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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

KoopaTV's October 2018 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The biggest site announcement in years. That, and more!

You all want to know winners and rewards and whatever, but I have far more important KoopaTV news to share. So without further self-promotion and filler, here's this header to chomp on:

KoopaTV Is Changing Our Publishing Format and Focus

We have been listening. Not just to you (though that's important), but to one another, and to the Internet as a whole. Demographics are changing. Trends are changing. Our own lives are changing. Sometimes too fast. KoopaTV has strayed quite a bit from its original intention, and I think it's finally time to change course again to get closer to both that intention, and to a product that people might expect from a gaming commentary story like KoopaTV.

Effective Monday November 12, KoopaTV will be changing our publishing schedule. Now it will be appointment reading:

  • Monday — Kamek
  • Tuesday — RawkHawk2010
  • Wednesday — Wendy O. Koopa
  • Thursday — Ludwig Von Koopa (me!)
  • Friday — Witch Princess

We are also changing our focus in the content formats of our articles. You may have noticed lately that KoopaTV has been promoting streaming gameplay content more. Those aren't random acts on our part. We recognise the variety of ways that Internet people are consuming content — younger generations are afraid of reading words, for example — so our publishing philosophy is now this: if a staffer enjoys making content a certain way, go for it. Don't want to write a blog article but you'd rather stream instead? Go ahead. ...Just write something on KoopaTV to let people know to watch the stream, and put the videos on demand here so people who miss it can still enjoy it.

KoopaTV exists to spread truth & levity about the things we care about. We have a narrative, a story we want to tell, that permeates all site activities. That's not tied to just one particular format.

To make it clear what is what, we'll be introducing a new category to the site — Game Streams, and we'll be retroactively updating previous articles with this new category.

Here's another thing that's changing: If a staffer misses their day and nothing is published on KoopaTV that day... then oh well! It'll just be empty then. Of course, we'd like to have content every weekday, but you know, sometimes things happen. At least you'll know which staffer to track down and yell at.

Some weeks, the schedule might be broken if there is a particularly time-sensitive event, such as something we need a Reaction Log for.

It's a big change, but we want to showcase our other staffers’ diverse talents more. Please understand. ...And if you have any questions, ask away in the comments section. Now, then, onto the next header (which also includes more information about the change!):

Top 5 Recommended Articles of October 2018

After KoopaTV's change in the next newsletter, we'll call this section “Top 5 Recommended Experiences” instead of Articles. The wording reflects that things won't be graded just on their quality as an article, but overall enjoyment as well. In the past, we excluded things like Reaction Logs from the Top 5s because they weren't really curated articles but text dumps. Well, that'll be changing!

Also, I'll no longer include that every article is worth reading, but instead, every article is worth experiencing. Similar sentiment, but now more precise! (And believe me, in terms of quality standards, it's true.)

As for October 2018, here are the top 5 recommended articles in chronological order:
  1. Are People Angrier At Spin-Offs Now Than Before? — Ludwig examines the notion that gaming fanbases are less pleased by spin-offs in established franchises in the present gaming era compared to the past.
  2. Trick or Treat Splatfest — Splatoon and Halloween  — Why you should have supported Team Treat in the Splatoon 2 Splatfest. (Besides Team Treat winning afterwards.)
  3. Three Reasons Why Junichi Masuda Is Pokémon's MiyamotoPokémon's Junichi Masuda has turned into Super Mario's Shigeru Miyamoto, and it's harming the franchise.
  4. Individualising Our Koopa NPCs For Great Victory — Ludwig addresses his efforts to promote the citizens of Koopa Kingdom above mere “NPC” status.
  5. Elevators are Funny, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stream — Rawk foreshadows KoopaTV's streaming-friendliness by discussing how Kamek's and Wendy's streaming activities are much more fulfilling for viewers than other video-based content creators.

