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Friday, April 30, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 37: The Abs Song

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Only the greatest abs make the list!♪

This is the 37th KoopaTV Fitness Log on KoopaTV! That's very special. Why? ...Well, I dunno. It's the week after 36, I guess. Same type of reason why the 50th or the 100th would be important. It's all arbitrary. What's not arbitrary is my devotion to being in shape so I can best represent Team Koopa Kingdom at this year's Olympic Games. I'm on the maximum difficulty level in the training regiment at 30!

This log features Ring Fit Adventure's World 37: Extra Fitness Lv. 231, which is based off World 14: Moppets Gone Missing, covered initially here and then concluded here. There's supposed to be a lot of fog and a lot of ghosts. I'm not a fan of either. Well, with the exception of Boo and King Boo in Mario Superstar Baseball.

Typing that last sentence in the preceding paragraph REALLY made me want to put off my fitness journey to go to my GameCube and play Mario Superstar Baseball, but I stuck to doing the right thing and started playing Ring Fit Adventure on Sunday. ...Actually, that might be the wrong thing, since I haven't eaten yet today and I'm hungry...

Ring Fit Adventure World 37 Martha Carrie abs song
Well, if you insist... and I can't resist... I better work out right now and not do something else!
(Martha and Carrie were formerly ghosts back in World 14.)

The ghosts that once plagued this world in the story mode are no more, and they're singing an irresistible song about abdominal muscles. Instead of joining in the song about training abs, we go to the spooky Missed Highway to actually train our abs. While the ghosts are gone and turned to humans, the fog is still omnipresent. Apparently, Dragon Fruit grows here (I only found one, at the end), so if you find leveling up to be important, definitely drink a smoothie to double your ingredient haul. There are also two Treasure Chasers with 100 and 150 coins, and this is also the world where Blue/Red/Yellow/Green enemies are greatly replaced with Cobalt/Garnet/Ochre/Malachite enemies. That is supposed to represent an enemy quality buff. Right after completing this highway, I went to the Game Gym north of it, and it's Bootstrap Tower (Novice). Novice?! We've been on Advanced-difficulty minigames for a few worlds now! Why back to novice? Then I remembered why—it's the Novice layout, but all in fog. Which isn't considered a different difficulty than Novice in terms of how the game tracks your high scores. Still, for completing it, I got a Defense Drink.

Next is the Misty Corridor. As the name implies, it's more fog. This level would've been wholly unnotable if not for the fact that there is an unmissable Treasure Chest with the Deep Yellow Smoothie in it! There is only ONE more smoothie left in the Catalog that I haven't gotten (yet).

Ring Fit Adventure Make Smoothies Deep Yellow Smoothie ingredients
2 Bananas + 2 Honey + 2 Apricot = 7 heart recovery, Yellow Fit Skill attack power ↑↑, and changes all Fit Skills to yellow.
(An Apricot Tea will do the same thing but without the health recovery... though I guess Bananas and Honey are way more common than tea leaves.)

If you see the first screenshot in this log, you'd see there's a warp zone that just leads south. That's what I'm going to clear for the rest of this day. First, the Steadfast Road, which also has Dragon Fruit (one in a crate assuming you jump to the upper path instead of fall to the lower path about midway through the level). Unfortunately, the level starts and then also ends with an Overhead Side Bend trolley segment. In fog. BAD. Not only are the controls buggy, but you can't see where you're going. I hit the wall several times, which got me to miss a flying EXP medal.

Ring Fit Adventure World 37 Steadfast Road fog Overhead Side Bend cart trolley
This really disadvantages people without perfect vision. And even people with it.
Did you know you'll have to be on the left track? Immediately in front of you are speed boost panels.
Better make the split decision to go left!
(In later levels/scenarios, those arrow signs at the top are actually misleading.)

Lastly for today is the Abs Set Fitness Gym, which is offering a very good reward of five Black Tea Leaves—the equivalent of one money-doubling smoothie. Black Tea Leaves are otherwise very rare to come across. Certainly more than Dragon Fruit so far.
  1. Knee-to-Chest (x30)—Knee-to-Chest is normally recommended to people with bad lower back pain, like me. Though I see websites typically recommend single Knee-to-Chest (one knee at a time) while Ring Fit Adventure asks you to use both of your knees simultaneously. I don't know the fitness significance of one vs. both, but I like the Fit Skill. I didn't have an appreciation for it until two weeks ago!
  2. Plank (x30)—I still hate planks, but I guess I don't hate them as much as I do Overhead Side Bend carts in the fog. It's very important to be properly positioned before the repetitions start, or else you won't be able to come down from your Plank correctly. If you lie down too much on the ground in-between repetitions, the game will de-synchronise your left Joy-Con and ask you to get up and re-synchronise that before proceeding. At least it doesn't reset the repetition count you've already done. I didn't vacuum the carpet before doing this, so I feel like I breathed in a lot of stuff that I shouldn't have while planking... Now I'm coughing for the rest of the day. Ugh.
  3. Leg Raise (x30)—Leg Raise has recently (alongside Knee-to-Chest) become one of my favourite Fit Skills, because it's really “honest,” like Fox or Pit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You do it to work your core muscles, and you can feel your core muscles being worked while doing it. I've incorporated it into my equipped Fit Skills during the actual fighting modes.
  4. Seated Forward Press (x30)—The first three Fit Skills in this set didn't even use the Ring-Con, but now it's back, because the Ring-Con is what you're pressing as you're seated. But you're not just sitting down... your legs gotta be stretched out like a V. Ow.
  5. Boat Pose (x16)—I've had Boat Pose Lv.3 in my equipped Fit Skill list since I unlocked it World 28, because it has REALLY good combat stats. So I'm very used to doing it by now, making this a relatively leisurely end to the Abs Set.

