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Friday, October 19, 2018

Round 1 Picks: GameFAQs Character Battle X!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It begins.

Round 1 of the GameFAQs Character Battle X has begun! Read all about the contest at this page, which will also serve as an index for all coverage of the contest from KoopaTV.

The contest actually started a day earlier than I thought it did (8 PM Eastern on Thursday as opposed to Friday) so my bad. The first four matches in Division 1 are already done as of publishing (the second four are going on now!). For your information, Round 1 has four matches per day, so we'll see Round 2 in about two weeks from now.

Vote here at the top of the page:

I will be telling you exactly who I'm voting for and why for every match in the contest, and Round 1 has the most matches. Take a look at which characters I like... and which I really do not:

The Main Bracket

Division 1

(1) Dante
(16) Cuphead

I never cared that much about Cuphead outside of its appearances at many Microsoft E3 conferences, generally breaking up a series of something less interesting but never striking my fancy. Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 5 at Microsoft's E3 2018 blew all that out and sort of made Dante return from craptitude, also known as Donte. Good will!
(8) Chloe Price
(9) Lightning

I'll take a disliked Final Fantasy over Life is Strange, sure.

(5) Spyro the Dragon
(12) Chun-Li 

I forgot what rationale I had for voting for Spyro over Sephiroth five years ago, but unlike many of KoopaTV's comments section and a former staff member, I never cared about Spyro and never will and I don't like Skylanders. Chun-Li has a song from Nicki Minaj that I don't care for at all and I don't know how anyone can stand listening to that, but hey, at least it's culture.

(4) Ganondorf
(13) Neku Sakuraba

The World Ends With You has a very negative reception on our staff. The music is wackier than Nicki Minaj. Like, what the hell is this?

(3) Vivi
(14) Yu Narukami

Vivi has so much good-will from me for beating Mario in 2013. And I don't know who the other guy is.

I'll write more about why you should vote for Vivi in future articles, because Vivi is obviously going to win this and I'll have time to do that.

(6) Victor Sullivan
(11) Aya Brea

(7) Tidus
(10) Donkey Kong

(2) Leon Kennedy
(15) Dragonborn

Division 2

(1) Zero
(16) Primrose

This is Zero from the Mega Man series. Yeah, I like him enough to be worrying where he was in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. (An Assist Trophy.)

I like him more than that, too, even if I needed an easy mode to get through his games.

(8) Zidane Tribal
(9) Knuckles the Echidna

(5) Noctis Lucis Caelum
(12) Master Hand 

If Master Hand wins this, that'd be hilarious.

(4) Monika
(13) Wario

I don't even really like Wario, but Doki Doki Literature Club and its fanbase are icky creeps, and they actually plan to rally for Monika for this match and for the whole contest. Siding with Wario.

(3) Yoshi
(14) Shantae

I got Shantae: The Pirate's Curse on the Wii U just for the Digital Deluxe Promotion (back at the start of 2015) and haven't played it as of June 2015.

Update: I still haven't played it.

(6) Velvet Crowe
(11) James Sunderland

I don't know who either of these dudes are. Samantha Lienhard probably does.

(7) Pikachu
(10) Scorpion

(2) Kratos
(15) John Marston 

That's Kratos from God of War, not Tales of Symphonia.

Division 3

(1) Sora
(16) Ryo Hazuki

(8) Neptune
(9) Pokémon Trainer Red

(5) Crash Bandicoot
(12) Cecil Harvey

(4) Big Boss
(13) Ridley

I see what the bracket-maker did there. Because, you know, Ridley is BIG.

(3) Alucard
(14) Princess Peach

Just because I want to kidnap Princess Peach doesn't mean I actually like her.

(6) Yuna
(11) Godot

I may not actually like Godot (I share Witch Princess's thoughts on him, more-or-less), but the fact that he's from Ace Attorney still gives him a lot of credit. In any case, I'm looking forward to watching Season 2 of the Ace Attorney anime soon!

(7) Kefka
(10) L-Block

I got a Request a long time ago to write about Tetris, and I was supposed to have an interview with that girl (not sure if they identify as a girl anymore) that wanted to marry their Tetris cartridge. They bailed on me without ever saying anything and have refused repeated requests for comment. Asshole. Also, L-Block isn't a character. Kefka definitely is.

(2) Kazuma Kiryu
(15) Bomberman

I originally was going to support Bomberman for his character design (the old one, not the newer realistic mature one), but Samantha Lienhard convinced me in the comments section to pick Kiryu for his actual characteristics.

