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Friday, May 7, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 38: Return to Quizton

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Has Quizton experienced any development?

I would like to welcome you back to another KoopaTV Fitness Friday, which features me logging my fitness progress through Ring Fit Adventure as I seek to be fit and in good health, for the purposes of a better lifestyle and being able to make Koopa Kingdom proud in the upcoming Olympic Games. As such, I'm committing to remaining at Ring Fit Adventure's highest difficulty: level 30.

After training our vocal cords alongside our abs last week, this week brings us to World 38: Extra Fitness Lv. 238, which is returning to World 15: Quizton—a fan-favourite world.

Quizton is famous for its law, “Begin in a quiz and end in a quiz.” In order to go anywhere or do anything that involves another person, you need to (correctly) answer their pop quiz. This may sound quirky on the surface, but Quizton is actually an extremely dysfunctional and problematic society if you think through the implications.

For one, it's quite ableist. For two, it's mentally exhausting. For three, how are babies and young children—before they can talk or memorise information—handled?

Ring Fit Adventure Extra Fitness Lv. 238 quiz-obsessed villagers Quizton
So this is how Extra Fitness is handling Quizton's development?
...Avoiding interaction with its NPCs and therefore NOT handling it?

When Ring and I came to the world, we saw the Mayor of Quizton and Daimon quizzing one another in rapid-fire. Ring said it's best to sneak past them, so we went to General Store Number 34. There they are selling the Abs Master II set (increases yellow-skill attack power by 5%), the Burning Ant II (no skill bonus), and the Skip Hopper II (recovers hearts with repeated knee lifts). In order to buy all of these articles of clothing, you'll need many thousands of coins, as well as five Garnet stones—and we have zero, since this is a brand-new item.

The first two levels are the Upper Road and Lower Road. Originally, we had to go to the course representing the correct answer to the Quizton Mayor's question, but in Extra Fitness, we're going to just go and clear every level anyway. The Upper Road course had one Garnet in a Treasure Chest. The Lower Road course had one Strength Drink in a Treasure Chest. The easy-to-miss Treasure Chest in North Road has one Defense Drink. South Road has wild Black Tea Leaves that grow there, which you'll want to collect for money-doubling smoothies (or Tea)—its Treasure Chest also contains 450 coins, and a Treasure Chaser (take the top path, always) has another 100 coins. Also, during South Road, I hit a big milestone:

Ring Fit Adventure completion acquired everything from Spend Skill Points tree
The very last Fit Skill I acquired was Mountain Climber Lv.2.
(I already have had Mountain Climber Lv.3, so...)
I was level 281 when this happened. There's no longer much point to leveling up;
or at least, no point in wearing +5% EXP clothing sets that have worse raw stats than the latest outfits.

I also weighed myself later on Sunday and I'm at 144.4 pounds, which is... slightly higher than where I was when I first started Ring Fit Adventure at November 2019! (But I was at +3–4 pounds at the start of 2021, so I'm making relative progress to that.)

Ring Fit Adventure Battle Gym Counter instructed by Dragaux special menu Extra Fitness
...Note that this isn't a quiz question.

On Tuesday, I headed to World 38's Battle Gym... and the Battle Gym Counter robot freaked out, apparently at Dragaux's orders, and now I gotta fight a five-round continuous battle with an A rank or better to proceed. I managed to S rank it in 10 turns, clearing the Battle Gym and unlocking the second half of World 38's map. However, going back to the first half, there's now an overworld Treasure Chest (with a Garnet!), as well as a Gold Hoplin fight (x3) on top of the Town.

As for the next three stages that is a fork in the road, Aerohead Road has Black Tea Leaves growing there and has a Treasure Chest with a Skill Drink (per above, I no longer have any use for skill points); Sedentary Swamp that also has Black Tea Leaves (though I didn't find any); and Condensation Corridor which has a Treasure Chest with one Dragon Fruit. Aerohead Road is the course that leads to the next part of the world—Hot Spot which also has Black Tea Leaves. If you want to grind for Black Tea Leaves in this world, Hot Spot is the best place for them (there's a crate full of them). And that concludes Tuesday's work out...

On Wednesday, I confronted what appears to be three miniboss arenas. First (from the top to the bottom) is Squat Square... featuring two Garnet Megaphauna+ and an Ochre Stomper with miniboss music. Despite the formidable HP bar, Ochre Stomper apparently lacks a defence stat, so it's very easy to defeat. It also drops a Garnet. Next is Benchpress Battlefield. To my surprise (and this wasn't something I encountered back in World 15), it's a fight against THREE Gold Hoplin (and normal battle music). Don't miss out on this source of extra income, and make sure you've made a Black Tea before entering!

