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Thursday, March 31, 2022

E3 2022 Cancelled? Geoff Keighley Hegemony Awaits?!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Seems like a disaster to me!

I have been trying to ping the Entertainment Software Association for some time now for when exactly E3 2022 would be this year. The idea of an all-digital event is fine with me. Just do something better than last year's awful virtual portal. I gotta plan what to do during the June time period since it's a KoopaTV tradition to dedicate it to E3!

While the ESA never got back to me, they did send out messages to some privileged people, including a PR guy named Will Powers, as well as to IGN. The message is that E3 2022 is officially cancelled. As of publishing, the ESA still hasn't updated their E3 website, and it still says to wait for E3 2022 to come next year. (It's been saying next year since 2021. And if it means to keep saying that in 2022... well, it'll be E3 2023 then.)

E3 2022 2021 see you next year website
And I'm very frustrated that the ESA won't make their own public announcement about this.
Seems weird and cowardly. Alternatively, the E3 webmaster quit and they can't update their website...?

Speaking of 2023, IGN reports that the ESA told them that cancelling E3 2022 allows the ESA to put all of their efforts into organising an E3 2023 that is both physically in Los Angeles and digitally in a much better place than the virtual portal from E3 2021. But they haven't really figured out from the nine months since E3 2021 how to actually make it better, so they need a one-year extension.

There are some idiots and historical revisionists out there that say things like “E3 hasn't been relevant for a while now. Companies like Sony and Nintendo do their own thing.” And while that's true for the former (and good riddance), Nintendo was a pinnacle sponsor of E3 2021 and basically had the whole last day dedicated to them. They were featured on the E3-branded streams.

So... what will happen this June? Unfortunately, a familiar and unwelcome face has stepped up to fill the void:

Not content with ruining the month of December with the insultingly boring atrocity known as The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley also wants to ruin June with Summer Game Fest. Last year, that apparently involved sitting through Geoff Keighley's live reactions to the E3 2021 conferences. (I guarantee you that KoopaTV's live reactions were way better than whatever went through Geoff Keighley's brain.)

I think it's really dangerous to give Geoff Keighley control of every big gaming event. The guy is a menace to society and has really bad taste in how events should be ran. (The Game Awards are a stinker every single year and a waste of time. Well, they're worse than a waste. They're an active detriment to your time.) He's had so many chances to get it right, yet he's a perpetual failure. And he has pretty clear... biases that show even in a supposedly vendor-neutral industry event.

Our industry needs to stop pitying Geoff Keighley for his efforts and stop giving him more opportunities. It's way past time to be honest and tell the truth about Geoff Keighley. One event is bad enough. Two is a major issue that needs to be remedied immediately. He's going to take over the whole industry and it'll be tainted by his poor taste and views. He's going to have a monopoly at this rate and we'll most definitely be worse off for it!

KoopaTV traditionally has better prizes during the May and June round of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program in celebration of E3, but without E3... that might not happen this year. And there will certainly be no celebration of Geoff Keighley. It'll be the opposite of a celebration. So perhaps there should be the opposite of prizes? More to come...

A day later, KoopaTV revealed the opposite of a prize: a donation. You can now donate to KoopaTV!
KoopaTV decided not to have any better prizes for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 44 (May through June 2022).
E3 2023 was announced in July 2022 that it will exist... but managed by another company altogether. And they'll co-exist with Summer Game Fest.
E3 2023 was cancelled in nearly the same way that E3 2022 was.

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