Division 4

(1) 2B
(16) Cayde-6

Wendy's Discord avatar is 2B, so that's better than the absolute-nothing that whatever a Cayde-6 has going for them.

(8) Shadow the Hedgehog
(9) Ness

I kind of want to vote for Shadow on the basis of this video alone, but... Nah.

(5) Terra Branford
(12) Charizard

How do you think I'll vote, given that I have an article literally titled, “I'm Sick of Charizard”?

(4) Bowser
(13) Gordon Freeman

King Bowser Koopa is the only Koopa in the contest, and KoopaTV obviously has a very pro-Koopa bias!

YOU GOT THIS, KING DAD! I'll vote for Bowser in every match he's in.

(3) Phoenix Wright
(14) Chris Redfield

If you haven't figured it out yet, Ace Attorney is KoopaTV's favourite franchise.

I'll therefore vote for Phoenix Wright in every match he's in.

(6) Ike
(11) Joel

WE LIKE IKE. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the Tellius games, are the last good Fire Emblem games. Despite their high sell price nowadays, they're still a better value than the crap that's been released in the past 10 years.

Anyway, they're not just the last good Fire Emblem games, but they're really fantastic. Ike is the star of them, and he's actually an atypical Fire Emblem main character. He's my kind of guy, enough that he's probably in my top 10 characters in this tournament.

(7) Estelle Bright
(10) Isaac

I don't want Isaac to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but I'll still take him over a no-name like Estelle Bright who I don't even know.

(2) Kirby
(15) Guile

I really like Kirby, and I'd support him to win the tournament. You know, if I haven't already said that twice in this division. What an unfair division.

Guile's theme does go with everything, but Kirby is responsible for many amazing themes. Plus, he's really cute.

Division 5

(1) Squall Leonhart
(16) Hat Kid

Two weeks ago, I would've voted for Squall Leonhart. And then I watched Wendy O. Koopa's stream of A Hat in Time. Now I'll vote for Hat Kid. She's kind of adorable.

(8) Garrus Vakarian
(9) Ramza Beoulve

(5) Metal Sonic
(12) The Boss

(4) Zelda
(13) Ezio Auditore da Firenze

(3) Aloy
(14) D.Va

I found out during this process that D.Va is a prominent character in Overwatch, and many people are concerned that Overwatch fans will flood GameFAQs and ruin the tournament like Draven did in 2013. Yeah, hope that doesn't happen.

(6) Jill Valentine
(11) Fox McCloud

(7) Shovel Knight
(10) Captain Toad

This isn't a vote for Shovel Knight — the guy I see as the representative of all indie games (not a beloved title) — but an anti-vote for Captain Toad. Now, I'd vote for Captain Goomba from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, but if it's not obvious, I have a strong anti-Toad bias.

(2) Waluigi
(15) Aerith Gainsborough

I pity Waluigi a lot. Not because of anything relating to Super Smash Bros., but because of what Mario and the CIA did to destroy him. If he actually wins, anticipate this pity vote to get him my vote in round 2.

Division 6

(1) Geralt
(16) Rosalina

People are scared that CD Projekt Red will rally Geralt from The Witcher to win the whole contest, so I'll just vote for Rosalina here to help prevent that.

(8) Ryu Hayabusa
(9) Simon Belmont

I don't actually want Simon Belmont in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Anyone who has read the live reaction log for when he got announced knows that I'd rather have Alucard as a Castlevania representative, if that series needs one at all.

(5) Sans
(12) Pac-Man


This was the most difficult decision of this whole round for me. Sans, a character I completely despise for being the Undertale representative (the crappy game that ruined the 2015 GameFAQs tournament), or Pac-Man, a character I completely despise for being the Hillary Clinton of Super Smash Bros.?

I decided to vote strategically. Sans and his tumblr goons could ruin everything again if he's allowed to advance, but since NO ONE likes Pac-Man, he doesn't have a pack (haha) to rally from. Like, where do you go on the Internet to find people willing to vote for Pac-Man?

So I'm voting Pac-Man as the lesser of two evils.

(4) Bayonetta
(13) Riku

I'm possibly a hypocrite. I wrote an article with the message of not hating Bayonetta as a character for what she did to ruin the Super Smash Bros. For Wii U metagame. I was going to vote for Bayonetta and then changed my mind... probably because I just played Super Smash Bros. For Wii U.

Oh well.

(3) Auron

(14) Lucina

I'm not voting for Fire Emblem: Awakening trash.

