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Friday, June 29, 2018

Pray for Vortexica... he's been decommissioned.


A month ago, KoopaTV provided exclusive analysis from nigh-exclusive information about Cappy's appearance at the Royal Wedding that took place in the United Kingdom. One of the two sources that we credited as Jonathan Sanchez, whom happened to be the source that went viral, has since disappeared entirely from Twitter.

Prominent United Kingdom denizens are disappearing from existence when Cappy is nearby. We think this has happened to KoopaTV's very own staffer, Vortexica, who is our foreign correspondent stationed in the United Kingdom. We thought that we would wait for E3 2018 for him to make a surprise reappearance — after all, he has expressed during his previous terrorism-caused exiles that appearing for the Electronic Entertainment Expo is a priority.

But E3 2018 has been over for more than two weeks now. It's going to be July. No sign of Vortex. Since that Royal Wedding article, I have retracted my friendship on the Nintendo Switch with Vortexica and then resent it — multiple times — with the goal of giving him a fresh, KoopaTV-branded notification to remind him that showing up here is very important. But he hasn't accepted the requests. Worse yet, he hasn't been on the Nintendo Switch. Or anywhere else. No social media, Discord, or e-mail. He's missed two quarters of no-expenses-paid KoopaTV staff meetings in our Sierra Leone office! And Vortexica is supposed to be a responsible guy. If he was gonna quit for whatever reason, he'd give us a notice. This must have been foul play, and if anyone would be foul within Vortex's area, it's Cappy.

Transformers Battle for Cybertron CLUTCH Vortex
Vortex evidently could no longer afford to keep up his CLUTCH factor.
(Not my fault he's naturally inclined to blow his KoopaTV-provided tax cut bonus.)

You might have noticed a string of recent articles portraying Europe as this extremely dangerous place where death is lurking at every corner. Aside from being an accurate depiction, we also think it's a cause of Vortex's apparent demise. Part of it may be KoopaTV's fault for having Vortexica be our designated foreign correspondent out of the United Kingdom... but on the other hand, he volunteered it for his own convenience. And he enjoyed his role and considered his Decepticon self to be a Brit

Speaking of hyperlinking a Brexit analysis article from him...

...Vortexica's disappearance from KoopaTV could be considered a Brexit. And, unlike the leaving-the-European-Union Brexit that hasn't actually happened yet (what's going on?), this actually did happen, and it happened abruptly and sharply. Now we have no more British or European representation. I guess, for the sake of the lives of the rest of KoopaTV, we shouldn't try to backfill Vortexica's role with anyone representing Europe ever again. The risk is too great.

Koopa Troopa prayer sprite

That Koopa Troopa sprite at the end basically became known as the Vortex emoji in KoopaTV's Discord server, since it's consistently used to mean “pray for Vortex.” Please offer a prayer and a eulogy in the comments section. In any case, Vortex's biography has been moved within the About Us page from CURRENT KOOPATV STAFF to the KILLED IN ACTION section. KoopaTV's ranks have now fallen to four. Europe has now been added as a banned class in the Jobs page.

The last time KoopaTV's staff members have been killed were the TV Troopas in 2015, at the hands of ISIS.
ISIS also was targeting Vortexica for a while.
Due to Vortexica no longer being with us, KoopaTV Adventures is cancelled.
It's been over a year now since Vortexica was last heard from... March 14.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

New Era of Nintendo Begins: Shuntaro Furukawa's!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - But how different is he than previous management?

Remember how I said back in April that Nintendo is getting a new president on June 28, 2018? Yeah, check the date. The time has come.

We still don't know that much about Shuntaro Furukawa besides a handful of personality traits disclosed to investors. (And that's all of the KoopaTV hyperlinks I can provide about him.) His Wikipedia page is still barren.

So now this unknown guy is president of worldwide Nintendo.

Nintendo presidents comparison Tatsumi Kimishima Shuntaro Furukawa Japanese
We went from Tatsumi Kimishima (top) to Shuntaro Furukawa (bottom).
I suppose it's noticeable that Shuntaro's official company photo spells his stuff in English.

Let's scrounge for anything we can to learn more about this guy, okay? I propose comparing Furukawa's Message from the President to Kimishima's Message from the President and scan for any differences.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

ShinyGirafarig and her daughter go to the Nintendo NY Labo Workshop

By SHINYGIRAFARIG - ShinyGirafarig spied on Nintendo Labo Propaganda.

