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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rockstar's Intellectual Property Theft

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - No honour among thieves.

This happened back in October, but we didn't write anything on it because we didn't find it worth talking about we wanted to see how it would end. Well, we still don't know and I have nothing else to write about!

Some rapper named Daz Dillinger sued Rockstar back in October 2013 because they used his music in Grand Theft Auto V without paying him. The same Grand Theft Auto V that won that VGX soundtrack of the year award in 2013. (Which is the same VGX that KoopaTV live-reacted to in one of the worst logs we've ever published.) But that's enough of a paragraph of hyperlinks, let's see a video or something. Relevant part is around 3:20 but the whole thing is amusing if you like watching stoned people do interviews.

To be more accurate, Dillinger sent a cease-and-desist to Rockstar. They only offered him a bit over $4,000 for use of two songs. He didn't like that offer and didn't take it, but Rockstar put the songs in the game anyway. Well, that is outright theft. Unfortunately, his letter has done absolutely nothing, because even though Take-Two said they would not release anything in 2014, that clearly is not true with the PS4, XBox One, and PC versions of the game coming out this November as we saw in E3. If his cease-and-desist had any effect, those rereleases would not happen!

So they are liars and thieves. Just like the characters in their own games, of course. We at KoopaTV do not advocate that kind of lifestyle. Rockstar is profiting off the intellectual property of other people! Those two songs were probably the ones carrying the entire soundtrack! Rockstar won industry awards from screwing this guy over!

So the problem is not just that Rockstar does not care about intellectual property, but the industry is rewarding Rockstar and praising them because of it. But the hipsters in the industry don't care about intellectual property to begin with, since it is very popular to bash DRM within gaming journalism. Ironically, Rockstar used DRM in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. They have to, you know, protect themselves from having their own property stolen. Even if that said property is composed of other stolen property.

No word if Grand Theft Auto V will have DRM when it comes out on PC this November.

You know what you should buy this November instead? ...Well, if Super Smash Bros. Wii U is out by then, then that. Eh, we don't have to think about this question yet.

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  1. By the way we're pretty sure the songs are "The Next Episode" and "C-Walk".

  2. People over at IGN were saying there's more to it and he's wrong, but since the comment section is also filled with people saying he's a lousy artist and therefore should be grateful to Rockstar for stealing his music, I'm not putting much faith in their word. XD


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