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Friday, July 15, 2016

KoopaTV Logo Policy and Guidelines

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Please follow these rules. ...Or else.

The Official KoopaTV Logo is an important part of KoopaTV’s image and reflects the core principles of our Site. It is the intellectual property of KoopaTV, and it may not be used for any purpose without the express written permission of KoopaTV.

Review the Logo Use Policy here for guidelines for use and instructions on how to request permission to use the Logo. Questions regarding the Logo or the Policy may be directed to logo(at)

Distorting the logo in any way is unacceptable. Distortion is defined as anything that's different than the logos provided by This policy applies to KoopaTV's affiliates, as well.

Just in case you don't see the top of the page, here's what the logo looks like:

The tail was professionally done/custom-made, so we never want to change it.

A list of previous logos the site has used is included below the footer of this article.

See below for the request form (it's EMBEDDED!) and examples of incorrect uses.

(Apparently, the form has been disabled by Google as abusive. ...RIP.)

Here are some examples of incorrect usages of the KoopaTV logo:

KoopaTV incorrect usage of logos examples
These do not represent every way you can ruin the logo. Don't try to explore them.

...Okay, so, why does this article exist? We were inspired by the Republican National Convention (DonCon)'s logo use form and how it proposes these fairly ridiculous regulations for the use of their precious logo, including probing questions. It's not even a cool logo. By comparison, the Democratic National Convention (ClinCon) has no such logo regulation. We were also inspired by Microsoft's Corporate Logo Guidelines. We kinda copied everything they have except their logos. Take THAT!

KoopaTV plans to cover both DonCon (July 18–21) and ClinCon (July 25–28), and in a Fair & Balanced fashion. Whatever we do for one, we'll do for the other.

If you fill out that form, you might get some points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. You may get Truth points if you fill out your legitimate information, but that is not recommended and KoopaTV makes no guarantees to keep your information safe. So stick with being entertaining with Levity.

For KoopaTV's other Google Forms, see KoopaTV's Feedback Forms and Quizzes. New ones on a bi-monthly basis!
KoopaTV's logo for Punch-Out!! Week.
KoopaTV's logo for April Fools Day 2014.
KoopaTV's logo for E3 Week 2014.
KoopaTV's logo for E3 Week 2015.
KoopaTV's logo for E3 Week 2016.
KoopaTV's logo for Election Day 2016.
KoopaTV's logo for E3 Weeks 2017.
LaboTV's logo, though the rules above don't apply to LaboTV.
KoopaTV's logo for E3 Weeks 2018.
KoopaTV's logo for E3 Weeks 2019.
KoopaTV's logo for E3 Weeks 2021.


  1. This article is nothing.
    It's the most unoriginal thing I have ever seen.
    Also, your logo isn't anything special.

    1. Is it really unoriginal if you haven't seen what it's based off of?

    2. The fact it exists is good enough for me.

    3. But you didn't know it existed until I disclosed it.

      At the very least, we're ethical.

      Anyway, all parodies are based off of something already existing, so all parodies are unoriginal in that way.

    4. But this very website is one giant parody of another website.

    5. I have lost any and all intrest for your cause.
      You sir, have degraded the name blog.
      I hope this website is taken down and you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    6. So you'll stop demanding I publish your garbage?

    7. Of course not.
      My word needs to be spoken.
      The fate of KoopaTV rests within my article.

    8. Like, I think you're just jelous.
      You're scared your readers would enjoy my article more then yours.
      I wouldn't blame them.

    9. You should rewrite your article to have an existing footer and pose that question to the readers!

    10. I mean I could just edit it.

    11. And you should.
      I actually want to publish it as filler this week, but you never finished it.

  2. I was just about to enter my information until I read the disclaimer at the bottom.
    "KoopaTV makes no guarantees to keep your information safe,"
    And I thought Hillary's email servers weren't secure...

    1. KoopaTV has no encryption or security standards. Your connection to is not secure.

      We never claimed to be, either!


  3. "So stick with being entertaining with Levity."

    And my immediate thought is "Hmm, who should I fill out the form as...?"

  4. Check my Twitter for my e-mail address.

    Not Johnny Smoth's.

  5. Honestly, I trust KoopaTV more with my Social Security number than Equifax.

    Unfortunately, I trust myself more with my Social Security number more than anybody else.

    1. We're still processing your request from November 2016, but the lack of a SSN included in your request is stalling us.


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