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Monday, October 1, 2018

KoopaTV's September 2018 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A month of wonder... and fun!

Welcome to KoopaTV's newsletter for September 2018. Whether you're new to the site or a multi-year veteran, this newsletter is for you to catch up on everything important that happened with KoopaTV from the previous month, right from the webmaster. It's called a review newsletter because... it's... reviewing the activities of the past thirty days. And sometimes there's forward-looking news as well. (Not this time, though, but don't let that stop you from reading this.)

Welcome Witch Princess to KoopaTV's Staff!

In the month of September, and I think this deserves to be at the top of the newsletter, we welcomed Witch Princess to the ranks of KoopaTV's staff members! If you haven't welcomed her yet, you should. We have high hopes for her.

If she could join KoopaTV's staff (and nothing against her, as you'll see momentarily in this newsletter), then you probably can, too. Learn more about that by reading this for how to apply

Top 5 Recommended Articles of September 2018

You know it's a good month for KoopaTV articles when I feel bad around this time because I have to snub something to produce the top five recommended articles of the month. Well, here they are, in chronological order:
  1. Witch Princess: Ace Attorney — Witch Princess's first KoopaTV article, and it's about her experience as a new Ace Attorney fan with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy!
  2. Nintendo Direct Natural Disaster Hypocrisy  — Nintendo's decision-makers are hypocrites and don't seem to care about the human dignity and lives of Americans, with regards to their Nintendo Direct timing and natural disasters.
  3. The Stealth Mode Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit Launch — Not many people seem to be aware of the release of the Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit. KoopaTV reveals the sinister activity behind it.
  4. Failed Trial; or Buy And Then Unsubscribe: The Best Ways To Change Nintendo Switch Online — If you dislike Nintendo Switch Online's product offering, then this article describes and explains the best way to get that message across to Nintendo.
  5. Turnabout Job Interview, and Lindsey Graham & Adrian Andrews — The hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh was much like an Ace Attorney trial, with many of the same tropes and even character arcs.
As usual, every article on KoopaTV is worth reading, though some are better if you've read previous articles before-hand. KoopaTV does a pretty good job of hyperlinking other relevant articles somewhere within the article, so please be on the look-out for those.

Best Three Comments and Worst One Comment of September 2018

You know what I think about KoopaTV (sheer brilliance), but how about you guys out in the comments section?

Let me tell you that in this month, we've had some exceptionally awful comments made about KoopaTV... but they were published outside of this site. I won't publicise them, since the commenters weren't smart enough or brave enough to bring their trash over to our pristine site so it could be highlighted here in this newsletter.

With that said, let's see some goodness:

  1. “I just feel like there has to be a way to use the gacha model without it feeling like every other mobile RPG. Even the mobile RPGs from huge companies seem to fit neatly into the same structure. I've even seen premium, one-time-payment mobile RPGs use the same annoying mechanics!” — Samantha Lienhard
  2. “"Alexa, open the court record. Present the passport to the judge."
    "Are you sure you are ready to present? Yell 'Take That!' if you are or say 'No' if you want to present something else."
    "Take that!"
    "After presenting the passport to the judge, you explain that the victim's clock was not three hours behind but actually nine hours ahead because the victim had not reset her clock before she was murdered. The judge is amazed at your incredible deductive skills. The witness Mr. Sahwit is arrested and taken away into custody, and the defendant Larry Butz is given a 'Not Guilty' verdict. The court is then adjourned."” — Kody B.
  3. “Wow I understand now! It's refreshing to come here and see something from a unique perspective rather than the regurgitated trash that other sites spit out. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question so thoroughly. ” — Anonymous
Samantha's comment lead to a much-appreciated and lengthy discussion about mobile game financial models and how they affect game design. We (or she, I just tried to shoot things down) tried to come up with ways to have a mobile RPG that didn't have an exploitative financial model that could succeed in the mobile game market place.

Kody B.'s comment was trying to demonstrate what an Amazon Alexa version of Ace Attorney would be like (a whole lot of As). Well, I think that could actually happen the way the series is going. Anyway, it's effortful.

As for the Anonymous comment, I wanted to highlight it because, one, we're great to good commenters no matter if they're known to us or not, and two, Anonymous person immediately picks up on KoopaTV's excellence. Hope they keep coming!

And for the worst comment of the month...

“I'd say there's a good chance they'll answer it! (...especially since only 3 people have asked them questions so far, at least in response to that tweet.)” — Samantha Lienhard
This isn't the worst comment because of Samantha or anything... but because Skybound Games never answered my question. They said in their ask us anything tweet they'd answer questions in a special video the week after, but it took three weeks. Here's the video. Notice they took two questions, one from Twitter and one from Instagram... and despite their CEO being present (so he's qualified to answer it), didn't answer my question about Hollow Knight:

So... pretty good chance my shell. If Samantha didn't make great comments on the same day she made this comment (but she did), I'd make sure she didn't get a truth point for the day. But... she did, so let's see where that got her:

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 22 Mid-Round Leaderboard

The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program is our way to gamify your KoopaTV experience and make you from passive consumers to active participants. Admission is very easy. Read more about it here.

Round 22 started at the beginning of September and ends at the end of October, with the prize being a one-year membership to KoopaTV's Nintendo Switch Online Family Group! Here are the mid-round standings as of writing:

  1. Kody B. — 25 points
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 24 points
  3. Lheticus Videre — 7 points
  4. ShinyGirafarig & Nandin Lopez — 6 points each
If you're new and want to win, study that informational page about how to get points. These aren't high point counts to overcome, believe me. The game is structured to enable comeback potential!

Corrections Corner; September 2018

KoopaTV was flawless. No corrections. Because... of course. You should expect not only great content from us that's highly differentiated from anywhere else, but it should be factually true and a pleasure to read. (I hate typos more than you do.)

KoopaTV needs your help to spread the word of the site's awesomeness. Please share KoopaTV content out to people you know — just make sure they aren't close-minded imbeciles afraid to read something that might challenge how they view things. (Though if they somehow already agree with KoopaTV's articles, feel free to give them that nice confirmation bias.)

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