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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Watch Wendy Stream NieR Automata (Take 2B)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - (Why am I the one writing this?)

Continuing yesterday's timely Alucard advertisement, Wendy O. Koopa is currently streaming NieR Automata to support 2B in the GameFAQs Character Contest X. Not that she needs the help against whatever a Cayde-6 is:

2B vs. Cayde-6 GameFAQs Character Battle X round 1 freeze five minutes
These are the results 5 minutes in. They could be wildly different later!
The stream has ended, and here is the video on demand!

Watch I forgot how to play Nier so I'm playing it again. :D from Capt_Murasa on

If you want to see 2B's infamous booty, you better watch the stream. (It's in there.) Personally, I've never watched gameplay of NieR Automata before and I already voted for 2B. So this is an educational experience! Hoping I don't regret my vote.

Post-stream, I can confirm I made the right decision.

It's Take 2B because Wendy had trouble getting the stream to actually work. Oh well.

Wendy's streams are great. Here's her first stream advertised on KoopaTV, with A Hat in Time.
Rawk foreshadowed Wendy streaming NieR Automata in this article about why he enjoys KoopaTV streams over other ones.

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