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Friday, September 28, 2018

Turnabout Job Interview, and Lindsey Graham & Adrian Andrews

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Our ability to compare and contrast with current events and Ace Attorney is... unparalleled.

We have been mesmerised by the activities of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee and the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, especially the hearing yesterday featuring him and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. To back up, near the start of July, President Donald John Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the United States Court of Appeals for the Washington DC circuit to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy's Supreme Court seat — a normally lifetime position. He's extremely qualified, and a conservative Republican. Naturally, the resistance Democrats want to oppose his nomination, since they disagree with his judicial philosophy.

What has followed are a series of increasingly incredible but non-credible accusations of sexual assault and rape from women, going back 36 years ago to Brett Kavanaugh's high school days. Brett Kavanaugh has denied all of them. Christine Blasey Ford was the only one of these accusers that even the desperate Democrats considered credible, and so we have the following case...

Turnabout Job Interview.

Date: September 27, 2018
Defendant: Judge Brett Kavanaugh
Victim: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford
Defence Attorney: Rachel Mitchell, and Senate Republicans
Prosecutor: Senate Democrats
Judge: Senator Chuck Grassley

Allegation: A drunk 17-year old Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a 15-year old Christine Blasey Ford at a house party
Verdict: To be determined

Read on for details.

The Republican Senators were too afraid to cross-examine Dr. Ford, so they hired an independent sex-crimes prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, to cross-examine Dr. Ford instead. Since Ms. Mitchell's day job is being a prosecutor, she doesn't know how to cross-examine. (Miles Edgeworth managed to do it as a prosecutor, but he's special. Read on.) She was asking useless questions to fill the time without building a narrative around her questions, while the Democrat prosecution kept making Dr. Ford look very sympathetic and emotionally credible.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney select your answer press further hold back
Ms. Mitchell almost always chose “Hold back” when pressing Dr. Ford's testimony.

Rachel Mitchell didn't have a strategy with her questioning. She didn't make any effort to question Christine Blasey Ford's recollection of the events from 36 years ago. The most Ms. Mitchell got out of her questions was that Dr. Ford's previous statements indicating her fear of flying and inability to board an airplane was a fabrication, since she goes to fly for her vacations all the time. As she should, since planes are the superior mode of transportation. But Mitchell didn't take that contradiction and push forward with it. She let it be and moved on with inane questioning that included a sympathy moment where Dr. Ford testified that she took a polygraph test on the same day as her grandmother's funeral... or the day after. She wasn't sure, but Ms. Mitchell didn't press that, either.

Throughout the testimony, just like an Ace Attorney trial, the prosecution, or Senate Democrats, constantly bemoaned the terrible investigation that went into the case. They consistently attacked the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) for not doing their job, though unlike the prosecutors in Ace Attorney, they didn't threaten the FBI with budget cuts. (Those budget and salary cuts had already happened prior to the case taking place, though.)

Eventually, Dr. Ford's testimony and cross-examination had ended, and it would be time for Judge Kavanaugh to defend himself... basically by himself, against an onslaught of questions from the Democrats. The Republicans, be it Ms. Mitchell or the Senate Republicans present who finally decided to ask questions, were of no help. Rachel Mitchell was about as effective in defending Brett Kavanaugh as Furio Tigre was effective in defending Maggey Byrde in Ace Attorney.

That is... except for Senator Lindsey Graham. Yes, the same senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham that has been a butt-monkey of KoopaTV for years in all of his prior appearances. Variously described as cute and adorable (in a demeaning way), ineffective, not at all a conservative, and a danger to the United States due to his foreign policy, Lindsey Graham has been best characterised by his worship of now-deceased Senator John McCain of Arizona. That was the subject of Lindsey Graham's minigame in The Wonderful 1237, titled Follow the Leader.

But here's how he defended Brett Kavanaugh during his hearing:

This is a side of Lindsey Graham that we, quite frankly, have never seen before. He actually stood up (not literally — the chair is quite comfortable) for something that wasn't the honour of John McCain. And he did it strongly. It's even more powerful if you listened to all of the testimony up to that point, since it contrasts with the pathetic flailing of the defence. For Lindsey Graham, it was a new arc in his character development.

Lindsey Graham's character development actually follows another character's development from Ace Attorney pretty closely: Adrian Andrews.

Lindsey Graham Adrian Andrews John McCain Celeste Inpax mentor student relationship Ace Attorney United States Senate
Lindsey Graham's mentor: John McCain.
Adrian Andrews's mentor: Celeste Inpax.

Both of Lindsey Graham's parents died within a narrow period of time when he was a young adult. He was lost, without parental guidance to see him about. He eventually found a father figure and mentor in John McCain, who let Lindsey into the McCain family. Lindsey Graham imitated John McCain's politics and John McCain treated Lindsey Graham as his political protégé, including liberal immigration policies, hostility towards the Tea Party, and a very interventionist foreign policy. They both ended up being very hostile towards President Donald John Trump, and they helped one another's presidential campaigns. However, one month ago, John McCain died. Lindsey Graham was crushed.

Adrian Andrews is a young woman who apparently doesn't have anything in the way of family. She found a mentor in the entertainment business in Celeste Inpax. Adrian imitated the mannerisms of Celeste and became her student, turning very dependent towards Celeste. Unfortunately, due to some deep personal issues regarding a betrayal in a deep relationship, Celeste Inpax committed suicide. Adrian Andrews was crushed.

