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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Version 3.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Released!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Featuring Joker, stage builder, video editing, and mobile app stupidity.

Tonight, the much-anticipated-since-February 2019 update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, Version 3.0, is released!

While it's not a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo released a 15-minute video last night about what's in Version 3.0 that might as well be a Direct. It has three million views right now, so you probably have seen it already, but I'll embed it anyway and talk about my thoughts:

The video spends most of the time to Joker being Challenger Pack 1, which you may remember from his trailer at The Game Awards 2018.

I'm going to gloss over Joker in this article and in my Super Smash Bros. Ultimate play in general. I never heard of this Ren Amamiya guy (Joker's real name) until the GameFAQs Character Battle X contest ran months before The Game Awards. I voted for Claire against him without even giving an explanation. She won. That's it.

The video goes in great detail about Joker, his Phantom Thieves friends, and his Persona, Arsene. None of them impress me and they're all annoying. His victory screen is cool I guess. I still don't know anything about Persona as a series and I don't really want to. None of the games except for a spin-off sub-series are on a Nintendo console anyway. Screw it. Plus...

Mementos Persona 5 train station Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage
The Persona stage, Mementos, is a train station.
Trains are bad! Why would I want to buy a train stage?!
(Vehicle philosophies is one of the questions in KoopaTV Quiz Part XVIII, which you should have fun with before April ends.
The Feedback Form, too.)

Alright, the Challengers Pack is a wash for me. There's more Mii costumes and they're all SEGA-related. More Persona, as well as Tails and Knuckles. Pass. $.75 each? Nah.

Persona 3 Protagonist Mii Swordfighter DLC costume Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Persona 3 Protagonist reminds me way too much of Chrom.
Definitely not a fan.

Now for the more interesting parts of the update. The FREE parts.

First, character balance patches, which you can view in detail here. Overall, projectiles on shield were nerfed, so the shield won't be weakened as easily from blocking projectiles. Some projectiles were unscathed, like the Axe throws from Belmonts. Lord Bowser's Fire Breath was also untouched.

My jab combo (and my siblings’) got buffed, which isn't a tremendous improvement.

Pichu's hurtbox got adjusted making it easier to hit, which makes me very happy since Pichu is the reason I can't win tournaments.

The video confirms the Stage Builder mode, as opposed to last week where the Stage Builder was leaked but not actually confirmed. The mode looks like it got a huge buff since Super Smash Bros. 4. It still encourages you to draw on the touch screen with your finger, though.

Stage Builder Super Smash Bros. Ultimate draw on Nintendo Switch touch screen
This is disgusting. Please, wash your hands first.

You can make stages prettier now (with foreground and background layers) and with more features. Perhaps this will fill the gap of no Bowser's Castle stage? I don't know if this is just fluff or something legitimately cool, or how the music works. I just know that Stage Builder doesn't play well with the next feature.

You can now edit videos, as well as upload and download Mii Fighters and stages made by yourself and other people with the new Shared Content feature (only for Nintendo Switch Online members). It's still not directly posting videos to YouTube, though...

You can Yeah! (and Unyeah!) videos, as well as Follow content creators from the game, which makes it almost akin to Miiverse. ...Almost. Not really.

There is that Smash World app that no one should care about, because Nintendo should stop outsourcing communication features to smartphones instead of the Switch itself. 

The patch notes also mention online matchmaking in Quicksmash has been improved with regards to matching people with closer Global Smash Power. That does me no favours as someone who is in Elite Smash. BUT, “[f]urther improvements and adjustments to matchmaking are planned.” Looking forward to it. Perhaps they'll come sooner than the update for Challenger Pack 2 featuring Phoenix Wright?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 3.0 Nintendo Switch server undergoing maintenance April 17 2019
Well I'm publishing this article before 10 PM, so I can't verify anything I wrote with personal experience.

Ludwig actually has a pessimistic tone throughout this article, since he thinks Joker will do very well against the characters he plays with, and he can't actually test out the new features of the game at the time of publishing. You may have tried them by the time you read this article, so please leave your feedback in the comments section!

Ludwig can't even access Smash World.
Version 3.1.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings more features and more buffs. And a nerf to Pichu.
Shared Content is bad stuff, because it's even more abusive than Miiverse.

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