Nintendo NY had a Labo Workshop for the weekend of when the Labo was released, and I went on April 22nd. This time, there was no age limit of being able to attend the closed Labo event, so I did not have to pass my one year old daughter as a six year old. I like taking my daughter out to Nintendo events. I previously took her to the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon event and the Kirby Star Allies event. My daughter loves playing with the recycling rather than all those toys we bought her, so I felt this event might be a good fit. I also feel like I bond better with my daughter when we go out to places together. I prepared for the event by purchasing a lightweight umbrella stroller to navigate around Nintendo NY because her other stroller is very large and I bump into a lot of people otherwise.

(I got this from Target.)

I got to the event half an hour late. I was delayed by her need of a nap, needing to change her diaper in case she thought to fill her diaper at the workshop with her opinion on the Labo, getting to the subway, the subway being delayed, and navigating the streets after leaving the subway because I needed to go to a farther away stop which had elevators for her stroller. But it looks like I did not miss too much. After taking my daughter out of her stroller, I sat her on my lap by the Nintendo Labo desks. I sat with three others on that table. There was another table with four more chairs, leading to eight participants in all per session. No wonder these workshops filled up so fast.

I held my daughter with one of my hands so I barely worked on the Toy-Con myself. The NY employee basically did all the work for me, though I used my free hand somewhat to punch out pieces out of the perforated cardboard kit and to bend some parts of the cardboard. She also gave my daughter cardboard scraps, pipe cleaners, and stickers to hopefully have my daughter entertained as well. When the RC was done, my daughter was encouraged to put a sticker on but she is probably not in the developmental stage in her life to know who to peel a sticker and place a sticker on a surface and to press down on the sticker. She did like the sticky back though. She also liked dropping the cardboard pieces and other crafting equipment on the floor. I guess we know her method to play with the Labo now. She got to press on the Switch screen to move the Toy-Con and we pressed the option for the RC to use its camera so my daughter could see herself on the Switch screen.

Next was the fishing rod, but we barely made it as time ran out to the workshop. The employee said the plan was to fully build the RC and partially build the fishing rod, and then the rest of the workshop was to try the demos of the already-built Labo projects. My daughter sort of played with the house, it took some encouragement to play with the piano and she went on a plastic motorcycle that had the Labo-made handlebars to pose for a cute video for me. I thought I recorded her playing the piano but either I never pressed the record button or the video got corrupted.

I had asked a few questions during this workshop. Questions such as if they plan to make future kits as my child grows older. The employee seemed to not know. I guess big Nintendo does not tell little Nintendo employees about everything. The employee did seem enthusiastic that my daughter will eventually enjoy the Labo. You can see that Nintendo is really trying to encourage parents to buy the Labo for their children. I did not buy the Labo at the time, even if I was already at Nintendo NY and attended a workshop. My apartment is already cluttered and I would not have time to build these projects anyway.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mega Man 11 — Gets CAPCOM Support AND Looks Great!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Based on the pre-order trailer and E3 demo.

I have three Mega Man regrets over the past month: One, we had to talk about lame Pokémon announcements instead of the Mega Man 11 pre-order trailer (embedded below); two, we were busy watching Nintendo Treehouse Live on E3 Tuesday and never watched CAPCOM's concurrent stream of Mega Man 11 (though there was absolutely no reason why Mega Man 11 couldn't have appeared during Nintendo Treehouse Live); and three is something I couldn't control — Mega Man wasn't in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate E3 demo. (All he did was get killed by Ridley in his trailer.)

At least I can address the Mega Man 11 stuff right now, which is good because I haven't talked about Mega Man 11 since it was announced. Here is the pre-order trailer from the end of May 2018:

To break down what was shown there, Dr. Wily isn't trying to disguise his villainy and is just outright stealing Dr. Light's robots and giving them "Double Gear" abilities. These serve multiple functions, but they basically power-up a robot to go beyond its capabilities. Mega Man convinces Dr. Light to give him Double Gear abilities too, and the two gears in the double gear are Speed Gear and Power Gear.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Pre-E3 2018 Disaster: Anthony Bourdain Suicides in... EUROPE!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Less than two weeks after I wrote about Miles Edgeworth going to do the same.

Did you think it was weird and out-of-place that I very recently wrote about famous American prosecutor Miles Edgeworth's suicidal escapades to Europe — specifically France? At first glance, it didn't look like there was any real prompt for it — Memorial Day is a rather weak trigger.