(6) Magus
(11) Vincent Valentine

(7) Shulk
(10) Sub-Zero 

Rawk might be mad at me for this, but I just want to remind everyone that Shulk is an asshole that attacked King Bowser for absolutely no reason in his trailer. Of course I'm still holding that grudge against him.

(2) Ren Amamiya
(15) Claire Redfield

Division 7

(1) Luigi
(16) Miles Edgeworth 

I hate Luigi. I want him dead. There's a lot of videogames about that.

Meanwhile, Miles Edgeworth has received several articles on this very website trying to convince him not to kill himself. That's the opposite of how we treat Luigi.

Miles Edgeworth has been a genius since he was a young boy, when he spoke words of wisdom that apply to this day about trying to convict people without evidence or witnesses.

(8) Frog
(9) Monokuma

Reminder that this is Frog from Chrono Trigger.

(5) Master Chief
(12) Goro Majima

(4) Nathan Drake
(13) Miles 'Tails' Prower 

Tails is by far the inferior Miles in this division, but it's not like I'm going to vote for Nathan Drake.

(3) Tifa Lockheart
(14) Geno

Super Mario RPG is not a great game, and Geno should not be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

(6) GlaDOS
(11) Mewtwo

(7) King Dedede
(10) Revolver Ocelot

(2) Mega Man X
(15) Isabelle

Isabelle shouldn't be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate either, but for some reason that happened.

Division 8

(1) Sephiroth
(16) Albert Wesker

(8) Richter Belmont
(9) Captain Falcon

Richter Belmont is only here because he got in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Captain Falcon is only here because he has been in the Super Smash Bros. series since the beginning, and he's been showing everyone his moves. Belmont is a poser.

(5) Amaterasu
(12) Draven

Remember when I mentioned that Draven ruined the 2013 contest? Yeah, I'm still mad at him, League of Legends, and the entire site of Reddit for that.

This isn't just an anti-vote for Draven, though. I've been playing Ōkami HD on the Switch, too!

(4) Lara Croft
(13) Metal Man

(3) Ryu

(14) Lloyd Irving

I mentioned Tales of Symphonia earlier — Lloyd, of course, is from that game. Too bad for him, I'm voting for Ryu, because unlike Bayonetta, his Super Smash Bros. incarnation makes me like him a lot more than before.

(6) Commander Shepard
(11) King K. Rool

(7) Ellie
(10) KOS-MOS

I'm not ever going to vote for Ellie after what she pulled at Sony's E3 2018.

(2) Aqua
(15) Quiet

If you want an explanation on Ludwig's votes for a match hat he didn't care to explain, let him know in the comments section. You can also attempt to lobby his vote in the comments section.

Round 2 picks are over here.


  1. Velvet is the main character of Tales of Berseria, so you voted for her over the main character of Silent Hill 2.

    You voted against Kiryu without even an explanation... Are you a Bomberman fan, or do you have something against Kiryu?

    Estelle is a good character from a good game that I enjoyed and reviewed. You should have voted for her!

    1. Since the votes for Velvet/Kiryu/Estelle haven't happened yet, could you lobby for them in detail if you want me to change my voting plans? You know, why they're good and better than the others?

      With all the Yakuza characters in this bracket (all two of them) and how I'm voting for neither without explanation, clearly I don't care about it. <.<

      I'm not particularly a Bomberman fan, but he's kind of cute in his original design.

    2. Velvet vs. James, I don't really have a preference on, since I like them both.

      You should vote for Kiryu because he's a wonderful character from an excellent franchise (and one of the best games I've played this year). Kiryu is strong, kind, and determined. He fights to help random people on the streets, plays mini-games with the seriousness they deserve, goes above and beyond to make sure a child whose video game was stolen gets to play it, and gives advice to a new dominatrix on how to treat her masochistic clients. He even gets in an Ace Attorney reference, and the developers appear to be fans.

      Estelle is from a turn-based JRPG made by developers who still put their heart and soul into turn-based JRPGs, Trails in the Sky. She's a fun character who starts out very aggressive and hotheaded but matures somewhat as the story goes on. Also, the developers made an Ace Attorney reference when the game was brought to systems with achievements.

    3. That's... actually really convincing for Kiryu. To the point where I'm going to change my mind!

      Not that convincing for Estelle.

    4. Yay, victory for Kiryu!

      Hmm... well, I enjoyed Trails in the Sky a lot and it had a twist at the end that completely floored me, yet was still well-foreshadowed. (Okay, I think the problem here is that I don't really have a good argument for Estelle herself; I just like Trails in the Sky.)

    5. Two of your three sentences for Estelle were about the developers, which ain't about Estelle!


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