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Friday, February 11, 2022

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 63: One WEIRD Trick to Stick With Your Training

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - There's only 69 of these worlds. Why is goal-setting the theme of World 63?

My goal with these weekly KoopaTV Fitness Friday entries is to inspire myself (and you as well) to have a more active lifestyle in order for a better sense of wellness. That's important! Even if, like last week's Week 62, I'm not go-getting into every difficult opportunity I possibly can.

I'm achieving this by playing Ring Fit Adventure, a great JRPG on the Nintendo Switch where your actions are performed by real-life physical exercises. I happen to be on World 63: Fitness Master Lv. 354 this week—which means it's actually my third playthrough. (Because World 63 is based off World 40: Extra Fitness Lv. 247.) So it opens up with my companion Ring asking me what my current goals are:

Ring Fit Adventure World 63 Fitness Master Lv 354 goals working toward smoothie gear
I already have every smoothie.
But yes, I do want to collect every single piece of gear.
(And if I didn't want to do that, I wouldn't still be playing this.)

I have a gamer's eye for completion, so I will complete every course in this world before moving to the next one. First course? Hamstring Marsh. Not to be confused with ham the meat type that I won't eat. This world as a whole re-reintroduces new enemy types based on dark-influenced animals and robots, such as the Dark Blue Hart. Normally you see animals roaming around the levels like deer, fish, eagles, foxes, etc. But back when Ring Fit Adventure had a plot, World 17 was significant for the dark influence causing random animals to go feral. There's nothing really different about these new foes in terms of game mechanics than normal monsters (which still appear, though aesthetically, monsters poof in while these animals are already standing there when a battle loads), but they're just... variety. For example, Dark Blue Hart is weak to Legs Fit Skills like other blue enemies, and is weak enough to still be ORKO'd by a one-range Legs Fit Skill, as well as ORKO'd by a super-effective three-range Legs Fit Skill too (but just barely with my 2323 Attack stat). And just as importantly (at least at my level, 417, which is much higher than recommended), they can be 2RKO'd by normally effective spread-range Fit Skills of any colour.

The course after was called Sweat Street (at least it doesn't claim to be a road), featuring the Red Dark Eagle. (I should mention that these animals only come in one colour, so no green eagles or yellow harts.) There's also a chest with a Garnet stone. After the course I finished the Squattery Wheel (Advanced) Game Gym (in only two tries to get an A rank!) and won a Persimmon Smoothie, which doubles EXP gain for one battle (or for an entire Battle Gym). Then I went to Hangon Bridge and fought a Green Dark Flamingo—normally these should be... pink. It also introduced the scrappy Yellow Dark Fox. I think Flamingo and Fox got robbed, since Hart and Eagle each got their own intro courses while Flamingo and Fox gotta share.

Ring Fit Adventure Yellow Dark Fox is observing your movements
Too bad dad's not here to see you FAIL!
(Fox is observing my movements with his eyes closed?)

After climbing the bridge's towers and... flying through the bridge itself, I can directly go to Dragaux Stadium and end the world. However, over half of the world (six courses of the eleven total—I just finished four and there's Dragaux Stadium) is accessible via a warp zone only found if you knock off the three Rare Hoplins guarding it on the overworld map. Do that, and the warp zone opens with its THREE overworld treasure chests! The last thing I'm going to do tonight (Sunday) is probably the hardest course of World 63: The Stamina Set Fitness Gym, accessible by going immediately north from the warp zone portal point. I think those previous levels were enough of a breeze that I can handle this tonight while not feeling fresh!
  1. Mountain Climber (x60)—For some reason I repeatedly failed to get 100s on these, so I'm worried about if I'll successfully get an A rank after this bad start.
  2. Leg Scissors (x60)—Like the Mountain Climbers, the Ring-Con is set aside, but this time I'm lying on my back (or butt) instead of my back facing up from my arms holding my weight. Leg Scissors are my new go-to for a three-range Abs Fit Skill in combat because I got the best Title for Pendulum Bend... but I just have little incentive to use these because it's difficult to get consistent 100 scores, and spamming Standing Twist (five-range Abs Fit Skill I got the max Title for a looong time ago but use anyway) is way easier and nearly as rewarding.
  3. Knee Lift (x60)—With the Ring-Con back in my claws and not on the floor, I can get 100 points on every rep with no fuss.
  4. Side Step (x60)—You gotta hold the Ring-Con and move your legs with wide motions to the left and right, but the game only cares about you raising and lowering the Ring-Con above your head as you do so.
  5. Knee-Lift Combo (x60)—“Left! Right! Lower down... raise up!” It's slightly longer and more complicated than the Knee Lift because of that last part. You lift your left knee, then your right knee, then you lower your knees... and raise up your arms!

Somehow, I actually S ranked the Stamina Set with 98 points—which is better than my previous A rank high score! Woohoo! And I got a 500-coin reward for passing. And that's enough for tonight. Now I can sleep and regain my stamina.