Best Three Comments and Worst One Comment of October 2018

One thing I'm a little worried about, if substantial parts of KoopaTV activity ends up off-site on Twitch or Mixer or something, is that KoopaTV comment amounts may take a hit. Our staff is quite responsive on those streaming services, but we'll also strive to be responsive on Maybe you should give summary comments or whatever on KoopaTV post-stream? Or, you know, thoughts when you watch the video-on-demand if you miss it live.

As for October 2018? Well, try these for the best three comments (in chronological order):

  1. “I was able to vote a team before I got into a family account so maybe you can still at least get your 2-3 snails by voting depending on if you chose the winning team or not.” — ShinyGirafarig
  2. “It may not be exactly what you were looking for, but I tried my best.” — Kody B.
  3. “Velvet vs. James, I don't really have a preference on, since I like them both.

    You should vote for Kiryu because he's a wonderful character from an excellent franchise (and one of the best games I've played this year). Kiryu is strong, kind, and determined. He fights to help random people on the streets, plays mini-games with the seriousness they deserve, goes above and beyond to make sure a child whose video game was stolen gets to play it, and gives advice to a new dominatrix on how to treat her masochistic clients. He even gets in an Ace Attorney reference, and the developers appear to be fans.

    Estelle is from a turn-based JRPG made by developers who still put their heart and soul into turn-based JRPGs, Trails in the Sky. She's a fun character who starts out very aggressive and hotheaded but matures somewhat as the story goes on. Also, the developers made an Ace Attorney reference when the game was brought to systems with achievements.” — Samantha Lienhard
I think I've mentioned this before, but I am fond of helpful, productive, and well-reasoned comments (respectively) from KoopaTV's comments section, so thanks for those.

As for the worst comment...

  1. “I would choose Super Mario Strikers every time over any of these yearly FIFA installments. The game was innovative for its genre unlike basically each of these games that is similar to its predecessor. Plus, with the Mario characters on the front, you would not have to worry about the cover since none of them have been accused of sexual assault as far as I am aware. ” — Kody B.
Kody B. is right... so far. But given the fact that the plumber is in front and he has already committed genocidal crimes against Koopas, I wouldn't put sexual assault past him like Kody B. did in his comment. Plus, it doesn't even have to be true — it could be a mere accusation. Those are really easy to make, and that was demonstrated back in September. So pox on Kody for missing the point there.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 22 Final Results!

Kody B. may have missed the point in his comment, but he made up for it by getting enough points between September and October that he won Round 22 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program! Check out the final results:
  1. Kody B. — 49 points
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 36 points
  3. Lheticus Videre — 17 points
  4. ShinyGirafarig — 15 points
Kody B. should e-mail KoopaTV with the e-mail he uses for his Nintendo Switch account, so we can add it to our KoopaTV Family Group. Thanks for participating!

Announcing Round 23 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program

As you know, the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program is great and fantastic. It extrinsically rewards you (with things like Nintendo eShop gift cards, sometimes Amazon codes, sometimes full games, and last round a one-year Nintendo Switch Online membership) for participating in something intrinsically engaging (interacting with KoopaTV's grade-A content). The full details are in that hyperlink about the Program, but for Round 23 (lasting between November 1 and December 30), the prizes are (in order of score at the end of the round)...

  1. $25 Amazon code
  2. Two Amazon codes totalling $13.98
  3. One Nintendo eShop card code worth $10
PLUS, on top of that skill-based prize distribution, we'll additionally have our annual random prize drawing for another $10 Nintendo eShop card code. Each point on the leaderboard you have is another raffle ticket improving your lucky drawing odds! Full details, again, is in the dedicated page for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program.

Tip: If you have nothing to say about a given day's article (...or if there is no article for that day), then feel free to comment on someone else's comment. Or go to an older article and comment there. There's a random article feature (for non-mobile users only) for a reason! You can also always forge your own destiny by doing guest posts or submitting requests.

