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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Slippery Slope of Shit For Xbox One's Mandatory Internet Connections

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I doubt it's called the Xbox "One" for "one-time connection".

Gamers everywhere rejoiced when Microsoft made a turnaround on their always-online policy for the Xbox One. Of course, Kinect still spies on you, but now those without a stable Internet connection (who are presumably under or not represented on Internet message boards due to...not having Internet, and therefore this blog probably doesn't care about the disenfranchised-by-always-online demographic anyway) can somehow "enjoy" buying an Xbox One. Even if a PlayStation 4 is cheaper and will presumably have better games. But you know what it won't have?

The PS4 won't have FORZA 5. That's an Xbox One EXCLUSIVE. You know why it's an exclusive there and not anywhere else? 'cause FORZA 5 is stickin' to the regularly scheduled program of being always connected. Or at least, "connect once". You know why? Because you won't even be buying the game to begin with if you're stupid enough to get an Xbox One and FORZA 5. You'll be getting an unusable half of it that you must connect to the Internet to get the rest of.

...Well, I don't really care. With the Xbox One's supposedly massive launch line-up that is supposedly much better than the Wii U's, you could get any other game that is actually COMPLETE on the disc and still enjoy your purchase. And somehow justify it. You don't have to get FORZA 5 and maybe the free market would send a message to Microsoft that this type of game publishing tactic isn't appreciated by the consumer.

But how low does FORZA 5 have to sell in order for Microsoft to consider it a success? This is a LAUNCH title, which have different success standards than titles after the established console base is created. It's really subjective. And if Microsoft can throw its money around... Other games might have this, too. And it could influence the whole industry. You can't have multiplatform games where the Xbox One disc is half-done while the PS4 disc is fully completed. That could mean the PS4 version might come out several months later, or something. This is giving developers the opportunity to literally half-ass development by shortening development timing "because we'll finish it later".

Oh, but isn't this just a temporary, one-time connection? Just so we can have the game out by the all-important launch and CHRISTMAS time! But if we're complacent with Microsoft going back on their word for a "one-time" connection, what's stopping two times? Three? Five? Every time you log on?

It appears that Microsoft doesn't want to program actual AI into FORZA 5, so they're making it based off YOU. So how will you play the game without opponents? You MUST go online. ...And then they track your EVERY MOVE...

This "one-time" connection is nothing but a Trojan Horse. Microsoft never really intended to reverse its policies. They made that decision to appear more pro-consumer than they really are. To save face and look good. But under your noses, they're doing exactly what they originally set out to do to begin with.

King Dad... it's not as magnificent as you may think. In fact, it's evil. Unlike you, of course.

Remember, the United States income tax was also a 1% rate type of deal and it was supposed to be temporary. But what happened with that? Like all taxes and increases in government power, it never goes away, and 1% became 94% income taxation!

It's kind of like a "teaser rate" on a credit card, in that sense. They hook you in with sweet words. "Oh, we're going to help the poor! Please just give us 1% of your income (or else!)." Or "You only need to connect just this ONCE! We really HAVE reversed our policies, but PLEASE UNDERSTAND."

Then BAM! Your (interest) rate is JACKED UP. And you don't know what's even happened at that point. Suddenly you're thousands — or tens of thousands — of dollars in debt, and agents are after you to collect that debt.

You no longer have property rights at that point. All because you let that Trojan Horse enter. And WRECK YOU. IRS agents own you now. Credit card companies lay claim to your assets. Microsoft will wield a sort of power than console manufacturers never have had before.

Don't let this happen.

Ludwig is staunchly sticking with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS for the next several years. Follow him on Miiverse at NNID PrinceOfKoopas. He believes that the income tax is immoral.

Now you don't need to get a Kinect with your Xbox One!
Microsoft never quit trying to get your stuff. Look at Windows 10!
It looks like other companies are learning from Microsoft, such as a certain company's misadventures on mobile...

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