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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

CAPCOM Publisher Sale of March 2022 (featuring $5 Ace Attorney)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They're smart after all!

One month ago, I wrote about the upcoming closure of the two last-generation Nintendo system eShops for next year: The Wii U's and the 3DS's. In the footer of that article, I wrote...
“Smart game publishers and indies will be sure to have their Wii U and 3DS titles on sale repeatedly between now and 2023 so you feel compelled to buy them before you are no longer able to. If that gets you to buy an Ace Attorney game when you otherwise wouldn't have, that's a good thing.”

It turns out that CAPCOM is a smart game publisher. Check out their CAPCOM Publisher Sale that lasts until March 28, 2:59 AM Eastern. (SQUARE ENIX also has a sale going on, and they're somewhat smart because they have a couple of 3DS games on sale, being FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS at 60% off and THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL at 50% off.)

Nintendo eShop 3DS Ace Attorney sale CAPCOM Publisher March 2022 5 dollars 83% off
Take a close look at those prices. But I'll text it too.

While there are lots of CAPCOM games on sale at highly favourable prices, this article is focusing on the Ace Attorney games currently on sale. And they are on sale at the DEEPEST DISCOUNTS....EVER. In the very, very long history of these sales. And that's because, as I was saying, if you don't buy those 3DS Ace Attorney games now, they won't be purchasable later. So better sell them for $5 than nothing. (Well, unless there is a compilation to come for the Switch...)

You can save about 39 cents (not counting sales tax) if you buy the Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection instead of the Switch version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles separately. And... note that Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is pretty much never on sale, since it's published by Nintendo. They're less of a smart publisher, but I guess they still have time. You can buy the six mainline Ace Attorney games plus the two The Great Ace Attorney games of Chronicles for $54.56. That's eight extremely high quality games (which will last you for... well over one hundred hours collectively) for less than the price of a standard AAA game. Well, if you have a 3DS and a Switch.

Easiest recommendation ever.

If you miss the sale now, there will probably be more sales between now and when the 3DS eShop closes. But don't anticipate prices lower than $5 for those games.

CAPCOM also did a Publisher Sale a year before in March 2021.
The last time these were on sale was a month ago, though for a much shorter amount of time!
All of these sales have helped The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles sell over 500,000 copies!
The next sale is the CAPCOM Golden Week Sale starting at the end of April 2022 with the same discounts.


  1. I can’t recall did Nintendo ever do a big sale for the Wii shops closure? I do think so and I’m hesitant to think they’d do that now. All I know is that old games are already expensive secondhand and this is only going to drive the price up further. I really hope that bubble bursts soon.

  2. Deals so good, I almost wish I didn't own them, so I could buy them again! (Actually, I don't think I ever did pick up AJ on the 3DS, just my original DS copy.)

    Poor Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. :( Barnham deserves better!

    1. I know for a fact I never bought Apollo Justice on the 3DS, and... it didn't actually occur to me that I probably should go and do that, especially at 75% off.

    2. I went for it, just bought Apollo Justice on the 3DS.

    3. It's too bad they never ported Investigations to the 3DS.


      Switch ports let's goooooo.

    5. But I suppose AA4-AA6 take priority. >.>

    6. Which does make logical sense if they're planning to make AA7, to avoid saying to new fans, "Oh, you played the Trilogy? Well, I hope you either bought the 3DS games before the eShop shut down or don't mind mobile..."

      Investigations deserves more love, though.

    7. It's good that CAPCOM is thinking about such series continuity issues, since some developers clearly don't for some series (lookin' at you Kingdom Hearts).

      I'd think the proper order is... AA4–6 → AA7 → Investigations duology


    8. Square Enix did collect all of the Kingdom Hearts games together to release them on the PS3 (and then remaster them for the PS4) ahead of KH3, although then they went and made strange decisions again after that.

      Since the Trilogy and Chronicles were both multiplatform, I'd assume that Capcom will continue to release future games on everything available. The chances of someone starting the series with the Switch's successor being their first-ever game system and they own nothing else seem small.

      AA4-6 -> AA7 -> Investigations duology, yes this sounds perfect. Then we'll have them all. Every single game.

      *somewhere, Zacharias Barnham weeps*

    9. Can I consider Square Enix they did with 358/2 Days in the HD 1.5 Remix to be funny?

      I guess that's true. ...And knowing this company they'll re-release the old stuff to the Switch's successor anyway.

      rip Layton (and Level-5 in general)

    10. You mean making it a movie or putting them in the wrong order?

    11. Making it a movie.

      Wasn't aware about the wrong order thing.

    12. 358/2 Days should NOT be played before KH2, because it spoils some big things for it. Yet when they released the collections, they split them up as KH1, Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days in 1.5, and KH2, Birth By Sleep, and Re:coded in 2.5. Then when they combined the two into a single collection, they kept that order, so 358/2 Days appears before KH2 in the menu.

    13. That's... deeply unfortunate.

      The movie is funny. The spoiler-by-design is sad.

      In any case it's troublesome handling.


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