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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dragon Questing In the West!

By HEALTH - Are we gooing the wrong way?

So here we have a conundrum. We have a long lasting series, with a large enough fanbase that warrants localization! Sounds familiar, doesn't it? (Ludwig would like Ace Attorney Investigations 2 brought over under these same pretenses) But what's different? 

See this? We're not getting this.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Dragon Quest is the father of the modern JRPG, and without it, series such as Final Fantasy, Pokémon, and the Chrono series might not exist in their current forms.

This isn't to say that Dragon Quest wasn't influenced by other series itself, taking heavy influence from the Ultima and Wizardry series.

I wouldn't go as far to say that Dragon Quest has ever sold numbers comparable to Final Fantasy, but when it was pushed, in the case of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky, which had a HEAVY advertising campaign sold very well for a Dragon Quest game, selling 1.02 million units by the end of 2010 in America and Europe.

It could be attributed that Square Enix hasn't pushed for international releases due to it simply not meeting their sales requirements, (Which are astronomical, if their opinion on Tomb Raider is anything to go by) or not being able to push mass amounts of DLC into the game like their other games. (The creator of the series, Yuji Hori seems to generally interject if any interferences come between him and his games)

But all in all, I'd say there's no telling what's going through Square Enix's minds as they refuse to localize games that would sell astoundingly well with some advertising, especially with four games that have been released since the last one in the west that they could release in one foul swoop. (I mean, it's been two years since we've even heard anything about the series, since the last game, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 was released in 2011)

The best way to get Square Enix or Nintendo in the West to acknowledge the series is to show your support for the series, and to contribute to the community! (Operation Edenverse has started up by the inspiration of the Mother 3 fan campaign.) As someone who has enjoyed the series for years now, I urge you to at least have a peak at it, as it's part of video game history, and shouldn't be left to die in the dust because a company doesn't think it worthy of sales.

Happy grinding.

Health is a member of the Dragon's Den over at Woodus, and an amazing Pokémon player. 

Health returns to talk about his Japanese copy of Super Smash Bros. For 3DS.

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