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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles—WORLDWIDE RELEASE: July 27, 2021!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This is what we LIVE for!

You may recall disbarred and disgraced ex-attorney Phoenix Wright. He got cancelled exactly two years ago. Now he's roaming around homeless in Los Angeles, at least last I checked.

However, in this United States national mood of just finishing up a high-profile court case, CAPCOM is announcing that they'll finally be allowing the United States (and elsewhere) to study the Japanese ancestry of Phoenix Wright: Ryunosuke Naruhodo, in a new (available physically AND digitally) product called The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles that combines The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. This'll release July 27, 2021 on the Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam. (Years ago, you may have read about those on KoopaTV, but called “Dai Gyakuten Saiban”. Incidentally, Shu Takumi, who you're about to see deliver a message, announced that exactly seven years ago. Something about mid-late April and Ace Attorney-related developments...Though the sequel was announced in a June.)

This is obviously magnificent news, the second-best news we'll get of April 2021 and probably the whole 2021. (Behind KoopaTV continuing but ahead of everything else.) We LOVE Ace Attorney here, and we're also quite thrilled that the series isn't “dead.” (Well, besides the whole concert a couple of weeks ago.)

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Instrumentals Music Ryunosuke Naruhodo objection personal theme
The sound gallery should be a regular thing.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will, besides the two games included, feature a gallery with voice-acting, character art, and music—which makes one wonder why those things weren't in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. In fact, there will be a (digital-only) bundle of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles AND Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy called the “Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection.” ...If you read KoopaTV regularly, you probably already have Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, since we have an article every time it goes on sale. But, hey, still, maybe you can find someone interested in the bundle.

This Collection also introduces Autoplay Mode to advance the text for you instead of pressing a button to move a dialogue box, as well as Story Mode, which...basically has the game play itself for you while you watch. Both of these are optional and can be toggled on/off during gameplay. I can think of good uses for Story Mode, including making screenshot collection at specific moments less manual/tedious.

There's lots more I could write about—like the gameplay—but I'll save it for the release day article. Well, and maybe it'll show up at E3 2021.

Clearly, CAPCOM is avoiding doing anything with Phoenix Wright himself due to his cancellation, but his ancestors are fair game. But, hey, that seems fine. Are you excited? The usage of the term “worldwide” in the article title is shamelessly excluding many areas of the world.

Read about this interview with Ace Attorney's localisation director to learn about the intriguing challenges involved in bringing this worldwide!
CAPCOM decided to show gameplay at E3 2021!
Ludwig believes he's come to understand the development timeline that must've went into The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.
Here is the release article, published on July 27, 2021! (But without gameplay discussion.)
Frustratingly, the sound gallery that got into the game is very shallow, and omits the majority of the songs.


  1. I very much did not think this day would actually come.

  2. I wonder what took so long. I always speculated it had something to do with the sherlock Holmes character or overall culture. Maybe they just didn't think people would be interested? In any case this is just terrific and I hope we'll get to see some of capcoms other japan only games in the future.

    1. Well, according to CAPCOM, they knew folks have been interested and it's been long-awaited!


    (Now, if they'll just do the same for Investigations 2...)

    1. Well at the very least if you want to play it in English, there exists some 'third-party DLC' for it that translates it. (:

    2. I'm waiting for that official release!
      (I've been waiting so long now.)

    3. Same here. ^_^

      And this definitely proves it's possible.

  4. Finally we move into the future

  5. While I normally see pre-ordering games as objectionable, I made an exception for this one and cannot wait to hold it in my hands in July.

    1. There's a pre-order/early adopter bonus in the gallery, so there's that.

      Though when CAPCOM did that for Mega Man 11 and Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection, those were later available as free DLC.


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