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Friday, January 28, 2022

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 61: How many ab packs can you count on Dragaux?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Also, finally getting Garnet stones. It's a big deal.

I am not looking forward to being disappointed this week from playing Ring Fit Adventure's World 61: Fitness Master Lv. 344. (On difficulty level 30.) You see, this world is based on World 38: Extra Fitness Lv. 238, which doesn't sound like anything important, but THAT world is based on World 15: Quizton. If you're looking for guidance on navigating Quizton, click that World 15 link to KoopaTV's 2020-era Fitness Log. Because this week I'll be doing all of courses in the “wrong” order—my goal is 100% completion, and getting the right answers can lock out content, apparently. I'm not sure if that'll apply to Fitness Master, which is a mode that strips out location-based world-building that was established in the first playthrough. Which is what I find disappointing—my Extra Fitness log is mostly me lamenting that the game doesn't go deeper into how dysfunctional a society Quizton really is. And I'm expecting World 61 will not go deeper either. That's just the trend for Fitness Master, continuing off last week's World 60: Fitness Master Lv. 337 (Thankfully, fog isn't a gimmick in this world.)

Ring Fit Adventure eating proper balanced meals every day World 61 Fitness Master Lv. 344
...No. And I'm, like, four to five pounds heavier than I was last year.
I'm pretty sure I'm under-eating, though. ...Apparently not.

That was a lengthy preamble just to say that I'm expecting this week to be boring on the dialogue front. But let's actually play it and find out if those expectations meet reality! On Sunday I started... and got opening commentary from Ring about how I need to have a balanced diet and I need to eat enough proper meals throughout the day. Even if there's a lot going on in the day, I still need to eat! ...And off to the levels I go. Sheesh. He didn't even frame it as a quiz question. LAME. (But to answer his question... no, I'm not eating well.) In the interest of doing the wrong thing first, I pursued the Upper Road. The first monster group had a Cobalt Hoplin and a Blue Hoplin—reminder that as of World 60, there are new variations of the enemies that are stronger. But Cobalt only had, like, marginal more durability than Blue did. (Maybe 15–25%?) There was a Treasure Chest with 500 coins at the end, and... an interesting limited negation of the on-rails level design which you can view in this video clip:

Since I didn't notice the last EXP Medal of Upper Road until after I passed it to go on the swing, I tried to use Ring's suction on the back-swing to see if I could still grab it. And I could! Normally if you miss something, you're outta luck. During Upper Road, I hit my 3000th Mountain Climber, giving me the Everest-Class Climber Title and leaving me with Wide Squat and Overhead Squat as my only spread Leg Fit Skills I haven't maxed the Titles out for. (And I never will.)

After that I headed to Lower Road. Much like when all of the levels were named after roads in World 57, the courses here aren't real... roads. Lower Road is a flight level, which you'd think since it's a lower road you'd go underground instead of taking to the skies. (To be fair, Lower Road ends with a flight segment through a cave, but it's clearly through some kind of cliff and not underground. And it's not a road because you're flying over water.) The second monster fight featured a Garnet Scuttlebell, which I can 2RKO with something as weak as a three-range super-effective Fit Skill (and certainly 2RKO with a one-range super-effective Fit Skill). IT DROPPED a Peridot stone (wotever) and a GARNET STONE, WHICH I'VE NEEDED FOR A VERY, VERY LONG TIME. ...Also there was a Treasure Chest with one Strength Drink. With this Garnet, I purchased the Blue Chameleon II pants from the General Store. Note that's II, not III. II means clothing from Extra Fitness. III means clothing from the current run, Fitness Master. I still need two more Garnet to be done buying all II-level clothing. Both shoes.

Ring Fit Adventure level up 404
I hit level 404, so now I'm going to edit KoopaTV's 404 error page with this.
I've been meaning to do SOMETHING with that page for years!

Since we haven't had enough of FAKE ROADS, I hit a fork between North Road and South Road. Ring asked if I remember which is the right road. North Road is correct... so I went to South Road first. I found out I can just barely hit the benchmark to ORKO dark-influenced Matta Rays (in this case, Malachite Matta Ray) with a three-range super-effective Fit Skill (in this case, Warrior III Pose Lv.4). There was also a Treasure Chest containing two Sapphire stones (which I can and will sell for 200 coins each). On top of that, there was a Treasure Chaser with 150 coins inside. That's a good haul for a “wrong answer” course. But next is North Road, the “correct” path forward that will actually give me access to what comes next. And I think I took the incorrect path there because there should be a chest in the level. But I didn't get one. Sad. Well, I'm not going back to find out what's in it. (Assuming it's not more Garnet.) And that's it for today. Next level will have some kind of event happen!

