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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Terrorists Playing Online Games

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Be a responsible citizen and report to authorities!

There are a lot of terrorist threats out there right now. Like Hamas, vowing to destroy Israel and all the Jews.

But what if you're an American (which is likely) and you're just sitting here wondering how this affects you? Well, what if you're just playing videogames... and they are safehousing and recuiting domestic terrorists? We already know that's happening, according to the NSA.

Note I said domestic. That means they'll strike in America. Or they're just your run-of-the-mill criminal psychopath, but terrorist sounds like a much meaner threat to get your attention, doesn't it?

Let's start by continuing off the Jew-killing theme with this hateful collegiate from the land of tolerance and love, Massachusetts. A Thomas Frongillo, while playing RuneScape, suggested that he was going to shoot his college and apparently, Jews specifically. Jagex, the operators of RuneScape, noted this conversation and reported it to Frongillo's local authorities. That is... a good thing. We're in a period in gaming where people stopped being socially responsible in interactions with others online. Whether this means swearing up a storm and saying stupid things, or going too far and declaring threats to people's lives, people need to be self-aware of what they're doing. It's online presence in general that has stopped self-awareness (or revealed that people lack it to begin with), like this one woman who stole a dress and then posted a selfie of her wearing the dress on Facebook, or this other guy who was going to shoot his school up because of some argument in League of Legends that he also posted to Facebook. I see a trend here.

"Okay." You say. "Well those are all weirdos in trashy PC game communities. That wouldn't happen to any Nintendo fan because all Nintendo fans are loving people!"

NeoGAF user Neiteio's view on Nintendo fans
Or as NeoGAF puts it, "love and acceptance and fun for all."
Well, it turns out that Elliot Rodger, of Isla Vista killings fame, is a Nintendo fan.

Elliot Rodger's YouTube account with Liked Pokémon music.
He likes himself and Pokémon.

For a quick recap of who Elliot Rodger is, watch this. It's his, uh, final video before going to kill people at a college. (Sheesh, can't people target something else? Everyone in this article so far goes after college! I told you government subsidies results in people going to college who shouldn't be!) While there are no direct videogame references here, he does literally evil laugh like a videogame character. Something like this:

The social seclusion that being a videogame fan can provide is ripe for twisting people's minds to become like Elliot Rodger. It's important to have gaming communities so people don't feel alone, so people can remember what it's like to have normal social interactions with others.

It's also important for those communities to not be awful. If you're around terrible people, then yeah, you get the "I am losing all faith in humanity" effect. That will do you no good! You can tell that, based on which Pokémon music Mr. Rodger picked, he's a Genwunner. That would be one of the worst groups of people you can associate with! Their whole existence is based off hatred! He hates women because he only likes the Pokémon generation where you cannot play as one!

For examples of good communities to be around, I suggest staying far away from self-pity fests like the non-Monster-Hunter-parts-of-Capcom-Unity and DK Vine, and also staying away from fascist places like NeoGAF and NSider2. Which are also self-pity fests sometimes. Or often. You want a community that is actually moving up in the world. You know, like Miiverse KoopaTV! We're working to become a community of sorts ourselves. (We're just doing it slowly.)

Well, wherever you go, people have to hold you accountable. If you're gonna go shoot a school (which, in case there was any confusion, we strongly discourage for reasons other than unoriginality), you should be in a community that is not going to just be a bystander and let you do that. That's wrong. Good people should try to stop you.

Moral of the article: We don't want more Elliot Rodgers. The guy was a freak. That's why we're so concerned that people look up to that red-hatted mustachioed groper as a role model...

You can check out where Ludwig goes in the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the site. Even with that there, he'll still plug his NNID in these footers, which is PrinceOfKoopas. He's trying hard to make Miiverse a decent place!

Elliot isn't the only mal-adjusted Nintendo-liking terrorist out there. Meet Julius Kivimaki of Lizard Squad.
Elliot is also not the only Pokémon-playing terrorist: James Stumbo and Kevin Norton are actual competitive Pokémon players!
The terrorists in the Middle East are all Gen Wunners.

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