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Monday, November 27, 2017

The Miiverse Post History Has Come In! It's Interesting...

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - There are some nice goodies in here, though it's separated out.

During people's Thanksgiving dinners on November 23, Nintendo sent me an e-mail: “Ludwig: Your Miiverse post history is ready.” This is what we've been waiting for since Miiverse got discontinued a few weeks ago. After all, KoopaTV published a “Miiverse Downloading Your Post History FAQ!” for people to get all of the information they need on this. How consistent was the FAQ to what really happened?

Inside the e-mail is a unique url that leads me to downloading a .zip file to my computer, as Nintendo promised. There are instructions and interesting details:
“-Nintendo Network ID: PrinceOfKoopas
-File size: Approximately 32.2 MB
-URL expiration date: 12/31/2017

-You will not be able to download the file after the expiration date listed above.
-Please do not use a smart device to download and view the file, as the file download will only be supported on a computer.
-Depending on your post count, the file may be a few hundred MB or a few GB.
-Anyone with access to the URL listed above can access and download your post history. Please be cautious with the URL.”

They didn't mention there would be an expiration date. Also, my file size is significantly less than they promised, even though I have over 500 posts and they're almost all hand-written with screenshots. I was known on Miiverse for making very few posts despite my time spent using Miiverse (0.311 posts per day, or 2 posts a week), but how many shit-posts did people make to get that big a file size of a few GB? Especially since it didn't save your text posts as images in the .zip?

I'll tell you what was — and what was not — included in the file that Nintendo sent. Basically, they give you the assets to recreate your Miiverse profile, including some common assets, so it will look like the main draw of the post downloader: index.html. Looks like this:

Miiverse post downloader result index.html Nintendo NNID PrinceOfKoopas Ludwig final profile
You obviously cannot click on any of the posts to see their comments or communities, and it also excludes things like Follower counts and posts you have Yeahed. It does tell you how many Yeahs and comments your posts have.

Here is exactly what is in the package, set up in directory format:

  • assets
    • common
      • css
        • miiverse.css
      • font
        • MiiverseSymbols-Regular.eot
        • MiiverseSymbols-Regular.ttf
        • MiiverseSymbols-Regular.woff
      • img
        • add-post-image-forbidden.png
        • favicon.ico
        • icon-arrow-right.png
        • menu-logo.png
        • n3ds.png
        • skill-beginner.png
        • skill-expert.png
        • skill-intermediate.png
        • wiiu.png
      • js 
        • hogan-2.0.0.min
        • jquery-1.9.1.min
        • miiverse.min
    • user 
      • js
        • posts
          • 2013.js
          • 2014.js
          • 2015.js
          • 2016.js
          • 2017.js
        • community.js 
        • post_index.js
        • title.js
        • user.js
        • album_images.js
      • img
        • mii
          • surprised.png
          • puzzled.png 
          • like.png
          • frustrated.png
          • normal.png
          • happy.png
        • icon
          • All of the Miiverse community icons you have made posts in, in .png format
        • pa
          • All of the handwritten (“post art”) posts you have made, in .png format. The Date taken field is when you extracted the .zip
        • ss
          • All of the attached screenshots you have made with your posts, in .jpg format, plus whatever you had saved in your Screenshot Album. The Date taken field is when you made that post, except for the Screenshot Album where Date taken is whenever you extracted the .zip
  • index.html
I expect that everything within the common directory is content that every person gets, while everything within user is customised for the user. Curiously, puzzled.png is what everyone else in the world thought was your Mii's sad face:
puzzled.png Miiverse Mii sad face Ludwig PrinceOfKoopas

Speaking of puzzled, I ended Miiverse with 524 posts, and only 514 are included in index.html. Nintendo said some posts would be missing for certain reasons, so here are the ten posts that are missing for me and perhaps why they're missing:

  1. My April 5, 2013 post asking everyone 17 or older to watch my Let's Play Sexy Poker series on YouTube, excluded because it was deleted as a result of a late-2017 report-bomb for sexually explicit content
  2. My April 13, 2013 post drawing of the Star of David being embedded in the Triforce, featured as the top picture in this article because it was deleted by the admins
  3. My June 9, 2013 post calling the state of popular posts in the Rapala Pro Bass Fishing community pathetic. Was deleted by the admins
  4. My November 24, 2014 post calling the Mario Brothers sadistic murderers. Was deleted by the admins and featured here
  5. My August 16, 2014 post advertising the KoopaTV Guest-Posting Contest, which was deleted by the admins for marketing. If you're interested in guest-posting, all guest-posts on KoopaTV now contribute to you being able to win our on-going contest, the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program
  6. My September 19, 2014 post talking about how I got banned from Facebook, which you can read about in full here because it's an epic tale. The post got deleted by that late-2017 report-bomb
  7. My September 21, 2015 post calling Chrom an idiot for thinking his own name is foreign. Got deleted for bullying, and featured here along with a few of the posts in this list
  8. My June 10, 2016 post declaring that candidate Donald Trump's E3 2016 presentation would be better than the other presentations during E3. This ultimately turned out to be false. As you might expect, the admins deleted this post
  9. My October 3, 2015 post asking people to pay attention to politics, featuring best-new-character-of-2016 Paul Atishon from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice. This post was ultimately responsible for me getting banned a second time
  10. My March 10, 2017 post exposing the CIA's assassination attempt on Waluigi, which you can read about in full here. It got deleted by the Miiverse admins... or perhaps by the CIA itself
All ten of my Miiverse posts that have gotten deleted by the Miiverse administration are the ten Miiverse posts that did not end up in the downloaded post history. Nothing more, nothing less. When the Nintendo guy said to me for the FAQ, “This may pertain to a post or screenshot for reasons that may include (but are not limited to) posts that were deleted by the user, or posts that were found in violation of the Miiverse Code of Conduct and removed.” I'm quite sure it is just limited to those things and he wanted to cover his butt. Fair enough. Also, even though I was an on-going victim of a report-bomb before and after I requested my post history and got a lot of Miiverse violations (but not a third ban), I still got my post history. I'm curious if people who account-suicided as Miiverse ended got it.

When they told us we could download our Miiverse post history, I thought it would just be a bunch of .jpgs in a .zip. You know, screenshots of the posts and attached screenshots programatically generated. I didn't know they would give us an .html file and the assets needed to render it so we could, if we wanted, host our Miiverse profile history somewhere on the Internet as an archive.

I think it's fascinating.

Ludwig doesn't know if sharing his post history URL is a good idea, so he won't unless someone requests it and convinces him it's a good idea. That said, Ludwig has extracted everything from it anyway, so if there is someone specific you want to see, ask away. If you requested your post history, let Ludwig know if you found any cool goodies in it. If you didn't request it, why not?


  1. Hey, Ludwig! If you gimmie yours, I'll give you mine in exchange!

    1. Ooh, welcome to KoopaTV's comments section, Theresa!

      Alright, sounds good. ^.^;

  2. I got mine too. I wanted to tell you about it when it was discussed in an older article but I keep forgetting to actually do that.

  3. Interesting. I also received it, but it didn't show up in my inbox. I ended up searching it, and poof! It's there!

    1. Cheers, mate!

      I also have my link here, but I wouldn't want to try force it into the comments.

    2. Maybe instead of forcing it, you could lure it out with some bait. I suggest candy.

  4. Thanks for reminding about the email. I just went ahead and downloaded my history. It turns out that I had fewer posts than I thought I did.

    1. Well, I was always aware of how many posts I've made at any point in time since I paid attention to it and documented them all.

      Hope you enjoy what few memories you can retain!

  5. Too bad my computer has trust issues and won't trust your url (╥﹏╥)

    1. Override it with your admin powers.

      You are the admin of your own computer, right?

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  7. Although I have received the post history, my post art got cut off at a certain point. I'm not sure if it was because it didn't save, but everything post that point is lost in the cloud.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      How big was your zip file?


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