And then, right before E3 2018, famous American chef (and television personality) Anthony Bourdain killed himself. I never watched his programming since I don't watch the Travel Channel or FAKE NEWS CNN, but there was intense online and even offline reaction to his self-inflicted death.

Now, here's the kicker: Anthony Bourdain committed suicide by hanging, in Europe — specifically France. Sound familiar?

Anthony Bourdain did exactly what I wrote Miles Edgeworth was going to do in his latest European trip. It's almost as if he was inspired by reading KoopaTV's article. 

...Anyway, to anyone who read the article and thought that my treatment of Europe as a place where people go to die was unreasonable...well... I was proven right very shortly after the article was published, was I not? And this happens all the time. Not specifically expatriates killing themselves, but Europe as a whole has a greater self-willed death rate than the United States — or anywhere else in the world. France's crude suicide rate is higher than the United States as well.

(The United Kingdom has one of the lower rates, but it's still not zero. RIP Vortexica?)

Our independent investigators out in France (Kamek's flunkies) have some updated information on what exactly Miles Edgeworth, still going around as Benjamin Hunter, is doing.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Mario Tennis Aces Released Today

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'm so enthusiastic for it that I made it a Day One purchase.

I honestly don't need more games to play right now, given that I have a lot of games that I haven't finished playing. Still, the Mario Tennis Aces pre-launch online tournament was the most successful demo I've ever experienced, and I'm known to trash a lot of demos on KoopaTV. Plus, the Mario Tennis Aces segments were rated the most enjoyable part of E3 2018.

Today, June 22 2018, Mario Tennis Aces released on the Nintendo Switch. If you asked me in May, I didn't have any intention to buy the game. Today, I went and bought it. Day one. As you may expect, I like the game. I haven't gotten to play it for that long so this isn't a review or a recommendation or anything, but there's already been positive moments.

Mario Tennis Aces Mirage Mansion mirrors dialogue deviant criminal queen's treasure power stone
The Mirage Mansion mirrors’ first impression of Mario is that he is a criminal.
I couldn't agree more! Glad to see this new tennis island hates Mario. They should read KoopaTV.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Why Streaming E3 is Better Than Being At E3 (For a Fan)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - If you're more than a fan, this doesn't apply.

You all know that the Electronics Entertainment Expo wasn't always open to the public, right? That's a really recent thing. For a while, it was industry players (game companies, retail representatives) and gaming journalists. It's formally a trade show. But for the past couple of years, gamers could buy a pass to E3 and try to enjoy it. It's not even that expensive, until you have to do things like fly/travel/rent a hotel.

E3 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo Gamer Pass price $249 features limited time sale
$250 to get into E3 isn't at all unreasonable. You're getting what you pay for.

What does enjoying E3 as a gamer look like? Well... you basically can either stand in line for hours in crowded, noisy rooms for hours to play demos for a few minutes, or you can check out the relatively new E3 Coliseum which features not-that-exciting panel discussions from a non-diverse set of game developers, moderated by the ever-annoying Geoff Keighley. (It existed in 2017, but the most interesting thing that came from it was a not-very-interesting spotlight that caught on fire.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Orange Juice is Awful, and Pulp Makes it Worse (Splatfest)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Do I make myself clear?

I'm going to just cut the suspense and flowery philosophical writing. I hate citrus fruit and all of its byproducts. I detest the taste of oranges, orange juice, orange popsicles, and anything else you can flavour with orange. At least if a treat is yellow, there's a possibility it can be banana-flavoured instead of lemon, which is a big plus around these parts. Oranges have a lock on the colour orange, for an obvious reason.

What does not have an obvious reason is why Splatoon 2 will have a Splatfest this Saturday based around if one prefers pulp or no pulp in their orange juice. (Pulp is also known as “juice vesicles” — it's the fruit membranes that come out when you squeeze a fruit to produce juice.) I don't drink orange juice. I don't drink any juices with pulp in it. I don't think you can still use the verb “drink” when it comes to pulp-containing juices. It's a solid byproduct. In an otherwise liquid beverage experience. Just on that basis alone, no pulp is the winner.

Splatoon 2 Splatfest orange juice Team Pulp versus Team No Pulp announcement
I like my orange juice spilled down a warp pipe, personally.
Note: The team with orange ink is Team Pulp.

If you need some indication of which team will win the Popularity vote, the Everybody Votes Channel back on the Wii had a “With orange juice, do you prefer pulp or no pulp?” poll in February 2012 for the United States. Pulp got 33.7% of the vote, and no pulp got 66.3%.

