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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who Ludwig is Voting For in Character Battle IX (Round 1)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Remember to vote every 12 hours!

GameFAQs hasn't hosted a Poll Of The Day Contest since 2011 with the horrible Rivalry Rumble. Now they're going back to hosting a real Character Contest! Awesome! So I'm going to tell you who I'm voting for, and you're encouraged to vote exactly the same way. Only the top one of the threepack move on. If you need to know who these characters are, look here. The first match is on July 9 at 12 AM Eastern, or July 8 at 9 PM Pacific. Then every 12 hours, a new match will happen! Look on the front page at for the poll.

Division 1

(1) Link
(18) Isaac
(27) Tingle

(6) Raiden
(13) Waluigi
(22) Alan Wake

(9) Yoshi
(10) Solaire of Astora
(19) Demi-Fiend

(2) Commander Shepard
(17) Captain Olimar
(26) Kain

(5) Tharja
(14) Juliet Starling
(23) Tiny Tina

(8) Hero
(11) Rinoa Heartilly
(20) Aerith Gainsborough

(3) Draven
(16) Chie Satonaka
(25) Jak

(4) Yuri Lowell
(15) Ryu
(24) Face McShooty

(7) Mega Man X
(12) Welkin Gunther
(21) Jigglypuff

Division 2

(1) Sonic the Hedgehog
(18) Fei Fong Wong
(27) Dan Hibiki

(6) Lucina
(13) Dracula
(22) Caim

(9) Professor Layton
(10) Barret Wallace
(19) Reimu Hakurei

(2) Phoenix Wright
(17) Marth
(26) Nightmare

(14) Dunban
(23) Vincent Valentine

(8) Chester
(11) Mewtwo
(20) Zero (999)

