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Monday, October 8, 2018

Wendy is Live-Streaming A Hat In Time: Seal the Deal Right Now

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - She's busy streaming, so I'm stuck writing the promo.

Want more indie game coverage? Wondering if Wendy O. Koopa actually exists as a staff member? Alright, let's solve both of those problems. She's live-streaming A Hat In Time (Seal the Deal DLC) right now on Mixer (main stream) and Twitch (secondary stream). Say hi. (Pick one. Twitch lags behind Mixer, but the staff is in Twitch.)

She is also playing with modifications.

A Hat in Time save files selection screen Seal the Deal
She has made three save files in A Hat in Time... but she doesn't know why.
Which she'll play, I don't know (as of writing this).

Now that the stream is over, here are some videos on demand. First, Wendy got trapped in the elevator during the walrus captain's fetch quest, which I likened to the DL-6 Incident:

Watch Welp, I fell through the elevator. :( from Capt_Murasa on

And here's the whole stream:

Watch Blind run of #SealTheDeal from A Hat In Time. :D from Capt_Murasa on

A Hat in Time HIKOOPATV cruise crows destination
“Oh, of course, HI KOOPATV. I remember now, having seen it written down earlier. On my ticket.”

Lots of really cute seals on-board the cruise ship.


Oh, one more bug. Drowning and not dying, so you're stuck... alive.

Watch Invincibility Frames????? from Capt_Murasa on

A Hat in Time crows cruise ship I have family in KoopaTV
The crows have excellent taste. Do you?
“I have family in HI KOOPATV. I am very glad that this is where we are going.”

Wendy said it was a lot of fun streaming for us. Let her know what you think in the comments section!

There is a pretty big contrast between when Wendy streams and when Kamek streams, like he did for Yooka-Laylee.
This was such a successful and fun stream that it was recognised as the Best Game Stream Experience of 2018.

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