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Friday, October 12, 2018

KoopaTV's GameFAQs Character Battle X Index

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - X... index... Hm... Anyway, this will help organise our coverage.

A new grand gaming contest is coming very soon: GameFAQs Character Battle X, the 10th character battle contest in history! (Note the URL isn't actually anymore) You may remember previous GameFAQs tournaments covered on KoopaTV (their first rounds are hyperlinked at the bottom of this article), including Character Battle IX. We'll also cover this contest, since it's a very interesting exercise in the worth of characters in games, and a repudiation of anti-character philosophies. It's educational, in any case.

Character Battle X features 136 videogame characters trying to be crowned as the best, as voted by GameFAQs users. (Registered users’ votes count for double, while unregistered users count for normal.) 128 characters are distributed throughout the 8 divisions, while 8 Legends — Mario, Link, Samus, Cloud, Crono, Mega Man, Snake, and Sonic — await them after the division finals. (Sephiroth is usually in that group to make the Noble Nine, but he got demoted)

This article will provide links right below this paragraph to all of KoopaTV's coverage of Character Battle X, which begins October 19, with several matches a day. So please check back then for Round 1's article. Future rounds will get their own articles. As for this article, I'll also be providing what the 128-character bracket is here, for reference.

The 16-character Finals Division bracket is at the bottom of this article, and coverage of that begins starting on list item 5 in the index immediately below this text.

KoopaTV's GameFAQs Character Battle X Coverage

  1. Ludwig's Round 1 Picks
  2. Ludwig's Round 2 Picks
  3. Ludwig's Round 3 Picks
  4. Ludwig's Divisional Final (Round 4) Picks  
  5. Ludwig's Final Division Picks (the rest of the contest)

The Main Bracket

Division 1

(1) Dante
(16) Cuphead
(8) Chloe Price
(9) Lightning

(5) Spyro the Dragon
(12) Chun-Li

(4) Ganondorf
(13) Neku Sakuraba

(3) Vivi
(14) Yu Narukami

(6) Victor Sullivan
(11) Aya Brea

(7) Tidus
(10) Donkey Kong

(2) Leon Kennedy
(15) Dragonborn

Division 2

(1) Zero
(16) Primrose

(8) Zidane Tribal
(9) Knuckles the Echidna

(5) Noctis Lucis Caelum
(12) Master Hand

(4) Monika
(13) Wario

(3) Yoshi
(14) Shantae

(6) Velvet Crowe
(11) James Sunderland

(7) Pikachu
(10) Scorpion

(2) Kratos
(15) John Marston

Division 3

(1) Sora
(16) Ryo Hazuki

(8) Neptune
(9) Pokémon Trainer Red

(5) Crash Bandicoot
(12) Cecil Harvey

(4) Big Boss
(13) Ridley

(3) Alucard
(14) Princess Peach

(6) Yuna
(11) Godot

(7) Kefka
(10) L-Block

(2) Kazuma Kiryu
(15) Bomberman

Division 4

(1) 2B
(16) Cayde-6

(8) Shadow the Hedgehog
(9) Ness

(5) Terra Branford
(12) Charizard

(4) Bowser
(13) Gordon Freeman

(3) Phoenix Wright
(14) Chris Redfield

(6) Ike
(11) Joel

(7) Estelle Bright
(10) Isaac

(2) Kirby
(15) Guile

Division 5

(1) Squall Leonhart
(16) Hat Kid

(8) Garrus Vakarian
(9) Ramza Beoulve

(5) Metal Sonic
(12) The Boss

(4) Zelda
(13) Ezio Auditore da Firenze

(3) Aloy
(14) D.Va

(6) Jill Valentine
(11) Fox McCloud

(7) Shovel Knight
(10) Captain Toad

(2) Waluigi
(15) Aerith Gainsborough

Division 6

(1) Geralt
(16) Rosalina

(8) Ryu Hayabusa
(9) Simon Belmont

(5) Sans
(12) Pac-Man

(4) Bayonetta
(13) Riku

(3) Auron
(14) Lucina

(6) Magus
(11) Vincent Valentine

(7) Shulk
(10) Sub-Zero

(2) Ren Amamiya
(15) Claire Redfield

Division 7

(1) Luigi
(16) Miles Edgeworth

(8) Frog
(9) Monokuma

(5) Master Chief
(12) Goro Majima

(4) Nathan Drake
(13) Miles 'Tails' Prower

(3) Tifa Lockheart
(14) Geno

 (6) GlaDOS
(11) Mewtwo

(7) King Dedede
(10) Revolver Ocelot

(2) Mega Man X
(15) Isabelle

Division 8

(1) Sephiroth
(16) Albert Wesker

(8) Richter Belmont
(9) Captain Falcon

(5) Amaterasu
(12) Draven

(4) Lara Croft
(13) Metal Man

(3) Ryu
(14) Lloyd Irving

(6) Commander Shepard
(11) King K. Rool

(7) Ellie
(10) KOS-MOS

(2) Aqua
(15) Quiet

Finals Division

(1) Link

(8) Mega Man

(4) Cloud Strife

(5) Crono

(3)Solid Snake

(6) Sonic the Hedgehog

(2) Samus Aran
Tifa Lockheart

(7) Mario

There are some divisions and match-ups that Ludwig is dreading (hint: Division 4 has 4 characters that he could be very happy with winning the whole tournament), so it'll be sure to be a fun tournament. Ludwig will write explanations of his votes for some of the matches if he feels the need to — these will likely be more detailed and numerous as time goes on. Feel free to lobby Ludwig's votes, or any other staff member.

The 2013 Character Battle IX's first round is here. That contest ultimately ended in disaster.
2015's GameFAQs contest was Best. Game. Ever. That also ended in disaster. Round 1 here.
2017's GameFAQs contest was Best Year in Gaming, which was dreadfully boring. Here's round 1.

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