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KoopaTV Informational Pages

The About Page is your first-stop to learning about KoopaTV. Here, KoopaTV explains what the site is about, who its staffers are (and were), its philosophies, and also a timeline of very important events. This includes the website no longer producing new content as of July 2023.

KoopaTV's Contact Us page consists of a long line of e-mail addresses (that secretly all lead to the same place), along with personal contact information for each of the staffers.

Essentially a list of all of the methods (mainly maintained social media accounts and e-mail subscriptions) that one can use to know when there is a new KoopaTV article. This list is silly in a time period when the site no longer updates.

This KoopaTV page has three lists:
  1. KoopaTV's affiliate websites (we have a very good relationship with this small group of sites)
  2. KoopaTV's recommended news and opinion outlets (because people need to know what good places are also out there on the Internet)
  3. KoopaTV's lists of disreputable sources that KoopaTV believes you should stay away from so you are not misinformed or lied to

Jobs and Volunteering at KoopaTV

If YOU would like to be a part of KoopaTV's staff, or you wish to help KoopaTV out without being a staff member, here is the page with all the information you need to know.

The KoopaTV Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

KoopaTV maintains a corporate social responsibility report there.

Disclaimers and Privacy

This page contains a stolen privacy policy, and some basic slightly out-of-character disclaimers about the information found on KoopaTV. By continuing to use KoopaTV, you acknowledge and agree to what is on this page, so think of it like a terms of use.

KoopaTV Logo Policy

KoopaTV's Logo Policy page gives all of the details about how to correctly use KoopaTV's logo, and contains a logo usage request form (which you can get rewarded for in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program). This informational article is also a parody, and KoopaTV doesn't actually care. Still, the bottom contains links to all of the times the logo has changed for special events.


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