(3) Chrom
(16) The Boss
(25) Heavy

(4) Garrus Vakarian
(15) Sub-Zero
(24) Frank West

(7) Bowser
(12) Archer
(21) Meta Knight

Division 3

(1) Sephiroth
(18) Midna
(27) Little Mac

(6) Morrigan Aensland
(13) Miles Edgeworth
(22) Agent 47

(9) Spyro the Dragon
(10) Clementine
(19) Reyn

(2) Luigi
(17) Balthier Bunansa
(26) Jade

(5) Big Boss
(14) Peacock
(23) Captain Viridian

(8) CATS
(11) Ness
(20) Locke Cole

(3) Elizabeth
(16) Poison
(25) Thrall

(4) Kirby
(15) Terra Branford
(24) Princess Peach

(7) Wheatley
(12) Crash Bandicoot
(21) Tommy Vercetti

Division 4

(1) Solid Snake
(18) Isaac
(27) Commander Keen

(6) Alucard
(13) Captain Falcon
(22) Rydia

(9) Bayonetta
(10) N
(19) Wander

(2) GlaDOS
(17) Cole
(26) Ragna the Bloodedge

(5) Ike
(14) Proto Man
(23) Dr. Ivo '"Eggman" Robotnik

(8) Epona
(11) Mordin Solus
(20) Niko Bellic

(3) Shulk
(16) Ratchet
(25) Altair

(4) Lara Croft
(15) Yuri Hyuga
(24) Slime

(7) Kefka
(12) Zack Fair
(21) Ryu Hayabusa

Division 5

(1) Cloud Strife
(18) Sen. Steven Armstrong
(27) Prinny

(6) Handsome Jack
(13) Frog
(22) Viewtiful Joe

(9) Sly Cooper
(10) Francis York Morgan
(19) Lugia

(2) Dante
(17) Laharl
(26) Raz

(5) Squirtle
(14) Ramza Beoulve
(23) JC Denton

(8) Spring Breeze Dancin'
(11) Zidane Tribal
(20) Ridley

(3) Yu Narukami
(16) Shadow the Hedgehog
(25) Kat

(4) Leon Kennedy
(15) Albert Wesker
(24) Oliver

(7) Gordon Freeman
(12) Hades
(21) Simon Belmont

Division 6

(1) Crono
(18) Sarah Kerrigan
(27) Missile

(6) Pikachu
(13) Lloyd Irving
(22) Big Daddy

(9) Magus
(10) Hal "Otacon" Emmerich
(19) Jade Curtiss

(2) Sora
(17) Scorpion
(26) Aya Brea

(5) Booker DeWitt
(14) Gilgamesh
(23) Kaim Argonar

(8) Groose
(11) Lu Bu
(20) Yoshimitsu

(3) Lee Everett
(16) Meat Boy
(25) Mr. Game & Watch

(4) Nathan Drake
(15) Steve
(24) Pac-Man

(7) Fox McCloud
(12) Pokemon Trainer Blue
(21) Wolf O'Donnell

Division 7

(1) Samus Aran
(18) Isaac Clarke
(27) Sandbag

(6) Neku Sakuraba
(13) Vaas Montenegro
(22) Catherine

(9) Knuckles the Echidna
(10) Seifer Almasy
(19) Celes Chere

(2) Ezio Auditore da Firenze
(17) Miles "Tails" Prower
(26) Bomberman   

(5) Auron
(14) Revolver Ocelot
(23) Roxas

(8) L-Block
(11) Teemo
(20) Palutena

(3) Dragonborn
(16) Tom Nook
(25) Pyramid Head

(4) Master Chief
(15) Yuna
(24) Claire Redfield

(7) Tifa Lockheart
(12) Cirno
(21) Chun-Li

Division 8

(1) Mario
(18) Duke Nukem
(27) Fawful

(6) Vivi
(13) Adam Jensen
(22) Marisa Kirisame

(9) Ganondorf
(10) Guybrush Threepwood
(19) Max Payne

(2) Squall Leonhart
(17) Rayman
(26) Commander Video

(5) Amaterasu
(14) Vyse
(23) Adol Christin

(8) Missingno
(11) Tidus
(20) Banjo

(3) Creeper
(16) Wario
(25) The King of All Cosmos

(4) Pokemon Trainer Red
(15) Corvo Attano
(24) Sissel

(7) Pit
(12) Urdnot Wrex
(21) Cecil Harvey

Division 9

(1) Mega Man
(18) Geno
(27) Magikarp   

(6) Kratos
(13) Travis Touchdown
(22) Recette Lemongrass

(9) Red Bird
(10) Mike Haggar
(19) Jill Valentine

(2) Zero
(17) Kratos Aurion
(26) Boko   

(5) Lenneth Valkyrie
(14) Claptrap
(23) Weighted Companion Cube

(8) ? Block
(11) Lyndis
(20) Rikku

(3) John Marston
(16) Zelda
(25) Sackboy   

(4) Lightning
(15) Donkey Kong
(24) Falco Lombardi

(7) Charizard
(12) Riku
(21) Nier

Besides being a Nintendrone, a lot of Ludwig's choices are negotiable. Go ahead and convince him to vote a certain way, if you feel strongly about it. He doesn't actually have a GameFAQs account so he can't fill out his own prediction bracket, but he's been lurking the site and Board 8 (the contest board) for many years.


  1. Holy crap, this is long.
    I'll post my differences.
    Yuri Lowell > Ryu, I'm a huge Tales of Vesperia fan.
    Megaman X > Jigglypuff, I don't know what kinda drugs you were on.
    Sonic > Dan, Dan is literally a joke character.
    Dracula > Lucina, never played Fire Emblem and Castlevania is amazing.
    Reimu Hakurei > Professor Layton, I don't even know who that is.
    Meta Knight > Bowser, I just think that Heroes > Villains.
    Bowser's plans always suck.
    Spyro > Reyn, Spyro was one of my first video games ever.
    Ness > CATS, Earthbound is fun. Who's CATS?
    Proto Man > Ike. See Drac > Lucina.
    Altair > Shulk, at least I know him.
    Lara Croft > Slime, as if there's any reason to explain. I don't play...was it dragon quest where slime appeared? I think so.
    Kefka > Ryu Hayabusa, I HATE NINJA GAIDEN!
    Cloud Strife > Prinny, I dunno who Prinny is.
    Simon Belmont > Hades, don't think into the symbolism of my life in that one.

    Don't feel like going on, or voting, too much work.

    1. Yeah, those few seconds.

      Couldn't care less about Yuri, but Ryu gets a purely design-based/Capcom-favouritism vote. ...and no one cares about Borderlands

      Jigglypuff is adorable. She's my main in Smash, and she's still adorable.

