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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Losing the Soundtrack to Sticker Star Makes Me Sicker and Scarred

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Re-purposing old article title ideas.

The one redeeming thing about Paper Mario: Sticker Star is its soundtrack. Before I actually got the game, I asked Rawk how the soundtrack was and he claimed it only had nine songs on it. Boy, was he wrong. The real thing is almost three hours long! That's longer than Paper Mario itself, and nearly tied with Super Paper Mario. It's the best soundtrack that Intelligent Systems has ever done, even better than Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn or its predecessor, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

Unfortunately, the YouTube video that had the complete three-hour soundtrack on it (which I've listened to more than I've spent time playing through the actual game) has been deleted. Its creator removed from YouTube for copyright violations. It's unknown whether or not this was Nintendo's doing or specifically because of the Sticker Star video.

Or maybe it is known and I just don't know it. I don't even remember WHO made it.

Either way, now we're left with dozens upon dozens of scattered individual songs strewn throughout YouTube of this amazing soundtrack. See, one of the problems with getting the soundtrack to this game is that some of the best songs are battle themes, particularly boss fights (including low-HP versions), and the Battle Roulette interrupts the amazing introductions.

 Yeah, other videos don't even TRY to include the intro to that. But for some other battles, we have intros! And it's super scrumptious.

I'm a real sucker for jazzy music, you know. Jazz is one of my favourite genres, up there with ska and country. It's actually one of the reasons why I'm legitimately interested in Bayonetta 2! We have a good track record here.

So back to Paper Mario: Sticker Star. That ENTIRE soundtrack is jazzed up. It's probably the best soundtrack in Mario franchise history. ...Perhaps even Nintendo history? VIDEOGAME HISTORY? It's just... listen to. And it's actual MUSIC. Not just mere ambient noise! Someone else must take the creed of creating the three-hour long soundtrack video. And rest assured, I will Favourite it in a heartbeat.

Just to reiterate, the soundtrack is the only great part of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. That puts it in the same category as games like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.

In the meantime, we have to stick with going through a playlist. I believe it's incomplete.

Ludwig's YouTube account name is PrinceOfKoopas. Check out his existing Favourites playlist here. He assures you that he tries to maintain quality listening there!

Ludwig is cured in this article.


  1. Hey Ludwig! I recentlly downloaded a rip of the OST, but some songs contain sound effects :( . I read in a guide that completing the game with all the objects and stickers grants the player a jukebox, and I assume a proper rip could be made from there. Since I haven't found any quality rip on the internet, I'll try to unlock the sound test and rip it myself. Although I'm sure that the "slow versions" will be impossible to get without proper hacking (until that happens.... eventually, hopefully) or without sfx at least.

    1. The jukebox does not have all the songs in the game.

      ...I would know, since I unlocked it.


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