On Monday, it's time to see what'll happen. The event is the same one as World 38, where the Battle Gym Counter robot is freaking out and saying Dragaux ordered a “special menu” for me to deal with. I'm not sure what's different about this five-wave Battle Gym than normal? I have no restrictions placed on me. I cleared it within 9 turns and with a perfect “Great!” ratio of 100%, and the Battle Gym Counter congratulated me and the monsters, and gave me access to the second half of the world map. (And a monster dropped a Peridot stone.) But first, on the first half, there's an overworld Treasure Chest containing one Garnet stone (YEEES) and a Gold Hoplin (with three) overworld fight over the Town in which I'd like to immediately spend that Garnet. And I did, on the Blue Chameleon II shoes.

Ring Fit Adventure Battle Gym Counter great job customers monsters alike World 61
If the robot is congratulating the monsters for a great job, does that mean that Battle Gyms AREN'T canonically murder arenas?
So no monster actually dies as a result because they're around to hear the robot?
Does this apply to the rest of the adventure's monsters as well?

On the second half of the world, I have three potential courses to choose from. Aerohead Road is the correct (top) option, so I'll go from the bottom up. That means Condensation Corridor. This... immediately triggered me (in other words, I was standing dumbfounded for ten seconds) BECAUSE IT'S A FOG LEVEL. Which is fitting for its name BUT STILL. There's a Treasure Chest with two Super Kale Smoothies (yuck and useless) and an enemy group dropped another Peridot stone to sell (how about a third Garnet, please?). Not much else to say, since it's just a foggy version of an early-game level so there's no complex geometry to commentate. The next (wrong) course is Sedentary Swamp. I object to the notion that there is anything sedentary about it, because I moved a lot during it. My heart's pumping. But there's today's last area: Aerohead Road, so I can actually progress. (Yes, another road.) But it's actually one of my favourite courses because of its scenery. There's still not much road—wooden bridge structures that you need to run and platform through, yes. But that's not really a road. Gorgeous flight segment, however. (Puts the aero in Aerohead. Along with... aerobic.) Right after the flight segment was a Treasure Chest with a Dragon Drink for an instant level up. Yum. But I accidentally skipped the second monster fight because the course design actually incentivises you to double jump over both sets of monsters if you want to collect the coins, so the whole thing was like... a spring breeze! Overall, today (Monday) I did a lot of Warrior III Poses (132), so I achieved the General Warrior III Poser Title, for doing over 2,000 total Warrior III Poses throughout my adventures.

Ring Fit Adventure Aerohead Road flight wings scenery eagle
I think this view looks very pretty. (Moreso in motion.)
Now imagine how much less enjoyable it'd be if all of that scenic background was covered in fog or something.

On... late Wednesday night, I went to the next course: Hot Spot. This is where Aerohead Road leads. I... have nothing to say about this filler. But the next three courses, from top to bottom, are Squat Square, Benchpress Battleground, and Redflag Ring. They all look like miniboss fights. The correct answer is Redflag Ring, but I'm going in the order I just said to do the wrong answers. Squat Square has an actual miniboss fight (and not one you'll want to squat against): Two Garnet Megaphauna+s and an Ochre Stomper. They're positioned so I can hit all three at once with a three-range Fit Skill. Unfortunately, my Front Press Lv.4 just barely didn't ORKO the Garnet Megaphauna+s, so I followed it up with a Pendulum Bend to do the most damage to Ochre Stomper while KOing the minions. The only one-range Abs Fit Skill I brought was Seated Forward Press, so I used that three times until Ochre Stomper was at a sliver of health left. Since the Garnet Megaphauna+s gave the miniboss enthusiastic support and buffed its attack power, its leaping-drill attack actually did notable damage (3 hearts per turn). At its last breath, Ochre Stomper revived the two Garnet Megaphauna+ minions (or called in two more), but once I dealt the last needed damage to Ochre Stomper, I won the battle and auto-defeated the minions. It generously dropped another Garnet! With that, I bought the Coral Snake II shoes, finally completing my Extra Fitness clothing catalogue.

