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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Nintendo Beat Those MariCAR Inc. Dudes In Court

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - At least this case gets resolved. Unlike some other ones.

Do you remember the MariCAR Inc. case that we covered two and a half months ago? It was this go-kart company on the streets of Japan that posed a threat to Nintendo intellectual property, enough that Nintendo's investors were asking about it.

In the footer of that article, I wrote, “KoopaTV may or may not bother to stay on top of this on-going story for you.” Well, I figure we might as well conclude it. 

MariCAR lost, and their statement is here (in Japanese). Nintendo won, and their statement is here (in Japanese). I don't know Japanese, but the loser thought it was unfair and the winner thought it was good.

Fortunately, Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal knows English, so here's the end result of the decision:
10 million yen is almost $90,000, so that's... not very significant. I don't think their business is going to get bankrupt or anything. Meanwhile, MariCAR's website appears to be unphased and is just as stupid as it was in the first article we wrote. No word if they'll drastically change their name.

There's a significantly more important legal proceeding/not-supposed-to-be-a-trial-but-really-was-one that happened today that captured our collective attention. We'll write about it with effort and depth tomorrow to finish the month, but that takes time to do, so you get a filler article today.

But at least we tied up a loose end. Speaking of the effect on Mario Kart, we still don't know anything about Mario Kart mobile, but that crappy Dragalia Lost mobile trash is released now. That's about as much as I'll write about it.

KoopaTV knows you're not sad about not being able to wear Nintendo costumes for this go-karting business in Japan, so instead, you can comment about... Well, you know, you can go ahead and be creative about it.

Here. Non-filler article with effort and depth about a more important legal proceeding.
MariCAR wasn't done. They appealed up to the Supreme Court of Japan... and they denied the final appeal.


  1. I did not expect for you to follow up on the case but thanks for writing about the outcome anyway. It was obvious from the very starting line that MariCAR was in clear violation of copyright infringement and could no way convince the judge otherwise. Even if Phoenix Wright was their lawyer, the company would be declared guilty before Wright could even throw out a single "Objection!"


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