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Thursday, July 31, 2014

EA's Chance To Defend Their FIFA 15 Actions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - What is wrong with this company?

KoopaTV is not a fair and balanced website. We strive hard to achieve the integrity of Fox News Channel, but we're just not there yet.

Still, in the spirit of getting both sides of the story, we reached out to Electronic Arts about their continuous snub of Nintendo.
We sent this the day we published the first article we had about this, June 18.
Dear Ms. Chu,

We would like a statement on why the newest edition of FIFA will be on Nintendo's Wii platform, but not the Wii U, and what the exact meaning of the "legacy edition" designation for Wii, 3DS, and PS Vita is.

Ludwig Von Koopa


We would like a reply from the EA SPORTS Madden NFL part of your press on our year+ questioning of what happened to the "Madden Curse" movie. We continue to be disappointed at not hearing any news for it.
From past experience, Angela Souvannara is rank-and-file bad. But we're talking to Shirley Chu this time... And what does Trapara do anyway?

Turns out... no response from Shirley Chu. Well, Shirley Chu hasn't tweeted in a while. But she IS responsible for this July 19 press release showing FIFA 15's new cover art!

We assume the boxart will be different on different consoles. The guy on the left is Clint Dempsey.





EA thoroughly denies snubbing Nintendo, citing their unprecedented partnership with them. As proof, they sent KoopaTV this exclusive FIFA 15 Wii boxart, unreleased to any other news source:

The boxart for the Wii version of FIFA 15 starring Andrew Wilson.
Starring EA CEO, Andrew Wilson!


Well, with that reply, we're now one step closer to getting a reply about the "Madden Curse" movie.

Ludwig still maintains his boycott of EA and EA products. You should have that boycott too. Read around KoopaTV for all the info about it.


  1. I would side with your righteous micro-movement, article author. However, I must type this phrase of malediction to you: I am loyal to EA. Reason?


    Plants vs. Zombies is love. Plants vs. Zombies is life...

    "We picked EA because they have recast their culture around making great digital games," said David Roberts...

    Money makes you say crazy things...

    1. If you look back at our live reactions to EA's 2013 E3 conference, we thought the Plants vs. Zombies shooter looked pretty cool.

      ...And of course they show nothing of the sort this year.

    2. Garden Warfare is out.

      I must admit to also having some loyalty to EA--mainly because of BioWare's RPGs. They also gave me free games.

    3. I meant at E3, there was nothing interesting.

      They... gave you free games? :o

    4. Oh yeah, their E3 show this year was pretty awful.

      Yes! When I got Mass Effect 3, but before I played it, I got an email from them saying some people with the digital PC version had problems with it, and in case I was one of those people, I could pick a free game from the choices they provided.
      A few months later, they emailed me with an offer to get...I can't remember if it was $5 in Origin credit or a $5 game, but either way I ended up with a $5 game...if I took a short survey.

    5. Were you one of those people who had a problem or two with it?

    6. Nope! It was an installation problem, and since I hadn't found time to play it, I hadn't tried yet.

    7. Ah hah.

      So it really was free for you, since they weren't compensating you for anything!

      So what did you pick?

  2. Dragon Age. Since I liked their sci-fi RPGs, and generally enjoy medieval fantasy stuff, I figured their medieval fantasy RPG was worth a try--especially for free!

    1. Yes! I liked it a lot! (It got spot #4 on my Top 10 Games I Played in 2013 list! ;) )

    2. ...Oh well.

      I'll continue my boycott of EA anyway.

      It'd be great if they replied to an e-mail.


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