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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Happy MAR13 Day for Squid Sister Marie!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well, THIS one is happy, I think. Unless you're an Octarian under DJ Octavio.

Today is one of the worst days of the year because it's Daylight Saving Time day. Unfortunately, that's on the same day as MAR13 Day, or Marie Day. Named for the Squid Sister Marie of the Splatoon series. So... it's not a great situation. But I'll try to save DST ranting for Monday's article and focus on Marie.

Splatoon 2 Octo Canyon Callie Marie is in one of her moods thoughts
If Marie and I think the same way about Daylight Saving Time...
... Then yes, we're moody! (Marie was on Team Sleeping, after all!)

I'm not going to rewrite history: I voted for Callie in the final Splatoon Splatfest. However, it was Marie that ultimately won, which dramatically impacted the storyline for Splatoon 2. And I'm happy it turned out the way it did. Marie was a good sidekick. Entertainment-wise, since she's much more snarky than Callie would be.

Unfortunately for Marie (and unfortunately for me because I wanted this to be a big part of my article today), the Splatoon 2 tournament that Nintendo of America just held this weekend (the Splatoon 2 North American Open March 2022) featured very little Charger use in the finals. The one Charger main was Team Papaya's Bamboozler user, and that doesn't reaaaally count because of how different it is than a normal Charger, like what Marie uses.

I also wanted Splatoon 3 to be out by around now, but it seems like Kirby and the Forgotten Land has taken the March timeslot while Splatoon 3 will release this summer. We know Callie and Marie will return for Splatoon 3... but we don't know what they're there for.

Splatoon 3 New Squidbeak Callie Marie Agent 3 stay fresh
Well, Callie and Marie are looking fresh here.

Without much to really talk about with Marie, I wanted to see how she's doing lately. So I went to visit one of her live concerts. Because the Squid Sisters aren't dead, you know. Off the Hook hasn't totally taken it all over. (And whatever new group will be more popular in Splatsville with Splatoon 3.) But the Squid Sisters have such... RABID fans, and they didn't let me be anywhere near the stars. Although I didn't buy a ticket and I was packing heavy weaponry, which goes against the gun-free zones that the Squid Sisters are used to being around.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Squid Sisters Spirit Battle Callie Marie
Why are Splattershots okay, but all of the weapons in the Koopa Clown Car aren't?!
Note that my smokey launch path conveniently obscures the face of the Squid Sister that DOESN'T have her special day today.

It's been a trend that the characters featured in March on KoopaTV have been totally cool with mass-killing things, and... Marie isn't really much different with how she treats the Octarian menace. I'm not gonna try to say she's in the wrong for doing that, mainly because I don't want to be hacked by Squidwig again and I know he's into splatting them. But she's the most chill of the five characters. The one I'd feel safest being around. Even if her fans are nuts.

What pleasant things do you have to say about Marie? Does this article make up for Ludwig voting for Team Callie nearly six years ago because he didn't like Marie's hair colour since it gives him bad memories of his NES sprite?

Ludwig also wrote for MAR13 Day in 2023, too. Splatoon 3 was released by then.


  1. What stats did Marie raise and lower?

    1. Uh... Plus Special Attack because she put on a great performance for her sound-based attacks at the concert (from what little time I got to have there), but minus Speed because not having sleep makes her lethargic and she wasn't movin' much on stage.


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