Both Lindsey Graham and Adrian Andrews, however, were helped by a certain legal process. Adrian Andrews was assisted by the duo of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth in the famous Juan Corrida-Matt Engarde trial. And Lindsey Graham finally found his way through the death of John McCain through Turnabout Job Interview, where he was in the position to defend Brett Kavanaugh from incredible injustice by the Democrats when no one else was, guided by the final philosophy of John McCain: “Country first. Country first means even if it's inconvenient for you, and it makes you uncomfortable, you do it anyway. Country first hurts, but it's the right way to go.” Even though it was uncomfortable for every other Senate Republican and perhaps for himself, Lindsey Graham did what was right. He changed the entire dynamic of the hearing, and became Brett Kavanaugh's ace attorney of sorts.

(By the way, Lindsey Graham was a defence attorney earlier on in his life.)

Now both Lindsey Graham and Adrian Andrews have become better people. Adrian Andrews is more confident, assertive, and is a productive member of society working for Lordly Tailor. Lindsey Graham is much more supportive of President Donald John Trump, and is putting country first. And as you see, he's become assertive as well. Both have grown and surpassed their mentors.

Other similarities between the two include people believing that Adrian Andrews and Lindsey Graham are homosexuals (those are unsubstantiated, though neither are married or in a relationship), and both Adrian and Lindsey have androgynous names.

Now, to the substance of Lindsey Graham's defence of Brett Kavanaugh. It is important to note that, throughout Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's entire testimony, she offered not a single piece of evidence or any corroborative witnesses. She identified three others besides herself and Brett Kavanaugh at the party 36 years ago where he allegedly sexually assaulted her: Kavanaugh's friend Mark Judge (his last name really is Judge and he's friends with a judge — Ace Attorney-esque puns are real), a boy named P.J. (Patrick J. Smyth), and Dr. Ford's female lifelong friend, Leland Keyser. All three of those witnesses have submitted letters to the Senate Judiciary Committee denying that they were ever at such a party or remember Brett Kavanaugh there, and have never known of any incident where Brett Kavanaugh assaulted anyone. So Ford's own witnesses reject her claims. Brett Kavanaugh also has evidence in very detailed calendars from the summer of 1982 documenting where he was and who he was with — and the party with Christine Ford isn't on that calendar.

How should you judge a case when a mob of people are making claims that besmirch a man's reputation with no evidence or any testimony? Why, listen to the wise words of young Miles Edgeworth (and Larry Butz):

Here's what Miles Edgeworth said:

“Just because everyone is saying he did it, still doesn't make it true.”
“If you don't have evidence, you don't have anything. Before you try him in your little kangaroo court, you should at least know that much!”
“Without any evidence, or an eye witness that saw him commit the crime, he should be found innocent. I rest my case.”
This happens to perfectly describe what Brett Kavanaugh's case is going through, including the non-Edgeworth quotes in the embedded video about how crappy it feels to be alone with everyone else ganging up and tarnishing your reputation, even though you know you haven't done anything wrong. It turns out that Brett Kavanaugh, and his family, are going through a hellish experience.

It's a disservice to the notion of justice in the United States of America that unsubstantiated accusations are being elevated and taken advantage of for political gain by the Democrat Party, who are desperately trying to delay the nomination process of Brett Kavanaugh until a time where the Democrats are able to control the Senate and then ultimately prevent him from being on the court. It's even worse when millions of people are vindictively attacking Brett Kavanaugh and sullying his reputation — and presuming guilt before innocence — because they oppose his judicial philosophy. People are calling him a bad person and a rapist, when none of those things are proven.

This is not justice. And it surely is not a mere “job interview.” While Turnabout Job Interview may not be an actual trial in a court of law, why should America accept the abandonment of the principles of justice that the country was founded upon?

If this is the state of civic service in America, then the law really is dead and in a deep, dark age.

Credit to Lindsey Graham for understanding the principles of the Ace Attorney series. Will the Democrat senators and bitter leftist partisans in the United States also understand the moral lessons of Ace Attorney? Will they understand what it feels like to be all alone when everyone is against you, and why the presumption of innocence is so incredibly important?

...Maybe they will if they play the Ace Attorney ports coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019. But by then it may be too late, so if you're a leftist partisan (or if you're just someone who enjoys legitimate entertainment at a great price) get your Nintendo 3DS and buy Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. The full story of Adrian Andrews is contained therein.

KoopaTV's official position at the time of this article being published is support of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed for the Supreme Court of the United States of America. KoopaTV, because its staffers have all experienced the Ace Attorney series, has a pro-defendant bias at the start of the case, which everyone brought up in Western values should have. Nothing in this article is saying that Dr. Christine Ford is a liar, but since she cannot prove her case while Brett Kavanaugh has evidence and witnesses to back him up, then Brett Kavanaugh should not be seen as a guilty party.

This is the relevant and consequential trial that Ludwig mentioned yesterday. 
Ludwig spent a lot of KoopaTV time and space comparing the George Zimmerman trial to the Ace Attorney series. 
He also strangely compared Ace Attorney to Mario Tennis Aces.
CAPCOM supports the message of this article by following it up with massive 3DS eShop discounts on the Ace Attorney series.

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