      I know Dan is a joke character, but I anti-vote Sonic characters. ...and I'm fine with joke characters.

      Lucina is hot.

      Oh, but you know who the obscure Touhou character is? Barret is going to win that match anyway 'cause Final Fantasy 7 vote, but Layton is like, I like him. (And I've been receiving pressure to actually play his games) He's from the Professor Layton series. He wears a tophat.

      Well obviously I'm going to vote for King Dad, and he's projected to win, too.

      rofl Spyro, but I'm literally only voting for Reyn 'cause Xenoblade. To my knowledge, Spyro's last several games suck.

      CATS is the All Your Base Are Belong to Us guy. He's a joke character in these contests.

      I've actually played all of Ike's games and many of Proto's games. Still going for Ike. I like his personality. Compared to other lords, anyway. ...And I really like his games.

      Shulk is the protagonist of Xenoblade. He's British. He might be in Smash 4.

      Yeah, Slime is Dragon Quest.

      Ryu Hayabusa has dat design factor.

      I anti-vote Cloud. Prinny is a cute penguin from Disgaea who gets my vote for being cute.

      lol dat symbolism. Since I've actually played Kid Icarus Uprising, there's no way I wouldn't vote for Hades.
      And when I think of Simon Belmont I think of him from, uh, Captain N.

      If it makes you feel better, if he wasn't up against Captain Falcon, I'd vote for Alucard.

    2. Yeah, I was having trouble deciding between them, it made me sad to see them fight, but in the end, I couldn't decide and went with the most likely to win.
      Symphony of the Night is amazing.

    3. Well, everyone knows in the very end that Link will win because that's what happens every contest.

      If Alucard does win his match, I'd vote for him in Round 2 over Snake and Bayonetta/N.

    4. (And Alucard HAS won over Captain Falcon before, so that's likely:


  2. I'll just post my finals for each division then the rest:

    Division 1: Link, Aerith, Yuri Lowell
    Division 2: Sonic, Mewtwo, Bowser
    Division 3: Sephiroth, Luigi, Kirby
    Semifinal: Yuri Lowell over Mewtwo and Kirby

    Division 4: Bayonetta, Epona, Ratchet
    Division 5: Cloud, Ridley, Gordon Freeman
    Division 6: Jade Curtiss, Kaim, Blue
    Semifinal: Bayonetta over Freeman and Jade

    Division 7: Samus, Roxas, Tifa
    Division 8: Mario, Missingno, Red
    Division 9: Mega Man, Kratos Aurion, Charizard
    Semifinal: Kratos Aurion over Samus and Red

    Final: Yuri, Bayonetta, Kratos


    He's my favorite video game character and there was no way he wasn't winning this if he was in it. Tales is also my favorite series, so Division 6 was agonizing when Lloyd and Jade met in the 2nd round. I chose to give the nod to Bayonetta over Jade though since that game was incredibly fun too.

    1. Kratos Aurion IS the strongest ToS character on GameFAQs. Which isn't saying much, because he's never won a match before.

      (Also Jade Curtiss is apparently one of the weakest characters in contest history)

      Uh, anyway, Travis Touchdown is pretty much my favourite character in the entire contest (and I want him in Smash 4), though he's not getting past Round 1, probably.

    2. Oh I would never expect any Tales characters to win the first round let alone get very far. I mean, I just made the bracket for fun.

    3. Oh, yeah, I got you.

      (Palutena > Roxas any day!)

    4. That's because you haven't touched a KH game from what I remember.

      And yay, another Yuri Lowell fan <3
      Travis is cool and all, and I kinda want him to win, because No More Heroes is fantastic.

    5. I played Kingdom Hearts on the PS2. ...Up to the end.

  3. I'm changing my

    (5) KOS-MOS
    (14) Dunban
    (23) Vincent Valentine

    From Dunban to KOS-MOS.

    (go vote for Phoenix Wright)

  4. I'm changing

    (1) Samus Aran
    (18) Isaac Clarke
    (27) Sandbag

    From Samus to Sandbag.

    I got over my distaste of Sandbag from staring at him in Brawl's waiting room.


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