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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Ace Attorney Franchise Sale (on Steam... missing on Nintendo?)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - No matter where you experience it (so long as it's not on mobile) it's good.

At the very end of last week, the official Ace Attorney social accounts put out this message about an “Ace Attorney Franchise Sale” on Nintendo platforms:

But if you look for any CAPCOM deals on the Nintendo eShop right now (or if you looked over the weekend), you'll find that almost nothing is on sale besides... Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle, Ultra Street Fighter® II: The Final Challengers, and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. And, sorry, we don't care about those. I guess that Ace Attorney sale ended pretty quickly. I'd think I'd get notified by the eShop because the games are on my watch list, but no. I'm sure it happened. Very briefly.

Instead, there is an unadvertised (by the very same social accounts, at least) sale going on until February 21, 2022 on Steam for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (50% off, or $30→$15), The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (25% off, or $40→$30), and Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection (25% off, or $60→$45). You gain nothing for buying Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection instead of buying Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and technically you save one cent. Oh, and in a Steam-exclusive, there are Ace Attorney soundtracks that are also on sale.

If CAPCOM won't advertise it, then I will. I don't care if you play the Ace Attorney games on PC or a Nintendo platform; they're must-plays for you to have a better life. ...Or at least a more enjoyable one. You'll appreciate this website more, too.

Alternatively you could just buy and play the Ace Attorney titles at full price, because they are most certainly worth it. That includes the games that are on the 3DS right now, which is... a situation that I'll cover tomorrow. (But may also be rectified soon after with how much CAPCOM likes compiling games on other systems.)

If you want Ludwig to wax poetically to you in the comments section about more specific reasons to buy the Ace Attorney titles, go ahead and start that conversation and he'd be happy to oblige.

Maybe you can compare to the Ace Attorney 20th anniversary sale.
The next Ace Attorney sale article is next month on the eShop.


  1. "I'm sure it happened. Very briefly."

    Looking at Deku Deals, the Phoenix Wright Trilogy and Great Ace Attorney Chronicles both went on sale on the Switch eShop for what looks like the 7th through the 14th.

    Meanwhile, I've got my fingers crossed for an Ace Attorney 4-6 collection. And an Investigations collection.

    (The eShop wish list has never notified me of sales, which is why I started using Deku Deals.)

    1. Well if CAPCOM wants to let people know about their sales they shouldn't tell people when it's about to end.


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