It's probably likely that Team Pulp will win the most victories and win the whole Splatfest, but... Don't let that likelihood turn you away from doing the right thing. Also, the Splatfest is shared with Europe, which may explain why the theme is so bad.

With this article, Ludwig continues to complete his contractual obligation to write about the Splatfests as they come. Which team are you on? Do you care? Do you think that Ludwig missed a chance to make a greater metaphor with this article, or do you share his view that this is an awful Splatfest idea?

The Splatfest before this was the finale of the trio of Splatfests about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Another terrible idea.
The next Splatfest is very consequential and on-topic. Too much so.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

President Donald John Trump Summits With Kim Jong Un

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - See the good things that can be done when Cappy is preoccupied?

Last week, while we were live-reacting to Sony's press conference at E3 2018, President Donald John Trump of the United States of America and North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un were having a peace-deal-making summit in Singapore. (I think this was intentionally timed to be at the same time at Sony's conference, because of North Korea's prior history of hacking Sony.)

We don't know the exact details of the final agreement since it doesn't exist yet, but the preliminary outline looks pretty nice. The United States and North Korea are going to establish relations, work towards peace between North and South Korea, North Korea will get rid of its nuclear weapons, and North Korea will recover Korean War dead people. President Donald John Trump also said he would end joint-military exercises between the United States and South Korea, which North Korea sees as a threat to peace. The United States will drop the economic sanctions against North Korea once the country de-nuclearises.
President Donald Trump Kim Jong Un United States America North Korea summit signatures paper
Here's their preliminary agreement. Kim Jong Un's signature is interesting.
(That's President Donald John Trump's finger.)

We know that Cappy, the evil Bonneter who is affiliated with Mario, wished to prevent peace between North Korea and the world. But then South Korea successfully banned Mario and Cappy. Cappy moved on to the United Kingdom (and KoopaTV staffer Vortexica went missing). And here we are today — no Vortex (who originally wrote that North Korea hacks Sony article as his first-ever KoopaTV article), but peace (for now) with North Korea.

Where Cappy goes, it's misery. Without Cappy, things can actually work out well for the world. Oh, and you also need to get rid of the Democrats. You know if Hillary Clinton was president, this would never happen.

KoopaTV didn't get the proper chance to discuss this very positive development to Earth peace due to E3 2018, so here is the opportunity one week later. Do you think Earth is going in the right direction? Can Koopa Kingdom kidnap President Donald John Trump to broker peace between the Koopas and the Mushroom Kingdom?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

E3 2018 Conferences Tier List!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - From worst to best, all of the real company press conferences.

When someone asks me how E3 2018 went, I say something along the lines of, “Good, but not as great as previous years.” A lot of people don't even know what E3 is, and “Electronics Entertainment Expo” doesn't ring a bell either.

People who followed E3 2018 closely, like we did (for proof, check out our momentous and action-packed E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule), probably find that to be a non-controversial statement. I don't think there was anything overall mind-blowing or super-new that everyone had to get their eyes on or experience. Niche fanbases might be overjoyed about this E3 more than others (like if you're a Ridley fan), but here at KoopaTV, we rate conferences for more than just gaming content. Since we watch everything (again, see that schedule), we want the E3 events to be entertaining, even if we don't have a company's console or would ever actually go and buy the game.

Keep in mind that the header's “real company press conferences” excludes the PC Gaming Show (not a company) and Devolver Digital (not real), but it takes a liberal interpretation of “press conference” to include events without a stage or a physical audience. The press can be anywhere, even in Sierra Leone. (Like us! Except Kamek. He went to E3.)

Now, here are are the companies, ranked from worst to best. Then I'll go into detail about them, in that order. I won't be hyperlinking each of their associated reaction logs because you can go and pick them out for yourself in the E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule that I've been referencing in literally every article for the past calendar week.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Killer Queen Black, and BYE!


We obviously didn't know it based on how we reacted in the preceding log, and the log you can read in this article, but Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018 has ended.

The very last game shown is Killer Queen Black — outside of the normal Treehouse Live area — and then just like that, they're saying bye.

Well, guess Rawk and I will say bye, too. ...The other staffers aren't around (Wendy), are at E3 instead of Discord (Kamek), or are probably dead (RIP Vortex). In any case, I'll just drop off our E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule SINCE YOU'RE GOING TO NEED IT.

And now, the final log:

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Tennis, Octopath, and Smash!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Which is the weak LINK?