Even though World 61 is a snoozefest, I'm very happy to have finally done that achievement. With great motivation, I entered Benchpress Battleground, which was just three Gold Hoplins. I have no idea if they can flee the battle. ...I mean, I suspect not, because that'd basically be an auto-win since the objective is to beat the monsters. In any case, I more than recovered the money I just spent on shoes, and so the last miniboss for today is at Redflag Ring, featuring the Cobalt Stomper and two Cobalt Matta Ray+s. They're all weak to blue, so I wore the Atomic Contender III to boost my Legs Fit Skill power by 5%. Matta Rays are more durable than Megaphaunas, so it'll definitely take two solid rounds. Since this is the last thing I'm doing tonight, I brought the Wide Squat Lv.4 Fit Skill and used it once (37 reps) in the fight to beat the Matta Rays. Extremely tiring to do that. But the fight only lasted five turns and could've lasted four if I drank the best smoothie turn 1 or 2. Cobalt Stomper also dropped a Garnet, so that lets me start the Fitness Master clothing series that require Garnet stones! AND I got the Knee-Lift Tycoon Title for doing over 5,000 Knee Lift reps throughout my years playing this. I believe that means I've maxed out every one-range Legs Fit Skill!

Skipping Wednesday, Thursday was the last day of the week I played Ring Fit Adventure. I went to climb up Stumper Tower to defeat Dragaux (and I actually did climb it with the Bootstrap Tower mechanic)... who is looking more yellow than usual. Well, so am I, since I'm wearing the Volt Contender III and only brought Abs Fit Skills so I can apply SUPER-EFFECTIVE DAMAGE. Though Dragaux's hit points metre is looking... pink... because he has two metres, to account for his weakness.

I suppose I ought to mention the pre-fight dialogue involved Dragaux asking what childhood thing Dragaux loved that was round and hard like metal. Ring thought it was himself. Dragaux said... no... it's a six-pack.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux talking about six-pack are you embarrassed
Dragaux giving a savage line.
Ring never acknowledged that he felt embarrassed.

Dragaux is aided by a Dark Megaphauna+ and an Ochre Megaphauna+, positioned so I can hit all three with a three-range Fit Skill like Pendulum Bend. Unfortunately, this will only 3RKO the Dark Megaphauna+, and that's before taking into account buffs. On their first turn, Ochre Megaphauna+ gave “an alert” to the party while Dark Megaphauna+ gave “enthusiastic support”, which “greatly increased” defense and attack power respectively. Dragaux flashed his eyes at me, which debuffed my own defense power. Yet despite having maximum offense and me having minimum defense... Dragaux's punches were still puny and didn't even knock off a full fraction of one heart. After a couple of turns wiping out the Megaphaunas, I brought Dragaux well below half health and he did his SUPER ATTACK of trying to smash me with an energy form of his six pack. I had to Leg Raise for a full 60 seconds to deflect Dragaux's energy chest into his... face, which wiped out nearly the remainder of his health.

Ring Fit Adventure Yellow Dragaux boss fight energy abs chest Leg Raise super attack defense
Can you count how many packs Dragaux has on his abs? Energy manifestation or physically on his chest.

I didn't break a sweat in this whole fight. In fact, I didn't even really get warm. But I did earn the Pendulum-Bend Savant Title, for doing over 3,000 Pendulum Bends. After his defeat, Dragaux said his goal after developing a six-pack was an eight-pack. And he has that now too, so what's next? He flew away to ponder the answer to that. He also dropped another Garnet stone, which I'm incredibly excited about for future shopping.

Ring Fit Adventure Week World 61 Fitness Master Lv. 344 Exercise Log
That Dragaux fight was REALLY fast, and faster than previous times I've fought him.
Unfortunately, the next several worlds won't see much Yellow-coloured enemies/bosses.

Ludwig has to look forward to completing his clothing catalogue because the game doesn't put effort into its dialogue. Back in Extra Fitness, he had many fitness logs where a big part of the content was that the game didn't drop enough Garnet stones to support all of the clothes that require Garnet stones to purchase. He hopes that he doesn't have to do anything extraordinary to 100% the game in this final playthrough. For actual quiz questions, see KoopaTV's Forms and Quizzes page.

Fast boss fights continue in World 62, where the focus goes to legs and squats.
Besides a six pack, Dragaux also wanted toned glutes as a kid. And got them.
Dragaux also desired biceps like boulders.


  1. I didn’t think abs were round, more cube like or even like a long hexagon.

    Koopa5969?! Is that to imply there’s that many people with Koopa as a name, or are you just being cheeky?

    1. ...Yeah, the whole exchange is weird and forced.



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