Corrections Corner; October 2018

There were no corrections made to our article content in October 2018. We're perfect. (Or, at least, no one's pointed out any imperfections.)

KoopaTV's 2018 Videogame

We regret to inform you that KoopaTV will not release a new videogame before 2018 ends. There are a variety of reasons, including the fact that the new version of our development platform, Scratch, is entering its third version in January. This version will enable some form of mobile support, since it won't run off Flash. We're willing to delay production of a new game until that's out.

Also, we came up with several ideas throughout 2018 that just haven't worked out when we tried developing them, due to project scope or unforeseen technical limitations.

KoopaTV Social Update

Google+ was announced some time ago that it'll be getting shut down in August 2019. No one really cares about that, but that's considered a place for KoopaTV. We'll minimally keep using it like we've been doing until it goes away.

In addition, our GAB account hasn't been posting anything in the last couple of days because the entire website has been taken down. It sounds like it'll return within a week, so I'll resume running that account.

I'd write a whole article about what has happened to GAB, but I'm being strongly discouraged by certain other members of the staff that actually believe what the mainstream media (read: FAKE NEWS) is saying about GAB, and think I should use this opportunity to discontinue our account altogether.

I won't do that, because it's a site policy for KoopaTV not to engage in, or engage with, FAKE NEWS.

If you have any questions about anything written here, and you probably do have them, please comment and KoopaTV will answer them. Additionally, please share KoopaTV to the folks you know, since sites like this have been under attack for years. This newsletter was published at the end of October rather than the start of November, because there will be an important reaction log tomorrow! By the way, if you think there have been bigger site announcements than this one, please also state that in the comments section.

Go check out the relatively uneventful September 2018 newsletter from last month here.
How did the new publishing format go? Well, poorly. Read about it in November 2018's newsletter.
Last year's October 2017 wasn't uneventful, but it comes nowhere near this year's October.
Next year's October 2019 newsletter didn't have scary announcements in it.


  1. "Trick or Treat Splatfest — Splatoon and Halloween — Why you should have supported Team Trick in the Splatoon 2 Splatfest. (Besides Team Trick winning afterwards.)"

    Shouldn't that say "Treat" besides the first "Trick" of the sentence?

    1. It should say Treat instead of both instances of Trick!

  2. I'm surprised that Rawk and Kamek agreed to this schedule considering I hardly see them on here. Regardless, it will be quite refreshing to see more experiences from a diverse set of individuals. Also, I am honored to be one of the top comments as well as the worst one this month as that is a great feat to be able to pull off.

    As for the video game, I will just leave this relevant quote from Miyamoto. "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." While it is disappointing that we will have to wait a couple extra months, that leaves you with more time to fine tune and develop the game to create a masterpiece that is comparable to or even superior to Soviet Missile Run.

    1. Uh... So you see a bunch of Wendy and Witchy...?

      Rawk literally had an article in the Top 5 in the newsletter, and he published an article the day before the newsletter was published!

      You may be interested in this article where I call Miyamoto's quote “flat-out wrong.”

      Just to clarify about the game... The production hasn't started. I also reject that the game is delayed, since no game was ever actually announced to the public!

  3. I can't remember if i already asked, but will there ever be another KoopaTV game? I had quite a bit of fun with the wonderful 1247, until it glitched out on Donald Trumps minigame. I suppose Game streams are no longer a thing? Ah well.

    "Also, I'll no longer include that every article is worth reading, but instead, every article is worth experiencing. Similar sentiment, but now more precise! (And believe me, in terms of quality standards, it's true.)" This statement is Lies from the Wolf! Unless you took back this statement in a later article that I have foolishly glossed over. I think both words have their merits, regardless of which is used the message gets across pretty well i think.

    1. ...Yeah, no one's streaming anything.

      After this newsletter, the heading changed from "Recommended Articles" to "Recommended Experiences" on a permanent basis that's still a thing to this day. It just so happens that those experiences nowadays are readable as opposed to some other kind of verb.


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