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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Super Mario Brothers Blasting Off

 By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Happy Independence...?

So I wanted to make a video of this where I dubbed over the whole Team Rocket motto song and all, but then I realized that despite my brilliant voice-acting capabilities, I can't do a good Captain Lou Albano. So I'm doing this instead. Read the voices in your head or something, what do you expect from me?

You know Ash's issues with Team Rocket from Pokémon, right? Well, King Dad has similar issues.

"Hey, Starly, pop Team Rocket's balloon! We gotta rescue Pikachu!" "Starly Star!"

And here's some images from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show portraying a similar situation.

"We have to rescue the Princess from those faucet freaks! Give her up, plumb-scum!"
"No way, scale-face! We don't have the Princess in here! But..."
"...Prepare for trouble!"
"M-Make it double?"
"To protect the Mushroom Kingdom from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our n-nation?"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"T-To extend our reach to the Star Spirits aboooooove!"
"And Luigi?!"
"Super Mario Brothers, eating pasta at the speed of taking one step and then again!"
"Sur-Surrender now, 'cause I don't have any more free men!"
"IT'S TOOAAAAAD!" *squeak*
"Are you idiots done yet? Albatoss, pop their balloon!"
"Hey guys I think we're in trouble."
"Well STOP IT! NOW!"
"Lemme find my wrench..."
"I found the wrench, Mario!"
"I didn't see Luigi do anything eiittthhheeeeeerrr!"
"Good job Albatoss! Now let's rescue the Princess!"
So yeah, that's what I wished happened from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. And it's relevant 'cause they'd blast off... like a firework...

To our American audience (which is virtually all of you reading this): Enjoy Independence Day! And to everyone else, enjoy your July 4th as you'd enjoy any other day.

Ludwig and the other KoopaTV staff members will be spending their July 4 playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, like they've done in the past. Have a good day.

For Ludwig basically doing a Santa/Christmas version of this, click here!
For July 4 2014, look here. It's a song now.


  1. "Rescue the princess"
    Yeah no.
    In fact, I openly resist the 'Enlightenment movement'.
    Most of our debates on it end with you changing the subject or muting me. That's pretty disgraceful if you ask me.

  2. And after carrying koopa around that albatoss is going to have a backache

    1. It's no ordinary Albatoss.

      HE'S STRONG. This is just a WARM-UP for him.


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