We got three games, here! Mario Tennis Aces doubles action, Octopath Traveler inaction, and some The Legend of Zelda-inspired Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Rawk is here and so am I, and so is our E3 2018 Schedule. With 25 or so reaction logs with very similar naming schemes because I'm an idiot, that schedule is mighty helpful.

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Super Mario Party; Kirby hats

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - About time he shows up.

Want to see a new mode for Super Mario Party? (Teams?) How about Kirby's new hats for Ridley and Inkling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Then this Nintendo Treehouse Live segment is for you. (You can check out all the other ones, and anything else that happened in E3 2018, over here.)

Fellow KoopaTV staff member Kamek finally joins us during a Nintendo Treehouse Live segment this year, but he's not here as a live reactor... Hm...

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Very expansive DLC.

Are you a big fan of Xenoblade Chronicles 2? What do you think of that Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country announcement? Looks great, right? Well, how about 20 or so minutes of gameplay content to go with it? Plus, some news?

Rawk leads this log in terms of content. He took the pictures and did most of the talking, since he's the resident obsessive for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

I'm the one who keeps the E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule up to date, though! And since it's me, you know that I'm doing my best.

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Arcade Archives and Starlink!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - New content in Day 3, confirmed.

Welcome back to the beginning of KoopaTV's Day 3 coverage of E3 2018. Once more, we'll be live-reacting to every moment of Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018. This log features Arcade Archives Donkey Kong, Arcade Archives Sky Skipper, Starlink Battle for Atlas, and new items, Poké Ball summonables, and Assist Trophies in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It's a new day, so it's also a new time to plug the E3 2018 Schedule!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Leffen vs. ZeRo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The Super Smash Bros. family.

Everything at Nintendo's E3 2018 seems to begin and end with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since Leffen showed up as a substitute at yesterday's Invitational tournament but didn't get to play, he makes up for it by appearing on the Nintendo Treehouse Live stream against ZeRo!

Thankfully, this is the very last log of the day. You can look back at all of the great stuff in the E3 2018 Schedule article!

(Thursday is also a thing.)

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Nairo vs. ZeRo in Mario Tennis Aces!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Mario Tennis Aces is pretty awesome, isn't it?

Not done for the day, the Nintendo folks at the Treehouse invite professional Super Smash Bros. players attending E3 to play the very competitive fighting-game-esque Mario Tennis Aces.

You know what I put here. It's Rawk and me, and here's the E3 2018 schedule. King Bowser is in the log and we cheer for him.

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Daemon X Machina First-Look!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This determines the quality of Nintendo's diverse game line-up.

Recall the very first thing that Nintendo showed on their Nintendo Direct: E3 2018. It was a trailer for a brand-new game from Marvelous, called Daemon X Machina.

From then until now, we didn't know anything about this game. But now Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 2018 did a segment on it. We (myself and RawkHawk2010) were there — virtually — to react to the segment. Since it was the very first thing in Nintendo's Direct, then that means they wanted this game to make a great first impression. (Though, it took them to the end second day of E3 to have a segment on it, and they have done a lot of segments so far, as you can see in our E3 2018 Schedule.)

So... what did we think? Well, take a read:

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: In-Depth Octo Expansion!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Traversing through many challenges in this extended look into the Expansion.

By the time you're done reading this, the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion will be available for purchase, for $20 on the Nintendo eShop. I know I'll be getting it. I'll be the only one in the reaction log below to get it, unless they sell it individually from Splatoon 2.

Let me know if you aren't aware of our E3 2018 Schedule yet.

They showed the Octo Expansion earlier today, as well, in terms of the story cutscenes at the very start.

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Mario Tennis Aces and Octopath Traveler!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well worth the wait.

Do you see the tennis racket in our logo? If you don't, it's because you're reading this a week or later after it was published, which is okay. This is meant to be historical. But, anyway, if you want to see the logo we're referring to, and a lot more, head over to the E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule page on our site by clicking this.

So. Racket. That's because we were anticipating Mario Tennis Aces coverage. And, finally, we have some at Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018! Not just any Mario Tennis Aces gameplay, but the highly-anticipated story mode! Rawk and I are joining to fawn over the game, and then we wait for the Octopath Traveler segment to start. It eventually did, and we had a discussion on random encounters in RPGs.

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The Rabbids had to come sometime... but Donkey Kong is here, too.

We really do not like the Rabbids.