I slept for a couple of days and went back to playing on Wednesday, as I said I would at the end of the February 9 2022 Nintendo Direct. I was hoping for a Ring Fit Adventure expansion, but the closest to that is the use of the Leg Strap in Nintendo Switch Sports. Not buying that.

The first course I went to was west on the Fitness Gym: Backways Path. This course is full of exercise-powered railcarts... as well as the first appearance of the Berserk Robocycle. I decided to Thigh Press against it because you usually see normal Robocycles in the Thigh Rider Game Gym and I thought it'd be appropriate. It dropped a Garnet stone upon defeat so it's a good robot despite going Maverick. I noticed it's the same level design as World 60's Gazelle Channel based on me instantly recognising that stupid floating conveyor belt to the first EXP Medal... except now I can see the level background since it's not all fog, so the experience was overall more enjoyable. This time I didn't actually have trouble with any of the stage elements, so I don't know what the heck was wrong with me weeks ago. After the course was over I could go all the way west to the overworld Treasure Chest containing a Defense Drink. And that's the dead-end of this path. Circling back to the Fitness Gym and heading east from there to the actual circle design of the overworld map is another overworld Treasure Chest, this one with two Sapphire stones I'll sell for 400 total. Behind the chest is the Robo-Wrecker (Advanced) Game Gym that provided me with a Strength Drink because I got an A rank or higher.

Through there I went to the Inside Strait course, which is 0.76 miles of running, broken up by the first appearance of the Berserk Robot from the Smack Back Game Gyms. As in, they'll throw frisbees at you. Which isn't different than their NORMAL behaviour. Not sure what's “berserk” about that. (What do you think you're smacking back?!) At least with Berserk Robocycle, those never try to attack you in the minigame. They let you ride them. Anyway, all of that running really wasn't difficult. Like, maybe I'm too well-rested, but I'm not sweating and my blood isn't even really pumping. So next is this world's Battle Gym offering five Guava for completion. Five waves. Good opportunity to have a Persimmon Smoothie to double EXP gain. After all was said and done (I completed it in ten turns with an S rank for a 95% Great! ratio), I got the five Guava fruits and instantly got to level 421. As for the last part of this warp zone, and the last activity of the day, I went to the last overworld Treasure Chest of World 63 to pick up another Garnet stone, and A-ranked the Bootstrap Tower (Advanced) Game Gym behind it for one Dragon Fruit.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux toned glutes ninny one-track mind
At least Dragaux has multiple tracks on his mind, between his abs and his glutes.

I went to finish the world on Friday. The Dragaux Stadium was about two minutes of slowly squatting through many sets of swings until I reached Dragaux. Continuing off the dialogue from World 61, Dragaux said the other thing he's wanted as a kid (besides a six pack) was toned glutes. Once again, Ring though Dragaux wanted him. But it's not to be.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux eyes on a prize trick to stick with training
Ring began World 63 asking this question, and Dragaux is ending World 63 with the same question.

Dragaux turned his colour blue and got an extra health bar in the process (two total), along with getting two minions: Cobalt Matta Ray+ and Dark Matta Ray+, who are happy to heal Dragaux if damaged. The optimal option is to boost Blue Fit Skill power as much as I can (like by wearing the Atomic Contender III and using Blue-boosting smoothies) and using three-range Fit Skills (like Knee-Lift Combo Lv.4 and Side Step Lv.4) until Dragaux's minions are eliminated, and then switch to one-range Fit Skills (like Thigh Press Lv.4) to finish it. Within three turns, Dark Matta Ray+ should be pwned and Dragaux should also be at half health (one full health bar depleted), in which he'll be angry and use his SUPER ATTACK. This required me to maintain an Overhead Squat for SIXTY SECONDS. And unlike the Overhead Squat vs. Allegra in World 62 (which only lasted forty-two seconds), this time I let out several SCREAMS. But I did deflect it back at Dragaux for massive damage and won shortly after. He dropped a Rose Quartz stone... which I need... but... I also still need Garnet... Dragaux said in the end, he got the toned body he's wanted, and that I need to keep my eyes on a prize.

Ring Fit Adventure Week World 63: Fitness Master Lv. 354 Exercise Log
Besides the Fitness Gym and the one-minute Overhead Squat at the end, this was a quick and easy world.
Three days!

Ludwig doesn't want to do more squatting for a very long time, and the next couple of worlds ought to keep squats to a minimum. At least, that's Ludwig's expectations. Come back to the next KoopaTV Fitness Friday to find out if that's reality.

Besides things like squat-powered railcarts, World 64 did keep squats to a minimum.
Besides a six-pack and toned glutes, Dragaux wanted biceps like boulders.


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    1. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting new diets or fitness regimen (so they can talk you out of it)!


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