I've worked out enough today. The Overworld Treasure Chest associated with the warp zone has one Peridot stone—and I also collected two from enemy drops in this world, so I got three total. Let's keep that in mind whenever we reach this world's Town. Well, since I'm done, I'm gonna go eat and play Mario Superstar Baseball with Boo and King Boo...! (I got a distant last place in Toy Field with King Boo. Oof. I'm clearly not cut out for the Olympic Virtual Series and its baseball event, but hopefully I'll be cut out for the real Olympics in the fencing I'm training for.)

For the last level of the first geographical half of World 37 (and the first level I did on Monday), we must go through the Invisible Temple—invisible in the sense that you can't see anything in all of the fog—without drinking any smoothies... because Abdonis said so. He was also singing the Abs Song that Carrie and Martha were singing, which I suppose I ought to transcribe here:
Let's train our abs! I must insist!
You know it's useless to resist!
Come on and let's all do the twist!
Overhead Lunge Twist, Russian Twist!
Then finish up with a Standing Twist!
Only the greatest abs make the list!

Ring Fit Adventure World 14 37 Abs Song Town Man exercise teacher
EVERYONE is singing this now. Thanks a lot, Abdonis.

In Town, besides there being an NPC singing the Abs Song, the General Store Number 37 sold the Bleached Skeleton II clothing set (no set bonus) and the Blue Skeleton II clothing set (you can recover hearts with repeated knee lifts—effectively no set bonus because it's useless), for a total of lots of money and three Peridot stones.

North of Town was the High-Roller Complex. Fog can turn levels that I complimented earlier for having interesting level design into... chores and bores. Past the High-Roller Complex were overworld Rare Hoplins (versus three) and Gold Hoplins (versus FOUR!) matches. The Rare Hoplin guarded a foggy Aerochute (Novice) awarding passers with a Peridot, while the Gold Hoplins presided over the foggy Thigh Rider (Novice) that awarded 450 coins. Both of those Game Gyms are awful to do when you can't see, and canonically dangerous. The Overworld Treasure Chest contained five Guava. For three Guava, you can make a Guava Shake, which'll revive you if you die in battle.

We might have to use that, since the next level is Ghostship Tower, which contains a miniboss... and Dragaux, who was also singing the Abs Song. In honour of the Abs Song, I must complete the fight using only the specified yellow (abs) Fit Skills. The miniboss is... two Dark Hoplin+s, and a Dark Stomper! None of which are weak to anything. Here are the Fit Skills I'm locked to:
  1. Russian Twist Lv.3—5-range, 4-turn recharge, 455 base power
  2. Leg Raise Lv.3—1-range, 4-turn recharge, 755 base power
  3. Knee-to-Chest Lv.3—3-range, 4-turn recharge, 485 base power
  4. Plank Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 655 base power
  5. Leg Scissors Lv.3—3-range, 4-turn recharge, 445 base power
  6. Pendulum Bend Lv.3—3-range, 5-turn recharge, 560 base power
  7. Seated Forward Press Lv.3—4-turn recharge, 15-heart recovery

Lots of returning skills from the Abs Set Fitness Gym. Dark Stomper has an enormous amount of bulk, especially since it's not weak to anything. Fortunately (and in a case of gameplay-story integration), it lacks a super attack. (Minibosses get super attacks from absorbing Ring's powers.) By the very end of the fight, I gotta say my legs hurt way more than my abs did. I recommend, if/when you do this fight for yourself, you do what I didn't, which is drink smoothies to increase the power of your attacks so this takes less real time and real energy from you. ...I guess I should mention Dark Stomper dropped a Peridot, and Dragaux assumed that I felt GOOD after the fight. Nah, I need a long shower.

Ring Fit Adventure Knee-to-Chest Dark Stomper World 37 miniboss
This is how George Floyd died.

I didn't have the opportunity to play on Tuesday, and Wednesday was a lost day thanks to Joe Biden taking up everyone's time. I did, however, vacuum-clean the carpet I play Ring Fit Adventure on on Wednesday, which should mean I'm breathing up less dust from it if I am ever gonna do planks again. Also, you gotta put your hands on the floor to support your body for exercises like Knee-to-Chest and Leg Raise, and it's never great to do that on a dusty rug. (WASH YOUR HANDS often, and mid-session!)

