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Friday, July 12, 2013

Bi-Megatons: Corocoro Release and Captain Olimar

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The first useful Sakurai update.

So the original plan at KoopaTV was to have an article every day on DOJO!! updates. Seeing as how Super Smash Bros. 4 isn't Brawl and Sakurai doesn't want to do text updates, that plan never materialized. Until now. MEGATON. CAPTAIN OLIMAR CONFIRMED.

This is fantastic news. On Miiverse, Sakurai claims the timing is because of Nintendo's releasing of Pikmin 3 in Japan. I guess we can thank Bill Trinen that America gets the game only three weeks later. Olimar himself looks pretty much the same mechanically as Brawl. Except now we can stare at amazement on how sexy the game looks, along with what appears to be a new Pikmin-themed stage since all of the screenshots are from that stage.

And how sexy BOWSER looks! ...Olimar looks bigger than usual. Or Bowser is small. Hope for Ridley?

On the Pokémon X and Y front, we have some new Pokémon revealed. My favourite is the Cotton Candy Pokémon only known as "Peroppafu".

I LIKED Vanillite's line from Black/White, so it should be no wonder I like this X-exclusive.

Xerneas, the X-legendary, is also a Fairy type. Well, for now, I'm getting X over Y. Oh, and I've heard a remark that Goronda, Pancham's evolution, looks pretty cool too.

True, he does have a cape...

So the REAL question is this: There is now a clear precedent to use the development of Smash 4 to advertise other games coming out for Nintendo consoles. Diddy Kong confirmation for Tropical Freeze? Bayonetta for Bayonetta 2? How unfortunate will it look (and what will Hideki Kamiya think?) when Sakurai will be confirming PLAYABLE CHARACTERS for games and then Wonderful 101 comes out and he only announces a... Wonder Eyes Red ASSIST TROPHY?

...He's got a cape too, but sorry, not gonna be playable in Smash 4.

It could look bad. But not everyone can be playable.

Suda 51, you know what to do. Suddenly announce No More Heroes 3 exclusive to the Wii U. Time is running out for Travis Touchdown to be in Super Smash Bros. 4!

Follow Ludwig at NNID PrinceOfKoopas on Miiverse, where he looks at Sakurai updates and then totally doesn't post about them.

Bayonetta for Bayonetta 2 did happen.

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