Ring Fit Adventure Benchpress Battlefield Gold Hoplin World 38 Extra Fitness
I didn't know these Gold Hoplins were in Benchpress Battlefield, and I wonder if they were there back in World 15.
Makes me think I shouldn't have chosen the correct answers to the quiz questions back then.
(Choosing the correct answer empties out the stages with wrong answers, and Benchpress Battlefield was a wrong answer stage.)

But the real miniboss fight, the one you need to complete to get to the world boss, is in Redflag Ring. This features Cobalt Stomper and two clerical Cobalt Matta Ray+ minions. Cobalt Stomper is as frail as Ochre Stomper (though Cobalt Matta Ray+ may heal its HP, while Garnet Megaphauna+ may directly buff defence stats), so it wasn't a long ordeal to defeat it and get access to Dragaux Stadium. And the fourth of five Garnet stones we need to fully buy out General Store Number 34. Before ending the day, I went and ran through Hot Spot two more times to harvest more Black Tea Leaves (at least four per run with ingredient doubling smoothies). I recommend wearing the Sunset Runner II to make knee lifts over the stairs easier. Persimmon also grow there. Note that going down the fail route (letting the floor crumble beneath you and fall down) will get you a few extra coins, but no ingredient drops.

On Thursday. I know exactly what to expect. I'm ready. We're heading to STUMPER TOWER with a full set of only Yellow Fit Skills and the Abs Master II to power those up. Dragaux is waiting... not just any Dragaux... but Yellow Dragaux. Stumper Tower was a bootstrap tower level, and at the very top, Dragaux was dancing and talking about working his core and how that affects multiple muscles. So, yeah, YELLOW Dragaux has two HP bars and is also aided by a Dark Megaphauna+ and an Ochre Megaphauna+.

The Megaphauna+s can and will buff Dragaux's attack and defence, and Dragaux can directly debuff you by flashing his eyes and removing your ability to drink smoothies. Eventually, when you knock off Dragaux's first health bar (and it's much easier to do so compared to normal Dragaux fights since you're hitting him super-effectively... unless he has a defence buff), he'll do a SUPER ATTACK where you need to Leg Raise for 60 seconds. Easy. Really not looking forward to holding a squat for a minute vs. Blue Dragaux, though.

Ring Fit Adventure Yellow Dragaux abs sweet six-pack Quizton boss
Dragaux subsequently referred to his abdominal muscles as “cans” that will smash me, or something.

The fight ended really quickly. Like, under 15 minutes for the whole level, which is short for Dragaux bosses if you compare my end-of-Fitness-Log in-game exercise logs. Dragaux asked if my abs are sore (they're not since he didn't put up a fight!) and flew away, dropping a Garnet stone and saying I should take a shower. ...Something about being a smelly gamer if you read between the lines. Maybe I should go play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...

Ring Fit Adventure sore abs hit the showers Dragaux dialogue
Since they weren't sore, I'm just not gonna take a shower.
(Should I be admitting that on a public website?)

By the way, there was no mention of quizzes or anything. Quizton's world-building was completely lost immediately after coming back to it. I find that to be a shame.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log Week World 38 Extra Fitness lv. 238
I've been reserving these boss fights as their own day at the end, but for Yellow Dragaux, it wasn't necessary.
(I bet Blue Dragaux will physically require it, though. Worlds 39 and 40 are gonna SUCK!)

If you were looking for more quizzes in Quizton and are disappointed, KoopaTV can partially try to make it up by offering a set of KoopaTV-related quizzes that are integrated with the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. KoopaTV Quiz Part XXX even has a Ring Fit Adventure question!

Did World 39 suck as much as Ludwig thought it would? Click here and find out.
Ludwig returned to Quizton for the last time for World 61. Again, no Quizton development.


  1. You weight More?! Seems ring fit isn't quite so healthy for you after all.

    Also, happy mothers day! What are you going to get your mother, miyamoto, for this special occasion. Nothing too good, you've still got fathers day!

    1. I'm down to 143.8 pounds today, though I also didn't eat anything prior to weighing.

      Now I'm stuffed!

      I'm doing nothing for Mother's Day. >:(


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