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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

KoopaTV's Contact Info

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Comments sections aren't enough for you.

Upon examing many websites, I've come to a conclusion: Good websites have clearly designated "About Us" and "Contact Us" sections.

This Contact Info will no longer be updated as of July 2023, since KoopaTV itself is no longer producing new content.

Due to an uptick of e-mail spam, the e-mail addresses listed below will now not be direct. Humans can still figure it out.

KoopaTV in general (probably maintained by Ludwig):

Specific KoopaTV e-mails:

  • jobs(at) (To apply for jobs/volunteer positions)
  • dmca(at) (To ask for something to be taken down)
  • submissions(at) (To guest-submit content)
  • ads(at) (To object to an ad)
  • privacy(at) (To inquire about your privacy)
  • affiliates(at) (To establish an affiliate relationship) 
  • logo(at) (To inquire about using our logo)

Ludwig Von Koopa:


Wendy O. Koopa:

Witch Princess

  • witchprincess(at)
  • Discord: sailormoon1552 (formerly SailorMoon#1552)
  • Nintendo Switch FC: SW-1469-4433-5994

Heavy Lobster

Don't forget that KoopaTV reads all your comments you make anywhere on this site! If you have any suggestions or requests, go ahead and say so. If you're sending a friend request to a staffer, please comment ahead of time.


  1. The closing sentence in italics isn't in third person. Yoshi is very disappointed.

  2. where's my owner in fmi

    1. Ask Cresselia.
      Tell 'em I said hi and I miss 'em.

    2. Sucks to see you go ,i'm gonna have to ask cress what happened whenever I run into her, but we've had some good times and i'll be sure to read your blog whenever there is a new article :)

    3. if I have the time, I will 3:O

    4. Well you said you'd be sure to. :p

      Actually, I might just visit now.

    5. damn, looks like I missed you

    6. Yeah, looks like you did.

      Taffy and I talk on AIM and wondered about why PO's server had so many dudes.

      I had a nightmare that Phanpy took over Fullmoon Island and made everyone act really dumb. I figured if I was havin' dreams 'bout it it's worth checkin' out.

    7. yeah when I checked the number must have been close to 700, but it didn't seem any more busy than usual, atleast not on TJF

    8. TohJo? :p
      It was over 700, but Mahnmut claimed it was a DDOS attack, and /topchannels and /players seemed to confirm these weren't legitimate users.

  3. Koopa xc.. why did you cancel your Facebook..


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