Unfortunately, Nintendo and Ubisoft are teaming up to force the Rabbids and Donkey Kong to team up, and we have to witness this. “We” being myself, Donkey Kong fan RawkHawk2010, and Wendy. At least the tail-end of the log has some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

You know by now that we consider the E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule to be a very helpful resource. Hopefully you do as well!

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3: Hollow Knight, Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - DLC content, the log.

Hour three of Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018. We're hanging in there, watching some interesting Hollow Knight (announced yesterday for Nintendo Switch and released), as well as the Splatoon 2 Octoling Expansion, which comes out tonight as announced yesterday!

In this log are yours truly, RawkHawk2010, Wendy, and friend-of-KoopaTV Ryu (or Mariosun90). You can tell from the log that I'm the only one on staff who likes the Splatoon series, but it looks like the Octo Expansion has gotten the interest of people who don't normally appreciate Splatoon's gameplay! You'll have to read the log to see what we think of Hollow Knight.

As the hours keep rolling in, we advise you to consult our E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule.

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3: Super Mario Party

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Plus returning favourites.

This time, Nintendo Treehouse Live was showcasing Super Mario Party, which aims to bring the estranged Mario Party series back to its former glory. King Bowser is now a normal playable character, so Rawk and I are rooting for him.

This log also has some information on Pokémon Trainer and the Ice Climbers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Check out our E3 2018 Schedule for more-or-less details.

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Challenge Battle Mode

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Welcome to Wednesday. Featuring a character cameo.

We're happy that, by reading this, it means you came back to KoopaTV after our adventurous Tuesday at E3 2018!

(Follow the whole E3 2018 schedule here!

Rawk and I are here to give you some insight on Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Challenge Battle Mode, and by that I mean Rawk, since he's the resident Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expert. As is typical for Nintendo's Treehouse Live so far, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has to show up in every segment, so that's first. But it features more King Bowser Koopa win screens!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational Tournament Live Reactions!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The ultimate in Nintendo-conducted tournaments.

This reaction log represents the biggest event of all of E3 2018: Nintendo's Invitational tournament for the newly-named Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It features eight invited players from the Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. For Wii U communities, along with commentators. The tournament rules try to combine showing off the game, while also maintaining some degree of tournament normalcy. Can Nintendo pull it off?

I'm the one on the staff that cares the most about competitive Super Smash Bros., so I'm driving the log's material. My KoopaTV colleague RawkHawk2010 represents a dirty casual. Kamek shows up but contributes absolutely nothing. Ryu (Mariosun90) who isn't on our staff but made it to our Discord

You may wish to consult the KoopaTV E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule, so you have a sense of where we've been and where we're going for the rest of the week.

Splatoon 2 World Championship Grand Finals (Live Reactions!)


The pinnacle of competitive Splatoon 2 is right here. Recognised by Nintendo on their E3 2018 time. From the semi-finals that we sort of watched, it's Japan's GG BoyZ vs. Germany's BackSquids.

I'm engaged. Rawk isn't, ‘cause he doesn't care about Splatoon 2.

We're almost done with Tuesday — look at the E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule to know all that happened today and the rest of E3!

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Overcooked! 2 + Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Filler before the tournaments.

Do you want to watch some intense Overcooked! 2 action? Sorry, we did a terrible job live reacting to it. Sorry. We didn't do a great job with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate action after. It's really filler, even from Nintendo Treehouse.

Ludwig and Rawk are lackadaisically paying attention. You should also check out the E3 2018 Schedule.

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Fortnite + Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Inkling gameplay)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Dedicating a whole log to just Fortnite seemed cruel.

At first, it looked like we'd dedicate a whole KoopaTV article to being a reaction log to Fortnite, but Nintendo was fortunate enough to show Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right afterward for their Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018 series. So it's a combined log.

You're joined by me and Rawk. Ryu appears at the end.

KoopaTV's E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule is chock-full of making sense of all the content for E3 2018!

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Pokémon, Let's Go Pikachu + Eevee

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We're not getting this game.

One bad thing about Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018 is that we'll see a lot of content we don't care about. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee are two of those games, and they're the subject of this log. (Read this for why it's bad.)

Here to half pay attention is myself and Rawk, though Rawk is only talking about other stuff.

E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule!

KoopaTV's Nintendo Direct: E3 2018 Live Reactions; Sakurai Plays Ultimate

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The last conference of E3.

