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Monday, July 1, 2013

KoopaTV's June Retrospection

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - What, you thought these were a one-time deal?

KoopaTV is steadily growing. That's good! I'm proud of myself! Or... of everyone. So as I said in the May version of this, E3 is the time for the biggest news of the year, and that was reflected in our mondo-live coverages of all the big E3 conferences that happened. It's almost hard to imagine it, but that was only what, three weeks ago? Hey, forty-nine weeks until the next E3, right?

So that, plus normal events that happen over the course of the year, should give us more than enough article fodder! And unlike at the very beginning of last month, KoopaTV now has a war against Electronic Arts we can write a ton of stuff about. Fun, right?

Speaking of fun, we could use more staffers. Fun staffers. Good writers. Those could be guest-posters, or they could be, y'know, full-blown KoopaTV staff. You could even join our elusive Koopa Keep Blast...!

And besides some great articles over June, five of which I'm about to recommend if you were living under a rock or are new to KoopaTV, we now have the TERMS INDEX! The Terms Index, which you can easily access at any time thanks to its own page labeled "Index" at the top of your screen (next to "Home" and "About"), is a revolutionary and helpful mechanism where you can think, "Hey, in what articles was this topic I'm interested in name-dropped?" and then get the answer to that very query! And since this is the 50th article that KoopaTV will be publishing, this organization method is great for you, the reader. (And a pain for ME to put together since I do it manually.)

So as I said before, here are the top five KoopaTV articles you'd definitely want to read from June (in no particular order):
  2. EA at E3 and Dudebro Catering
  3. An E3 for Donkey Kong Fans
  4. The Best Buy Experience (With Videos!)
  5. Jessie Go Jr. Two Trailer
Of course, and this goes without saying, every article is worth reading — nay, EXPERIENCING — on KoopaTV. So enjoy, and look forward to...JULY!

This hasn't been mentioned on KoopaTV yet, but Ludwig is aggressively campaigning over Animal Crossing: New Leaf for KoopaTV, going so far as to name his town after this very website. If you want to visit him without destroying his town, exchange 3DS friend codes! His is 3351-5164-3598.

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