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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Witch Princess: Ace Attorney

By WITCH PRINCESS - Salutations! My first article! And it's about Ace Attorney! I mean, duh.

B efore KoopaTV, I had no earthly idea what Ace Attorney was. When I saw Ludwig posting about it on Miiverse (nonexistent now), I was a little curious in finding out more about the series. It wasn’t until December of 2016 that I actually went to the eShop and downloaded the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for my 3DS…

HOLD IT! If you don't wish to be spoiled, I suggest leaving this page immediately!!

And then my world changed. I was into something new. Let me tell you my experience.

Disclaimer: Prepare for some ranting of some sorts.

If Phoenix is a rookie attorney, then I'm a rookie KoopaTV staffer. We've both gotta do our jobs well!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

So, this is the starting point. I’m excited!

But are we ready yet?

The first client, Larry Butz, is a complete goof. Makes sense for a...comic relief kind of guy. Y’know, I thought Edge(y)worth would be here. Nah, we can’t have that intimidation just yet. We have Winston Payne, the wimpy prosecutor! And Mia Fey right by our side. Lovely Mia!

This is gonna be interesting.

Yeah, but you're gonna help us out anyway.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Mia Fey feel a migraine headache
...Or have a migraine. Yeah, yeah, I had to take some photos myself.

The first case is the tutorial, so yeah, nice. (Oh, yes, how nice of Hairy Butz to give Mia the murder weapon for the next case.)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Larry Butz sugar daddies
When something needs humor, it's usually the Butz who brings it.

I just started to like Mia. And now she’s dead. I actually cried at this part. I wasn’t EXPECTING TO, but I did. How could I feel for a character whom I had just met? ...Don’t ask me. I mean, it’s not like we’ll never see her again. Yay for spirit mediums, am I right guys?!

Burgers are good! So is ramen.

Good thing we found Maya too. Now she’s in trouble. Grossberg won’t defend her, and if we GO HOME, she may end up in prison anyway. State-appointed attorneys...aren’t the best. But we’re Phoenix Wright! We’ll win that Best Attorney Ever award!

But Edgeworth's gonna stop us. (No he ain't!)

The only characters in this game I felt the most sympathetic for were Will Powers and Lana Skye. Don’t get me wrong. I love Edgeworth and Maya and what happened to them was indeed tragic. But they’re very important (duh) to the whole plot of Ace Attorney. They have to be there along the way for Phoenix. Will and Lana...who knows what would have happened if Wright didn’t defend them? They would have went to jail, because the Best Attorney Ever! wasn’t there. But then you’d say, “So would Maya and Edgeworth if Wright wasn’t there for them!” 


I'm talking about Will and Lana!!!

But it’s okay, because he was there!

Daw, sisters. Oh yeah, scientific Maya.

I almost forgot! There’s one character so dear to me…

She’s so awesome! She's a strong and crazy woman!

She is Lotta Hart!

My spirit animal, ladies and gentlemen.

Maybe the only reason I adore Lotta so much is because she’s Southern, which I have no problem with. Or maybe it’s her hair. Her afro’s cool! Man, Lotta would make my days so much better if she existed.

The lesson of this game is...don’t forget DL-6.

And Manfred von Karma... *shivers*

Justice for All

I will admit—this game has some...interesting characters (like that weirdo clown Moe), and some quite boring ones too. I see the killers in this game as unforgivable, like all killers, even though to me this game wants you to feel sympathetic for them (except for Wellington and Engarde).

Let’s talk about Mimi Miney’s case. You know, the girl who disguised as her sister Ini, after she died in a car accident caused by Mimi. I’ve seen comments (glorious YouTube comments) saying how Dr. Turner Grey deserved to die and that Mimi Miney’s act of murder was justified, simply because she was overworked.

...Not really. We hardly knew the guy before his death. All of the accusations of malpractice were alleged, meaning without proof, mind you.

I have no sympathy for you, Mimi.

That's not going to change my mind!

The next villain I will discuss is...Acro. Oh, Acro. People love to stick up for this guy. And his way of killing Russell Berry IS STUPID.



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Bullcrap Edition.