Possibly the most consequential event of the entire E3 Weeks 2018 is upon us: What is Nintendo up to? Will the Nintendo Switch rock it in 2018? Plus, the show immediately segues into the first session of Nintendo Treehouse Live, featuring Masahiro Sakurai playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Here to help try and answer that question are myself, RawkHawk2010, and why-is-he-not-staff Ryu, or Mariosun90.

Also here to help organise your E3 Weeks 2018 experience is KoopaTV's E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule! Great resource.

Monday, June 11, 2018

KoopaTV's Sony E3 2018 Conference Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They tried something new and it blew up in their faces.

Traditionally, Sony has been making appearances at E3 as the egotistical, undisputed market leader. But with the resurgence of other console manufacturers in recent years and at this very E3 conference, what does Sony have in store for us for PlayStation 4? (And PlayStation VR?) Well, they decided to revolutionise their presentation method. Need to keep innovating to remain in first place, right?

Ready to end this night are myself, RawkHawk2010, non-staffer Ryu (we call him Mariosun90, but he wants us to stop that), and Kamek finally pops in for a log today! He's filled with valuable behind-the-scenes wizardry and insight for how much Sony's tech team really screwed up this conference. (Minor spoilers on how we perceived this conference.)

After this conference, the rest of KoopaTV's E3 coverage will feature on one company and their many events. Check out what those are in KoopaTV's E3 2018 Schedule!

KoopaTV Tries to Live React to PC Gaming Show, then Splatoon 2 World Championship Semi-Finals, then PC Gaming Show Again

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Mess of a log for a mess of two hours.

Remember when we dedicated a whole article to asking you whether or not you wanted us to watch the PC Gaming Show today, or the opening rounds and semi-finals of the Splatoon 2 World Championship? Here's where that comes to play.

Here for this confusing and undisciplined period of time (because not everyone wants to respect your wishes, fans), are myself and Rawk. Others wisely stayed away from this disaster of a log.

Though it wasn't followed for the creation of this log, in general, look to our E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule as your roadmap to E3 coverage.

KoopaTV's Ubisoft E3 2018 Conference Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Polarising French guys.

We never know quite what to expect when we're watching an Ubisoft E3 conference. They're the most volatile. It's very exciting and dynamic to spectate, and we're going to go through this 92 minute journey with you.

In this log we still have me, we still have Rawk, that Mariosun90 dude who isn't even our staff is here as Ryu, and Wendy took some time from her busy beauty nap to talk as well!

As is a common theme, the KoopaTV E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule is a great page to keep track of the flurry of content.

KoopaTV's Square Enix E3 2018 Conference Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - There isn't much to watch.

It's Monday, which is important since E3 Weeks 2018 extends past the weekend before E3. For this log, we're live-reacting to Square Enix's long-awaited presentation! They don't show up to E3 every year, you know, so they must have something really awesome in store for us!

We're joined by myself (of course), RawkHawk2010, and not-a-staff-member-but-in-our-Discord and Dragon Quest subject matter expert, Mariosun90! (Here as Ryu.)

Remember: You can be fully up-to-date on everything E3 2018 by bookmarking our excellent Schedule article.

KoopaTV's Bethesda and Devolver Digital E3 2018 Conference Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Does Bethesda deserve to be an E3 mainstay now? ...Does Devolver Digital?

With this year, now Bethesda will have FOUR E3 conferences in a row. That makes them big-league. Plus, they're learning from last year's conference by having it at a normal time of night. (See the bottom of this article for last year's conference.) That already makes my opinion of Bethesda higher than a year ago. Clearly, trending in the right direction is a positive.

Here to take you on Bethesda's journey are myself, RawkHawk2010, Kamek, and KoopaTV friend Mariosun90, in the log as "Ryu". (He was foreshadowed in a picture from the conference before this.)

For everything E3 2018, click here for KoopaTV's E3 2018 hub, the schedule!

Plus, we are also including the Devolver Digital “conference” in here, since Todd Howard just wouldn't stop talking in the Bethesda conference and it goes and cuts into the next one. Click here to scroll right down to it. It's nutty.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

KoopaTV's Microsoft E3 2018 Conference Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We might eventually call it Xbox E3 2018, if not for the fact that everything is also on Windows 10.

It's time for the first competent gaming company of E3 to present their gamer-focused press conference: Microsoft! How will Phil Spencer, now Executive President of Gaming at Microsoft (up from Head of Xbox), impress us this year? Microsoft was definitely hyping up this conference, so they have a lot to deliver for!

Carrying this reaction log are myself and RawkHawk2010, with Wendy O. Koopa napping until the end.

