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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Final Splatfest: Callie vs. Marie

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - My ultimate choice is CALLIE.

KoopaTV's best article series of 2015, Continuing Splatfest Coverage, continued into 2016. But now? It'll be ending. Because Splatfest is ending. Callie and Marie said so.

Marie Callie final Splatoon Splatfest announcement last
And, unlike how I feel about the mainstream media, I trust Splatfest News as a source.

Nintendo's reason to keep playing Splatoon every so often will be ending with the final Splatfest: Team Callie vs. Team Marie.

...Yes, the final Splatfest is Callie vs. Marie, the Squid Sisters. And, if I may complain: The Splatfest themes are supposed to come from a fax machine sending messages sent thousands of years in the past. How does Callie vs. Marie make sense if Callie and Marie are not even a century young? Also, they strongly foreshadowed at the conclusion of the previous Splatfest (unfortunately, my endorsement lost) that this one would be Callie vs. Marie. And by strongly foreshadowed, I mean in the same sense that it was 100%-guaranteed that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat Party's nominee for president.

Did they access the fax machine weeks before the message was sent? Is the fax machine lore all a scam? Are Callie and Marie in cahoots on this? Is there, in fact, only one party, masquerading as two parties to give the serfs the illusion of free choice?

With those questions to ponder on the back of our minds, let us discuss why I support Callie over Marie.

Team Callie Inkling Splatoon Splatfest Power Helmet Tee Moto Boots Splattershot Jr.
Callie Pride!

There are three main reasons and a few observations.

I've picked Callie's team seven times so far, and Marie's team eight times. However, while fewer in number, Callie's picks were much more significant and distinct for me. Callie was the Squid Sister of Art and Naughtiness. Those are philosophically much more important than when I sided with Marie on irrelevant crap like Patrick over SpongeBob and Pizza over Burgers. So I don't take siding with Marie more as an indication of much. Remember what Splatfest taught us about Quality vs. Quantity.

Callie will be pink/purple ink. This is far superior than whatever shade of green Marie will have.

Callie actually cares about her fans, while Marie abandons them. This is something I pay attention to, as someone who regularly interacts with fans over the Internet. While a... very... disturbingly large part of my fanbase are some of the worst people you can have as fans, you guys at KoopaTV are pretty okay. ...Overall. (I won't name names, but you can take that as you will.)

Splatoon – Squid Sisters - Live Concert at Niconico Tokaigi 2016 ending Marie Callie fans walks off
Callie is still waving to the adoring fans, while Marie coldly walks backstage.

I'd stick around and sign autographs for y'all if I were on-stage. We put cultivating relationships with our fans to be a priority at KoopaTV! We even do Requests!

The last reason I have was inspired by a comment Callie made: Marie has grey hair. Now, there's nothing wrong with that (my beard is grey, after all), but Callie and Marie should be around the same age, right? And Callie has long, flowing black hair. (Or tentacles or whatever.) Why has Marie greyed out?

Marie gray hair Splatfest announcement
Callie calls it hair, so it's hair.

I'm triggered by grey hair where it doesn't belong.

Ludwig Von Koopa sprites in Super Mario Bros. 3 World Luigi Superstar Saga
DarkZero's sprite sheet. Here's Sonikku's.
And here's A.J. Nitro's, the only one of these who wants credit. Whoever he is.

Those incompetent people at Nintendo gave me grey-to-white hair in-game for TWO GAMES IN A ROW. It's why I will never like Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World.

...So, yeah, I don't want to be associated with that grey stuff. So, Team Callie it is.

Callie Marie lollipops Splatoon Squid Sisters studio
Winner gets lollipops!

Do you agree with Ludwig's pick? Are you part of the Save Splatfest crowd? Let KoopaTV know your thoughts, and Ludwig will reply sometime. For now, he's watching DonCon, which'll be a theme for this week.

Splatfest may be over, but another Splatoon institution, the Global Testfire, is not.
Ludwig's hair sprites’ colouring is one reason he apparently prefers Hotel Mario over Super Mario World!
It appears that Marie winning this Splatfest means she gets to show up in Splatoon 2.
One year later: Splatoon 2 brings Splatfests back. The article series returns!
Callie's loss to Marie here changed Splatoon 2 dramatically.
Ludwig compares his sprites in action scenes.
Many years later, Ludwig gets official, custom sprites for Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World. What does his hair look like there?
Ludwig acknowledged that he's totally fine that Marie ended up winning this Splatfest for MAR13 Day 2022.
Ludwig goes into more detail about his spritework here. Again.


  1. Replies
    1. That's a factually incorrect claim on your part.

      KoopaTV is the only site I know that analyses the themes for Splatoon Splatfests like this. And the Splatoon fanbase likes it.

    2. I didn't know Splatoon had a fanbase.

    3. Splatoon has amazing sales.

      It has a ton of fans. And a ton of...artwork, too. People get into it. You saw the screenshot of Marie leaving the concert? Think about that. There's enough of a fanbase that people actually attended a concert for Splatoon. And there are multiple of these.

  2. Callie and Marie broke the time continuum by going to the past to make their concerts for humans. The humans then debated who is better. Hence the fax of their present.

    1. You think they actually went back in time after Team Past won?

    2. Possibly.

      I think you might like my and another person's analysis of both characters here based on their dialogue and all regions' Splatfest team choices that isn't food specific:

      It stats somewhere towards the middle of all those comments so be sure to check the older comments first.

      Also I wrote about the possibility of Callie having ADHD in the comments here: Note this is much older that the previous link I gave.

    3. I will say, regarding the first Miiverse post you gave:

      For the Camp Miiverse thing they've been holding, Marie has won every single time by landslides. And that's based off of popularity. Marie is going to win popularity.

      I liked your analysis, but it lacked a...conclusion.

  3. Team Callie shall be victorious in the Splatfest to end all Splatfests. Callie represents everything good about Splatoon. She will make Inkopolis great again!

    1. ...I'll hold off on awarding you a Truth point. Depends on the result.


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