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Monday, July 21, 2014

KoopaTV Guest-Posting Contest! Win Prizes!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Ended August 22 at night!

Ludwig finally bought Mario Kart 8. He has a choice to make: What download code from Club Nintendo does he want? Well... The thing is...

What the Club Nintendo Mario Kart 8 free game offer looks like when selecting which game to pick.
Expires August 31, so we got the time to run this.

He is going to leave that up to you! For your benefit! That's right, KoopaTV is holding its first-ever giveaway contest! The possible prizes (as in, you choose from these)?
  • A download code for New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, or Wii Party U (all Wii U games).
  • A download code for F-Zero X (on the Wii Shop Channel, also accessible via Wii U).
  • A download code for Electroplankton Rec-Rec (redeemable at the 3DS eShop).
  • A $10 Nintendo eShop card (redeemable on Wii U and/or 3DS).
  • A KoopaTV staff position. (AIM download required.)
  • A Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One. (Just kidding.)

So... What exactly do you need to do to win these prizes? Well, contest details are below, so read just a bit more! But as the article title indicates, this is a guest-posting contest. What is guest-posting? Well, if you look at the handy "Posting Guest Posts" tab up top, you might get an answer to that. But I'll repeat myself below.

And what happens if you don't know how to write coherent articles? Well, you can still win! Details below as well.

Contest Rules:
You can win in one of two ways (or both):
  1. Submit a guest post (or more than one) of any topic of your choice, including these KoopaTV style guidelines:
    1. You have an author name.
    2. You have a 65x65 (in pixels) icon representing you.
    3. Your article has a title.
    4. Your article has a heading/sub-title.
    5. Your article has a footer.
    6. Your article is at least 300 words (which, for reference, is approximately as short as this article up to this point) long. (There isn't a maximum length requirement so go nuts.)
  2. Comment constructively around the site in a non-anonymous fashion (so we can, you know, keep track of you). Also, share KoopaTV to your friends/random people. In other words, refer them over here and do our marketing for us.
Your contributions to KoopaTV will be graded by KoopaTV's staff (which may or may not also include the recently-fired YoshiRider123). You will not badger KoopaTV staff to ask them how your works have been graded during the judging period.

You will also cede all the rights to your contributions to us, whether you win or lose, and KoopaTV will be free to use them however we (KoopaTV) see fit. Examples of usage includes publishing it, although we would do that in your name (hence style guidelines #1 and #2).

Judging starts now (July 21) and ends August 22 11:59 PM EST. You submit stuff during this judging period.

KoopaTV staff members and their families are not eligible to participate. Ludwig's own family (the Royal Koopa Family) is an exception.

Some might enter. One should win.

Where to submit things:
You can send an e-mail to LudwigVKoopa(at)gmail(dot)com or my other e-mail addresses if you happen to know them. (Telling me ahead of time would be swell.) You can submit your entry via message body text or as an attachment. Any viruses in attachments will be an instant disqualification. You can also create your article in a Google Drive file and share my g-mail to it. You could also share an attachment via Facebook chat or something. Please submit your attachments in Microsoft Word-supported formats.

What you'll be judged on:
It's KoopaTV policy to judge you not based on who you are, but based on the strength of your ideas (submissions). That said, here are the judging criteria we may apply:
  1. How humourous your submission is.
  2. How interesting your submission is. This includes thought-provoking.
  3. How well-written your submission is.
    1. Proper spelling and grammar.
    2. Referencing prior KoopaTV articles is a plus, but obviously not mandatory especially if it would require forcing it in. That said, 
    3. Proper sourcing of information. That means hyperlinks if it's from a website.

How you'll know you won:
We'll contact you via the same method you contacted us and ask you what prize you would like. If you never actually submitted anything because you went with Win Method #2, we'll reply to your latest comment telling you you won and then we'll ask how to best contact you so we can privately give you your prize. If you do not reply within two days (48 hours), we'll pick someone else.

Winning is the best part, of course. If you would like to negotiate prizes that do not require monetary investment or shipping on the part of KoopaTV, feel free to do that.

So, have fun. That's important! And don't procrastinate, please. Especially if you're doing Option #2. Activity prolonged over a period of time is much better than some last-minute rush.

By the way, if no one picks the Wii U game choice, I'll pick The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. If you pick the eShop card, you'll get it whenever I pick up Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, coming out August 29.

Here's a seductive video telling you to read this article:


  1. Lol, KoopaTV staff position as a prize? More like a punishment. Just kidding... But I don't think adding that as experience would help me get in a college or job.

    1. Sure it would, as long as they don't know what KoopaTV is.

      Anyway, it was RawkHawk2010's idea to put that Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One joke prize there, so I decided I'd put my own possible undesirable option there!

    2. Want the xbone, thanks

    3. I'll, uh, discuss that with Rawk.

  2. I've got two questions about citations.

    1. What kinds of information do you want sources for? For example, should release dates be cited?
    2. Do you want the hyperlinks added in the document, or written out as HTML?

    1. Added in the document. As in, have them be hyperlinks in however you send them.
      I know for a fact every word processor besides Notepad can do that!

      Release dates should be common knowledge. I've never cited that kind of stuff unless it's the whole point of the article.

    2. Okay.

      How should videos and images (and captions!) be placed in the document?

    3. Urls.

      Captions below urls and marked "caption:"

      Alternatively, it's also fine if you upload the pictures yourself.
      (As in if you're going to put a picture in there don't hotlink it)

    4. More explicitly:

      Stuff you quote from should always be linked to.
      That's not the only time you would want to link to something, but...

  3. I can't participate because I don't have a Wii U!

  4. Icon... icon.... *stares* *still doesn't even have a deviantart icon*

    1. ...Yeah, think of a videogame character you want representing yourself, and use Paint or something to make an icon.

    2. P-paint?? So... that first part of your sentence actually means "think of a video game character I feel comfortable butchering with my artistic skills"? XD

    3. ...Well, Rawk made the avatar I use on KoopaTV, but I made YoshiRider's, Kamek's, SongSing's, Artemis's, and Lily's.

      ...Health made his own.
      I forgot who made Rocksoap's.

    4. Time to get one of my artist friends involved...

    5. ...oh come on all I did was crop stuff.

    6. Crop stuff? That WOULD make things simpler...

      What is a "pixel icon"? Is that any different from a regular icon?

      (If you think this is bad, you should see me trying to customize characters.)

    7. ...Well, now I feel silly for asking that. xDDD

    8. I edited the contest rules juuuuust to clarify that.

  5. I'll join because I was recommended to join. Anyway, I'll go ahead and make an article for you...

    1. Thanks. We received it.

      Good luck through our grueling (lol) judging process!

    2. (Stay tuned to KoopaTV to see if you win!)

    3. This is so exciting! Sitting in the duct tape of my bed, patiently waiting for the price of the prize...

    4. The... the... duct tape?

      Your bed split in half or something?

    5. Not really. Just a hyperbole, meaning that I can't go anywhere until the winner is announced.

      Also, correction: Is your bed split in half or something?

    6. Hey now, if we're getting into grammar... Ludwig's statement is correct as it is--he's using "split" as a verb. It would be equally correct as "Did your bed split in half or something?" :)

    7. ...I want to make a joke right now but that would be inappropriate on my part.

    8. You're right. But text like that makes people show their personality(look at Harry Potter). Ludwig is the straightforward type, and I'm that type of guy that likes to act smart(and is smart... #shameless) around people, but even though, we all still do some... questionable mistakes.

      Anyway, may the best entry win!

    9. .........(What, you can read me already?)


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