Check out our full E3 Weeks 2018 schedule here!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

KoopaTV's Electronic Arts E3 2018 Conference Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The first E3 press conference of 2018!

This is it. The start of E3 2018! We are starting with what is historically the worst company to get an E3 conference, Electronic Arts. Will the company that is solely responsible for making E3 a multi-calendar-week affair continue their terribleness, or will they pleasantly surprise us?

(Take a wild guess before you read the log. You'll probably be right.) 

We're joined by myself, RawkHawk2010, and Kamek in our first reaction log of E3! (And also the first E3 that we're conducting via Discord.)

Also, check out our super handy-and-dandy KoopaTV E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule here!

Friday, June 8, 2018

E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Your hub for everything Electronic Entertainment Expo, 2018!

Welcome to the finest place on the Internet for anyone who wants to follow the events of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. This is the biggest gaming event of the year. This is where all the gaming publishers go and announce what's coming. Big waves.

KoopaTV's staffers are dedicating our time and energy to bringing you the E3 coverage you deserve — with truth and levity — so you don't have to watch it all yourself. Or, if you do watch it all, you can still read our coverage anyway. We have interesting perspectives. Plus, this is a fantastic historical document.

And so, without further ado, here is the logo we'll have during E3 Weeks 2018:

KoopaTV logo E3 Weeks 2018 tennis ball Miles Edgeworth Electronic Entertainment Expo
This year's KoopaTV E3 Weeks logo was made by Ludwig and edited by Rawk.
(Rawk did everything related to Miles Edgeworth.)
Click here for an explanation of the logo.

If you wish to watch all of the action as it unfolds, head to (all the conferences) and (Nintendo Treehouse Live and tournament events). Alternatively, keep it to KoopaTV, since we will be reaction-logging everything! (Except for the semifinals of the Splatoon 2 World Championship, as decided by you guys.)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

We're Looking Forward to ACES and ATTORNEYS This E3 2018!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Aces Attorneys.

No one has asked me this year what I'm looking forward to for E3 2018. I assure you, that is not because my opinion has devalued in any way. People just assume that everyone's attention will be monopolised on “Super Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo Switch system.”

To that assumption, this website has an...


You should not ignore the fact that Mario Tennis Aces will play a decent-sized role in E3 2018 this year, with it featuring in the Nintendo New York store's plans. We loved the demo for Mario Tennis Aces and very much look forward to its release later this month. Since Nintendo went out and said that Mario Tennis Aces is key to the Nintendo Switch's success in the fiscal year between March 2018 and March 2019, then they'll want to promote it a lot at the biggest gaming event of the year.

You know which company's executives also mentioned a series we're excited for, that has a game releasing on the Nintendo Switch in that same fiscal year time period? CAPCOM. The game series? Ace Attorney. Whatever Ace Attorney presence that is coming soon hasn't officially been announced yet. E3 2018 is the perfect time to do that.

So. E3 2018. Tennis Aces and Ace Attorney. We may even get representatives from both in “Super Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo Switch system” with playable Waluigi and any representation of Phoenix Wright.

I will now have the rest of this article comparing Mario Tennis Aces and the Ace Attorney series. Get ready for some puns! And similarities.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sushi Striker Needs 3DS Controls

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Switch Sushi Striker isn't satisfactory.

If you don't remember Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido from last year's E3 2017, that's okay. It was originally announced just for the Nintendo 3DS, but is now coming out on both 3DS and Nintendo Switch on June 8. It's an action-puzzle game where you connect moving plates of sushi on lanes to accumulate the plates so you can throw them at your opponent. When you connect the sushi plates, you're canonically eating the sushi. There's a whole story and a song that goes with the game, but I'm more worried about something fundamental: the controls.

Sushi Striker The Way of Sushido button or touch controls comic Nintendo Switch
Sorry, Nintendo Switch News application. This is a false choice. One of those control styles is completely nonviable.

Two weeks ago, Nintendo released a demo of Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido on the Nintendo eShop. I downloaded it on the Nintendo Switch, and found using the control stick for a game that is clearly meant for touch screens to be torturous, though I got to the end of the demo and wanted to keep playing since the demo ended on a cliffhanger. A shame about those controls, since the game seems to be otherwise charming. Oh well, I thought. Let's go download the 3DS demo and try that.

But there is no 3DS demo. It's a Switch-only demo. Why is there a demo only for the console that the game is an inferior experience on? Could it be because of this: