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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

KoopaTV's October 2017 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A lot of changes, and a big opportunity for you.

We are entering the last two months of this INSANE year, 2017. Long-time readers know that KoopaTV gets in a very giving mood around this time, but you should hold on a bit before we get to that.

After all, October had some changes to the KoopaTV formula of success that are very impactful, so it's best to cover those in this newsletter.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 16 RESULTS!

Before we get to the highly-anticipated holiday season round of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, we need to close out Round 16. Well, here are the results:

  1. Kody B. — 65 points
  2. Nandin Lopez — 45 points
  3. ShinyGirafarig — 25 points
  4. Lheticus Videre — 24 points
  5. Samantha Lienhard — 21 points
Only the first-placer, Kody B., will get a prize for Round 16: A $10 Nintendo eShop card! Yippee. This is unlike Round 17 (announced below the fold immediately following the next paragraph) which will have MULTIPLE PRIZES to give out! Awesome!

Special shout-outs to Nandin Lopez who didn't even get in the top 5 scorers in the mid-round results at the end of September. He managed to get to second place through good comments, a guest post (which made its way to our Top 5 Recommended Posts), as well as filling out KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XII and KoopaTV Quiz Part XII, where he scored a 6/6! (See below for information to the 13th edition of those!)

Announcing: KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 17!

This is it, guys. This is the big one: The biggest KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program round of all 2017! Here are the set of prizes:
First Place: code for $25
Second Place: code for $12.05
Third Place: code for $10

And then, like Round 11 a year ago, there will also be a raffle ticket system where a randomly-selected person will win a $10 code! (Randomly selected in the, “the more points you earn, the more raffle tickets you get” sense.) For more details and rules, check out the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program information page.

These Amazon codes were generously (or ungenerously for the non-$25 amounts) donated to KoopaTV by people who love us. Thank you for the adoration, folks! We hope to keep serving great content to make you happy. Your participation in KoopaTV is enough to make us happy, though loosening your wallets doesn't hurt.

Top Five Recommended Articles of October 2017

Every article on our website is worth reading. That's a given.

Regardless, here are the top five articles of October 2017 that you must read if you haven't already done so. These are presented in chronological order:
  1. Vampires vs. Werewolves?! Splatoon 2 Halloween Splatfest! — Why you should choose Team Vampires over Team Werewolves.
  2. Look to Mario and Cappy to Solve The MICHAEL JACKSON MYSTERY! — Michael Jackson's peculiarities can be explained by realising that he is wearing a Cappy-esque hat...
  3. Change and Transitions. Hard! AIM and Wii U to Discord and Switch! — Change management is a real field, and technological laggards have real suffering.
  4. The NeoGAF Liberation! Right or Wrong, NeoGAF is Ruined!  — Popular and awful gaming forum NeoGAF, an enemy of KoopaTV, has been defeated due to dubious allegations on its founder. Do the ends justify the means?
  5. It’s time to boycott KoopaTV, and join the Odyssey! — A guest article written by someone who appears to have been captured by Cappy... hence that awful article title.
I didn't forget that this Top 5 now has descriptions attached to each item, as of last month! I think it's a good feature.

New KoopaTV Feedback Form and Quiz!

You would do well for yourself if you went over to the KoopaTV Feedback Forms and Quizzes section of the website and had some fun with KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XIII and KoopaTV Quiz XIII. They're brand-new!

Corrections Corner

Unfortunately, there was a correction made during October. Nowi pointed this out on the KoopaTV Interactive Pages information page:
“The article states that The Loyalty Rewards Program is on Round 13,but th Loyal Rewards Program states we are on Rouns 16.”
Typos on Nowi's part aside, he's correct that I failed to update that section for months, mostly because I forgot that I was supposed to. My bad!

After THIS article is published with Round 17's formal announcement, that section will be updated, believe me.

...At least nothing was EDITORIALLY incorrect.

Some Minor Site Upkeep Details

I have reclassified the Fighting Fascism In Our World and The Game Industry and Fascists Gotta Go Fast articles from the General category to Gaming Commentary, since modern-day classification standards put any article about NeoGAF as gaming-related. I also updated the Top 5-recommended article on Michael Jackson from above to use the term “Bonneters” to refer to locals from the Cap Kingdom, as opposed to obtuse phrases like “A Cap Kingdom entity”, “Cappy's species”, “Cap Kingdom natives” and the like.

Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Bonneton map atlas guide
The locals are called Bonneters, for the main city of the Cap Kingdom is Bonneton.

It's... probably likely that we will get all of the Miiverse embeds converted into .png screenshots before it closes next week.

KoopaTV Is Now On Discord!

This announcement is more of an internal revolution than something that affects you, though it does change the formatting of the Reaction Logs a bit. As I wrote about in October, AOL Instant Messenger is closing in December. We've had Wendy O. Koopa telling us for a while now that we should move to Discord, though we've ignored her until now, since now we actually have an urgent reason to move. As a result, you can see that we've had a rare event during this month: Five KoopaTV staffers on a Reaction Log simultaneously!

Being on a messaging platform that people on the staff actually WANT to be on may improve staff collaboration and morale, which may trickle-down to an even higher-quality KoopaTV. Stay tuned for more.

By the way, the Discord server may directly affect you if you want some of it public. Head up to KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XIII, linked-to in this newsletter, to offer up your feedback on that.

Please share KoopaTV around to everyone who would appreciate the site's content! Follow KoopaTV's social media accounts and put your e-mail on KoopaTV's e-mail subscription feed so you never miss an article! (...Unless you just don't check your e-mail.) If you have any questions or concerns about any information presented in this newsletter, you may write in the comments section. Doing so will enter you into the new round of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program! (As would commenting on any other page of this site, or doing several other kinds of actions.)

Read last month's newsletter for September 2017 here.
Round 17 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program is getting intense... that and more in KoopaTV's November 2017 newsletter!
The October 2016 (that's last year) review newsletter may be read here. Round 11 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program was announced here.
October 2018's newsletter (next year) is a big deal. Read it here.


  1. To raise the stakes, if I come in second or third place this round, I'll give up my reward to the person in first.

    1. I accept your challenge. I didn't feel like going for first last time.

    2. ...I read this as "Ludwig e-mail me my code already, you're late."


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