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Monday, July 25, 2016

Less Than A Week To Survive Forced Windows 10 Upgrade!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I don't WANT your free upgrade! Make me pay for it!

A while ago, in the summer of 2015, Microsoft rolled out their free upgrade offer to every Windows 7 and 8 user they knew, and probably other people too. I resisted it back then, and vowed that I would not accept the offer due to things such as the operating system being spyware.

It has almost been a full year since July 29, 2015, when Microsoft's offer began. And, this July 29, 2016, the offer will end.

Windows 10 free upgrade countdown Microsoft website ending
Microsoft's site even has a countdown. (It's been counted down by a few hours as of publishing.)
Finally. I'll be able to turn Windows Update back on so my computer isn't incredibly vulnerable to the dangers of cyber attacks and hackers. I mean... this looks alarming, doesn't it?

Windows Update disabled avoid Windows 10 auto installation forced
One of those 78 important updates is a forced attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 without my consent.

Yes, I turned off Windows Update to avoid Windows 10. Don't take that as a challenge to hack me. You'll succeed easily, so don't bother. Yeah.

Security updates for Windows 7 will last until January 14, 2020. What happens after that? I dunno. I guess bad things, but it's not like Windows platforms are normally the most secure things anyway.

PC Windows 7 unable to run Windows 10 requirements incompatible
Ha, it's okay Microsoft. No need to apologise! Looks like I can get those security updates now...

Anyway, Microsoft's E3 2016 gave one clear message: You have no reason to buy an Xbox One. If you get a Windows 10 PC and invest in it, it can do everything an Xbox One can do — and more. That includes playing all of the games you'd want to play.

The only advantage, the ONLY advantage an Xbox One has? It's cheaper. ...Which makes sense, because you're getting less features.

Microsoft PC works with Windows 10 compatibility test update
...Nevermind, they actually just lied to me to get my guard down.

If you're a PC gamer, go ahead and get powered-up Windows 10 and don't get an Xbox One.

If you're a paranoid guy like me, avoid Windows 10.

I'm happy the era of Microsoft forcing Windows 10 upon us will end in less than five days. Their predatory ways will end, for after this Friday, they will be charging MONEY for it! No longer will they be trying to shove FREE UPGRADES down our throats!

Ludwig will stay in the past. He isn't a PC gamer, though he's sort of interested in some of the games Microsoft is presenting that will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10. He'll live through without it.

Ludwig is not only living, but thriving, especially since Windows 10 represents a feature loss.
...And then his PC died out, forcing him to buy a Windows 10 computer.


  1. I might try it. You've got a month or so to revert if you dislike it.

  2. I never use Cortana or any of the other new features except for occasionally the Microsoft Edge browser, and even that is not really that great. Windows 10 still cannot compete against the unmatched Windows 7.

  3. We upgraded my husband's laptop which had windows 8 and then 8.1. It can't get any worse than that so might as well try it out. My main computer has Windows 7 which before it came with Vista. I had a student discount for Windows 7 at the time so I took it.

    1. I kinda forgot Vista existed, which is a testament for how mediocre it was.

      So you're sticking to Windows 7?

    2. Good.
      I just installed all of those Windows 7 updates I've missed for half a year.

      ...I dunno if anything actually changed.

  4. What is this koopa television thing, is it like a blog or something


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