How does that even make sense?! How strong is that rope? Looks like it would instantly snap with that bust that’s somehow attached! Lovely. Acro’s unsympathetic and now dumb. It takes a coward to commit a crime (like, say, murder), and also to frame someone else for said crime! Oh yeah, let’s all love Acro because he’s a tragic character. Ha, no he isn’t. I think many forget he was trying to kill Regina Berry in the first place. All for his brother, Bat. You mean he couldn’t have visited him in the hospital to keep him company while in a coma? Again, his whole description of how he murdered his adoptive father is stupid and pointless. He is definitely a boring and unsympathetic character.

The only case I truly enjoyed in this game was Farewell My Turnabout. For one, the plot twist threw me off guard. I really thought Engarde was innocent. Oops. Well, that’s what he wanted you to think, anyway. Another thing is De KIller. That creepy guy. He kidnaps Maya in the beginning, and all for Engarde’s dirty work. I thought that was a pretty good (and spooky) plot twist there. Of course, Engarde actually gets a guilty verdict, unless of course…

Now, Edgeworth isn’t really in this game much until the end. Bummer. It’s okay though, because we have a replacement prosecutor! Von Karma! Wait! Isn’t he dead? In prison? Yeah, it’s just his daughter, Franziska. And she’s out to destroy us ALL! Well, only the most foolish of fools. That means she’s not after me!

I'm not a foolish fool, lady.

I didn’t like her at first, but throughout the game, she became more...tolerable I guess. I mean, hey, at least she’s way better than her father Manfred! I did feel bad for her during the airport scene with Edgeworth, even though she was constantly a brat during all of the cases and interfering with Wright’s investigations. You do realize she whipped Wright into unconsciousness, all because he taunted her right? Well. like they say—like father, like daughter! Always caring about that perfect win record! Taunting about losing is a no no!

Hey, Gumshoe. Maybe you wouldn’t get whipped if you said “ma’am” instead of “sir”!

Keep shining, Dick Gumshoe. You’re the world’s goofiest detective.

Trials and Tribulations

Oh Goddess, where do I even begin? Maybe I should start out with MIA FEY?! Nooo, what about that witch Dahlia Hawthorne? Yeah. Dahlia Hawthorne. Not all witches are friends, you know. #NotAllWitches

Straight from the depths of hell, and not from my side, either.

Playing as Mia was the best. I loved tearing apart that disguise Dahlia was wearing. Mia didn’t stop until she was taken away with the men in blue. Oh, yeah, we meet Phoenix before his lawyer years. There’s that too, which was interesting. Know what else is interesting? Coffee. Who drinks the most cups of it in this game? Godot. Who’s guilty of murder and didn't alert the proper authorities about Morgan’s letter? Godot.

May you rot in prison.

Let’s face it. Godot blamed his troubles on everyone else, including Phoenix. He blames him for not saving Mia, allowing Dahlia to poison him, etc. Allow me to quote a YouTube comment I surprisingly agree with for once.

“He knew what he was doing, and he killed Misty Fey. He will forever suffer for this.”

Exactly my thoughts! Well, one of my thoughts. Some claim Godot had a great backstory (what about Edgeworth???). Ha. Fight me on that, somebody! Edgeworth is great. Godot’s a murderer. No sympathy! Hey, who's that twin sister of Dahlia’s? Iris? Meh. She has basically no backstory either. Well if you count staying with Sister Bikini…

What’s that? Godot and Iris don’t show up again? Eh, couldn't be helped. You do the crime, you do the time. Literally.

Did my thoughts scare you off yet? No? Great!

Even though I do have problems with some characters (obviously), I think Ace Attorney has to be one of my favorite game franchises. And that means a lot coming from me, since I'm what you call a casual gamer. I love the lore, hence why I decided to state my probably unpopular opinion on Godot, for example.

Yep, I meant it when I said the series changed my life. I meant every word.

Witch Princess thanks you for reading and would like to hear your thoughts on her thoughts. Or just say hi. That'll work too.

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Perhaps you should consider getting the series at a big sale.


  1. The original Ace Attorney trilogy is full of great twists and memorable characters. While the second game aside from case 4 is not as great as the others at least to me, I still appreciate that it added a new mechanic that made interrogations a little more interesting. Trials and Tribulations still remains my favorite out of the series with the first slightly behind.

    1. Exactly my thoughts! Originally I was going to rank the trilogy from least favorite to most favorite, but decided not to. Trials and Tribulations really blew my mind.


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