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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CAPCOM Executives Know Ace Attorney Exists?! Coming To Nintendo Switch?!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Ace Attorney sees the C-Suite and says, “See? Sweet!”

Let's get right to it. The legendary Ace Attorney series from CAPCOM — no stranger to publicity on this site — will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch within a year or so from now. How do I know? A CAPCOM executive said so in Japanese, and people say it translates to this outcome. Not just any CAPCOM executive, however, but Haruhito Tsujimoto, the President and Chief Operating Officer of CAPCOM. (He's also the son of the founder and CEO.) Chief Operating Officers are high-up there in the chain of command. They're basically the second-in-command in terms of the stuff we care about. They tend to be very high-level and not deep in details.

The high level for CAPCOM is to release Monster Hunter often, and in as many places as possible. So they are making this Monster Hunter: World game and they showed it at Sony's E3 2017. Then we thought it would appear at Nintendo's E3 2017, but instead it was Mario and Cappy capturing a T-Rex. Through all of this, CAPCOM hasn't really done much for the Nintendo Switch, sticking to the Nintendo 3DS, like with Monster Hunter Stories recently and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney next week.

That looks to change, and in the most astounding confirmation. I mean, think about it. 

Just a few years ago, in a pre-KoopaTV world, Ace Attorney fans had to beg just to stay alive, being held hostage to CAPCOM's whims like we're talking about the Mega Man series. After four and a half years of KoopaTV — a website that's Mario-themed in look but Ace Attorney-themed in philosophy — constantly barraging the Internet with Ace Attorney content, Ace Attorney is now THE ONLY name-dropped franchise, from the second most important guy in CAPCOM, to be mentioned as part of CAPCOM's Nintendo Switch support. Ace Attorney is top-of-mind for the highest echelons of corporate CAPCOM.

That is a HUGE progression. Imagine how much different the gaming world would be if KoopaTV instead devoted all of those articles to Mega Man. We would probably be spared Mighty No. 9, and the series would've ended at Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Dual Destinies, and Ace Attorney would forever be a niche series no one knows about.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney WiiWare website desktop wallpapers art Capcom
Niche like the 2010 days where CAPCOM made a mini-site for Ace Attorney on WiiWare with one wallpaper and it still says “More exclusive wallpapers coming soon!” to this day.

To be sure, Ace Attorney fans still have a lot we need to ask for in terms of getting games localised, but that's a matter of resources (they can only localise one Ace Attorney game at a time) rather than corporate will. The fact that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 isn't officially localised yet is BECAUSE we ARE getting all of the mainline Ace Attorney titles coming in.

So, what will we see on the Switch? There's a rumour started by a FAKE NEWS “journalist” at a FAKE NEWS outlet that the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be ported to the Switch, as well as a trilogy of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice, PLUS a brand-new seventh mainline title. That said, in spite of the FAKE NEWS origins of the claims, I don't doubt that CAPCOM is interested in continually porting and making new editions of already existing games, since they do that with their other franchises like Street Fighter. And if “Ace Attorney 7” won't be on the 3DS, then it will have to go somewhere, right?

Meanwhile, Funimation announced the voice actors for the English dub of the Ace Attorney anime. Those names don't mean anything to me, but here's what Rawk says:
[11:08 AM] Rawk: oh shit oh shit oh shit
[11:09 AM] Rawk: Colleen Clinkenbeard as Mia?(edited)
[11:09 AM] Rawk: rofl
[11:10 AM] Rawk: Dude.
[11:10 AM] Rawk: Eric Vale [Phoenix Wright's voice actor] is Trunks.
[11:11 AM] Rawk: And the World Martial Arts Tournament announcer.
[11:13 AM] Rawk: ROFL
[11:13 AM] Rawk: LARRY BUTZ IS BUU
[11:15 AM] Rawk: This is a lot to take in.
Judging by his reaction (all-caps, “oh shit” times three, and “This is a lot to take in.”), it seems like some people care a lot about who voices what. I don't care as long as I don't feel my experience is ruined, but if it's an important thing to you, let me know in the comments section. I'd rather we talk about how KoopaTV is single-clawedly responsible for CAPCOM giving a lot of care to Ace Attorney, because why would I not promote self-promotion?

Speaking of KoopaTV's consistent Ace Attorney promotion, there is a question in the latest KoopaTV Feedback Form (Part XIII), asking about your familiarity with the Ace Attorney franchise. KoopaTV wants to see folks give high ratings for that question! There's multiple Ace Attorney references in KoopaTV Quiz Part XIII as well, so take that while you're at it! Filling out these fun forms gets you a caseload of points for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, which is on a holiday prize schedule for Round 17. It's well worth your time.

Sad fact: Those WiiWare Ace Attorney games won't be purchasable at around the same time the Nintendo Switch should see its first Ace Attorney game, thanks to the Wii Shop Channel closing.
The first thing announced on Nintendo Switch for Ace Attorney? Yet another port of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.
The WiiWare website was discontinued, finally, as is the whole Wii Shop Channel.
Ace Attorney takes a step back in not having anything in the new CAPCOM Store.


  1. I'm always entertained when I learn certain characters I know are voiced by the same person (or recognize them as the same voice), and there are few whose voices I like enough to be happy when I see them cast.

    1. Correct. If I've heard any of these voice actors before, it wasn't enough for me to recognize them by name.

    2. That's wot I thought.

      I really don't care about the names of voice actors.

  2. Another port of the trilogy would be disappointing since it is already on the Wii, 3ds, and the Apple store. I'd rather see the Great Ace Attorney or Investigations 2 localized even though I know the possibility of that happening is slim. No matter what the outcome is, I'm glad that Capcom is supporting their smaller series for a change.

    1. Well, there's Ace Attorney, and then there are truly smaller series that aren't supported and won't be supported.

      Thanks to KoopaTV, Ace Attorney has been promoted from a smaller series to one that's important enough to be on Capcom-Unity's navigation menu.


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