obviously started development of Wii U games today. Y'know, in response to the outrage. Now they're BEGGING to make Nintendo games! Probably because they thought the Xbox One looks terrible. You know what? I say boycott 'em anyway! You don't JOKE about that kind of thing, EA. We can't trust you. That's like joking that Rawk got accepted back into Wallace Community College. It's not cool. It's DEPRAVED.

Have any of y'all actually committed to a boycott? Have you tried and failed? Do you think Ludwig's opinions suck? Sound off in the comments below! You can find people pronouncing their disassociation from EA on the EA-related communities on Miiverse. You won't find Ludwig on those, but you can find him at NNID PrinceOfKoopas!


  1. For those wondering, we're still learning about the Xbox One, so you'll have to wait for an article on that.

  2. I think the COD franchise is more the company playing off of the love of violence and stuff in the US than what they actually think would make a quality game. I dunno if that alone is reason enough to boycott.

    1. Promoting the industry leader as something that isn't "actually ... a quality game"?

      Yeah, that's reason enough to boycott.

    2. Hey, I disagree.
      CoD can be fun, as long as you're laying with a friend and you don't start getting extremely competitive. It's a fun way to ass time if you don't feel like playing many others. I think that the CoD games in my XBox 360 library are some of the best. (I never got into skyrim)

  3. Ok, I've been boycotting EA since...well, forever, really. I've ignored them since the dawn of time. Artemis and I both speak here, but EA's games are mostly shit, bar mass effect(which she played).

    Blizzard is cool, and I can say that for lots of reasons. While WoW feels like a money scam (And I might make an article on why in the future, to give variety to my articles) Diablo is terrific (Though I haven't played Starcraft 1 or 2) and their older titles, such as Blackthorne and The Death and Return of Superman are good too.

    So yes, EA is freaking horrible and should be regarded as such, but I cannot agree with straight up ignoring their GOOD titles.
    Albeit them being rare.

    1. I was considering writing a sentence in this article asking how it's possible to justify the non-Blizzard half of Activision but... I don't want to take away from my point here.

      What do you feel about Diablo 3?

    2. Diablo 3 is a bit streamlined compared to 1 and 2, has a decent story, and the powers are amazing. The graphics are spectacular. The controls are tight. The gameplay is easy to get into. 7/10.

    3. Well, a 7/10 doesn't seem worth breaking a boycott over.

      (No problem, I have a policy of permanently deleting posts that people self-delete to clean the blog)

    4. Also Diablo 3 apparently has a broken economy?

  4. Oh, right, I also have a boycott on Apple.

  5. Just going to say that for some reason I just love reading this article, it makes me laugh. It's pretty much the best one I've seen out of koopatv.

    1. Thank you very much, ma'am.

      We'll continue with more anti-EA articles in the future (and it's completely EA's fault).

    2. Mirrors Edge is still a fantastic game, no matter what you say. Notice it was only published by EA but made by another company entirely.

    3. DICE is EA...


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