On Thursday, I headed to Turmoil Territory. I actually forgot that this world is all foggy after the non-foggy miniboss fight and not playing for two days. Blegh. First thing I did was Leg Raise an Ochre Hoplin. Felt a lot more sanitary, but I washed my claws anyway. Afterwards was the foggy Gazelle Channel course, which had movement gimmicks ranging from the Chair Pose Hold + Ring-Con Rear Press + Squat railcarts, to the Overhead Side Bend cart, and even jump pad Squat things. ...Grah. Not a fan.

Clearing the channel gave me access to this world's Battle Gym, which offered a bonus of 3 Wheatgrass Smoothies (boring prize) for getting through its FIVE-round continuous battle. The monsters also dropped a Peridot stone. Finally, the last level for tonight was Disappearance Path, which drops both Dragon Fruit for level-up smoothies AND Black Tea Leaves for money-getting smoothies. You may wish to grind for ingredients here.

Ring Fit Adventure mission defeat that guy Abdonis World 14 37
Back in the original World 14, it was supposed to be a surprise that Abdonis was the world boss.
So Ring Fit Adventure carried over “that guy” in the mission description, instead of “Defeat Abdonis!”

On Friday, the very last level was Six Park. Dragaux had a preamble about how SOMEONE (Abdonis) was complaining that Dragaux was hogging the one-on-one training opportunities, so as head coach, he's passing off today's boss fight over to Abdonis. Hmph. Six Park is a long streak of squat holds and repeated squats to jump from platform to platform. Killer job on your knees. As for the boss, it's Abdonis and two Ochre Matta Ray+s and two Ochre Kennelbell+s. His super attack requires you to do a Seated Forward Press to defend against it... lasted about 43 seconds. Uh... after beating him, he dropped a Peridot and gave one line about how intervals are important in training, so he'll take a break. That's it for the dialogue, and that's it for World 37: Extra Fitness Lv. 231. Not much material here.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Fitness Log World Week 37
Maybe I should've saved more stages for Friday. I still got lots of energy to burn!

But that's not it for me and the Abs Song. Since every NPC in the world we encountered (Martha, Carrie, Abdonis, Dragaux, Man) sang at least part of the Abs Song... I'll sing it, too! ...Kinda wish I had background music to sing along to for a karaoke experience, but here we go:

What did you think of Ludwig's Abs Song rendition? Does he need to train his vocals like he needs to be training his body (and abdominals)? Let him know in the comments section. Next week will return Ludwig to one of the most memorable worlds in all of Ring Fit Adventure, and he's really looking forward to seeing how Extra Fitness handles it.

Unfortunately, World 38 totally drops what's interesting about World 15.
The Abs Song performance propelled this to be the Best Fitness Log of 2021.
Unfortunately, the Fitness Master version of this (World 60) takes away the singing NPCs and just leaves miserable fog behind.


  1. I always find knee to chest exercises to be uncomfortable, I don't mind exercising but I don't want to feel awkward. But since I don't have ring fit adventure I didn't have to do any. I'm so happy, I feel a song coming on-

    "Let's train our abs! I must insist!
    You know it's useless to resist!
    Come on and let's all do the twist!
    Overhead Lunge Twist, Russian Twist!
    Then finish up with a Standing Twist!
    Only the greatest abs make the list!"

    I think more games should have songs with lyrics.

    1. Not having legs doesn't help, I guess.

    2. Nope, that's partially why I'm so pleasantly plump. At least compared to the other gordo...

    3. You don't have to could just not eat instead.

    4. I have to eat to maintain my invincibility, and my health. If I don't eat I'll become just another regular average enemy. Painfully mundane and uniteresting.

    5. So are regular Gordos all, uh, underfed?

    6. No they still have a invincibility so they are properly fed, they are all just much younger. A lot of the older Gordo were slaughtered and swallowed in the great hypernova massacre.

    7. ... :'(

      So regular average enemy being akin to a Waddle Dee and not a Gordo?

    8. That's right. After all you pretty much see Waddle Dees in every part (and level!) of dreamland, whereas the Gordo are more spread-out in appearances.

    9. If invincibility is based on food consumption, how about Big Waddle Dee?

    10. Invincibility is a trait applicable to only the Gordo, the waddle dee are just fat. If only meta knight had been successful in his attempt to purge dreamland of laziness, instead obesity rates have only gotten higher...

      Not in dreamland, but you gotta set a good example.

    11. Then I think you're being inconsistent with wot you said earlier in this comment chain.

    12. About invicibility? Compare it to the Flamingo. In order to retain its pink color it has to eat pink shrimp, the peguin also eats shrimp from time to time but it doesnt turn pink. It's the same with invincibility, only gordos have the trait, the other enemys have other things. Unless you meant somthing else.

    13. Yeah, that's wot I meant.

      Alright, that makes sense.
      (Though I didn't know flamingo eat pink shrimp. Or any shrimp. If it eats other-colour shrimp, will it change colour to that? I don't really know anything about flamingo, but they are in Ring Fit Adventure as enemies, as you'll see in World 40.)


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