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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Defamation and Infringement

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Just one more way that the Zimmerman trial is like an Ace Attorney case...

George Zimmerman. He's undoubtedly a hero. He's also undoubtedly not a racist. So why would NBC edit clips of his 911 call to police to distort his character?

The answer: To defame him and make a sensationalist story about race. So Zimmerman sued NBC. His lawsuit was thrown out by Judge Debra Nelson... the very same judge that presided over his criminal case when he killed Trayvon Martin.

Hey, you should try this out. It's also our only file footage of Judge Nelson.

Why was she the judge both times? Does Florida not have enough judges to go around? Judge Nelson clearly had a bias against Zimmerman during his criminal trial. Meanwhile, in the Ace Attorney series, throughout the 15-year or whatever timeline of the games, there have only been a total of two judges presiding. The main Judge appears over and over in all of Phoenix Wright's cases! And Wright has had the same client multiple times, like Maggey Byrde.

What NBC did was disgraceful. Apparently, Zimmerman is a public figure so he is open to that sort of defamation from NBC. But it was the race-baiters to begin with who made him a public figure! This was just a local case otherwise. Race-baiters and socialists come from the same cloth. The idea that NBC did not display malice towards Zimmerman is unfathomable. Why else would they edit that footage? For "good journalism"? What defense do they have, exactly? That a bunch of NBC producers don't represent the entirety of NBC? Funny, because people were saying that the Zimmerman trial represents how America is a racist country. So why does Zimmerman represent all of America but a bunch of NBC producers don't represent NBC? Especially since the very nature of the company means that their news content represents the reporting of the enterprise? It's what their story of the truth is, and they're imposing it. It's a complete falsehood, so that's defaming Zimmerman and got a whole army of angry people calling for his head. Zimmerman's live was and still is endangered by people who think he's a malevolent racist murderer. His whole life is ruined by these misinformed people that got their news from NBC. NBC needs to pay up big time for that.

...By the way, I'm kind of wondering how Zimmerman is even still alive. You'd think he would be killed by now, sadly.

If it weren't for the media, this would've never happened.

Oh, in other news, Phillips won against Nintendo in some patent lawsuits. People who say that Phillips should just shut up because of the whole CD-i thing are silly. That has nothing to do with patent infringement and has no bearing. I doubt anyone in Phillips even remembers that the CD-i ever happened, if they even still have any of the same employees at Phillips now that were there in the 1990s. Patent infringement is a very serious thing. That said, I don't know the particulars about whether or not Nintendo should've lost. We'll hear more in the appeal.

Ludwig has been a George Zimmerman supporter for over a year now, as you can see by looking around at KoopaTV, occasionally known as ZimmermanTV.

Over five years later, George Zimmerman is once again suing for defamation. This one doesn't get much support from KoopaTV. 

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