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Friday, April 19, 2019

Genius Prosecutor Reveals Crooked Attorney

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Ace Attorney stands to lose his reputation and media placements.

(LOS ANGELES, California) Mere hours ago at the Los Angeles District courthouse, Courtroom No. 7, there was a stunning outcome in the trial of Zak Gramarye (40), a member of the famous magician group Troupe Gramarye. Mr. Gramarye had been accused of murdering the sickly head of the Troupe, Magnifi Gramarye (67), in order to have the rights of his magic.

After noon local time, Zak Gramarye's defence attorney, Phoenix Wright (~26), had presented a critical piece of evidence implicating Zak's fellow troupe member, Valant Gramarye (37), for the murder—a missing page from Magnifi's diary. Upon presenting the evidence, the prosecutor in the case, young 17-year old fresh-out-of-law-school Klavier Gavin, asked for the trial to move to closed doors away from public viewing.

When the trial reconvened, the Judge was ready to call a verdict, but Zak Gramarye vanished from the courthouse and is still on the loose. Thus, no verdict was declared.

KoopaTV has exclusive insight into what transpired in that private setting. We won't reveal our methods and sources, but we will reveal the result and fallout.

Prosecutor Gavin called on a special witness, the painter Drew Misham (45). However, Mr. Misham isn't just an ordinary painter. He also has a forgery side business. In this particular instance, the missing diary page was made by Mr. Misham at the request of an unknown, anonymous client. Phoenix Wright claims it's not his forgery, but then why does he have it, and why did he present it as evidence in court?

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney forging evidence Judge Apollo Justice Turnabout Succession 2019 fatal mistake
“Forging evidence is a serious crime. A fatal mistake, for an attorney.”

Prosecutor Gavin asked why an innocent client would need forged evidence, and that's all the Judge needed to hear to end the private session and declare the defendant guilty. But then the defendant disappeared.

With Phoenix Wright now censured for presenting forged evidence, we have received indication that the California state Bar Association review board will be examining Mr. Wright's conduct. As the Judge privately said, being found to have engaged in forgery and presenting fake evidence can end a lawyer's career, and Phoenix Wright is at very real risk of being disbarred. One expects a decision within the next two weeks, and this article will be updated when that's known.

May 1 update: The Bar Association has made their decision, and Phoenix Wright has been permanently disbarred.

One also wonders if any of the cases Mr. Wright has tried in the past trilogy of years have involved forgeries as well. 

We have just received a statement from videogame giant Nintendo, publisher of the best-selling Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game on their Nintendo Switch system. Phoenix Wright was previously announced at the PAX East 2019 gaming convention event as the next downloadable character in Nintendo's post-release Fighter's Pass, as Challenger Pack 2.

In short, it reads that Nintendo is incredibly disappointed in what transpired in court today, and Phoenix Wright will be dropped from the Fighter's Pass, along with any associated Ace Attorney content. While the Bar Association has just begun its investigation, just the appearance of impropriety goes against the family-friendly image Nintendo possesses. 

A replacement franchise for Challenger Pack 2 has not been announced. 

KoopaTV as an organisation is also disappointed in today's events. Depending on what you value (the lives of people in the justice system versus the next playable character in a videogame), this may be the most glaring example of burying the lede in KoopaTV history, if not the entire industry. This announcement regarding the Phoenix Wright DLC means that KoopaTV will hereby discontinue the weekly Spirit Battle series. It also means KoopaTV will cease promoting the article where Phoenix Wright was announced as DLC, since while that's true and it happened, that's not the final outcome.

This is similar to when Nintendo dropped George Zimmerman from Super Smash Bros. 4 for allegedly threatening someone's life.
Why would Phoenix Wright present forged evidence? Hey, even the FBI does it.
KoopaTV will go to Los Angeles during E3 2019 to try and repair Phoenix Wright's life.
Since being disbarred, Phoenix Wright has been blabbering strange things about time travel and he may be on opioids.
The next news story KoopaTV does on Los Angeles is for a murder and rocket launch at the local space center.
An up-and-coming prosecutor was convicted for that space center murder. That, plus Wright being disbarred, is sending waves of doubt among the public in the law.


  1. I'm suspicious of this prodigy prosecutor. Just who tipped off the prosecutor's office, anyway? I tell you, there's something here they aren't telling us...

    1. I'm still waiting for the results of the Bar Association's decision...
      ...Maybe KoopaTV can investigate the investigators after.

    2. Even if Phoenix gets his badge back, it'll probably be YEARS before the real truth of this comes out. Like in 2026, or something.

    3. Ehhhh we probably won't still be around then.

    4. Don't say stuff like that! This site is way too amusing to go down.

    5. We've been saying that since day 1!


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