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Monday, September 10, 2018

Welcome Witch Princess to KoopaTV Staff!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A warm welcome.

In an ongoing effort to increase KoopaTV's diversity (ideological or otherwise) and better distribute our workload in producing amazing content on a regular basis, we've been aggressively trying to hire qualified people to join KoopaTV's staff.

I would like to announce that the Witch Princess will be joining KoopaTV's staff as a Content Writer!

Witch Princess Harvest Moon avatar KoopaTV
Witch Princess.

This will be the second princess that KoopaTV has on staff (behind Princess Wendy O. Koopa), though in her interview, Witch Princess declined to state exactly what she is a princess of. In any case, we definitely have a monarchist bent here, though Koopa Kingdom is far and away the superior kingdom.

In her spare time, Witch Princess loves causing trouble for the Harvest Goddess and farmers. Her quest to denigrate blue-collar professions doesn't end there—she also has a hatred for pesky plumbers, too! (The research is unclear for which “collar” farmers actually fall under.) That fits great with KoopaTV's mission. Being anti-plumber, I mean. #NotAllBlueCollars

It's unclear so far if Witch Princess is actually a human or some kind of magic apparition. We didn't discriminate in the hiring interview. She also isn't an alumni of the Nintendo NSider Forums like the rest of the staff, so she has a much different background than the rest of us. We hope she does KoopaTV proud!

The Witch Princess is going to be publishing an article very soon, so look forward to that, and once again, please give her a welcome! By the way, even after this, KoopaTV would still like to expand the staff count even more, so please consider the wonderful opportunities.

In a previous form, the Witch Princess wrote this guest article.
The About page has been updated. (Political Compass update coming soon, too.)
The Contact page has also been updated.
Here is Witch Princess's first article, published the next day.
Witch Princess displays just what kind of mischief she can provide in her first short story on KoopaTV!


  1. Hey this is the girl you’ve been playing smash with lol, this is a cool website

    1. Thanks, you're awesome too.

      Let me know if you have any contact info so we can talk outside of Super Smash Bros. For Wii U tags. (Wish the Switch had communication features.)

      As it says in... this very article, all our contact info is here. Ludwig controls the Twitter, too.

    2. All I have is kik and Skype, we could use any of those if u have one

    3. That's a no & no, unfortunately.

      ...Skype especially is awful and subject to all sorts of scary Microsoft terms and conditions. >.>;

      That's why we use Discord for our instant messaging now. ^_^;

    4. I have a discord account but I’ve met a lot of bad people on there so it sorta traumatizes me, we could still use it if u want

    5. Yes, that would be great.

      Obviously, you don't have to interact with or be anywhere near the bad people. ^_^;

      (Though you may consider everyone on the KoopaTV staff to be a bunch of bad people in our own right.)

    6. Lmao alright, just give me ur friend code and I’ll re-download the app again

    7. Koopa#5969

      I made it my Mii's name just to try to get Discord friend requests. Only got one from Super Smash Bros. For Wii U but several from Splatoon 2!

    8. Okie dokie, I play splatoon sometimes

    9. Splatoon 2 is the game I've spent the most time on since it was released, which'll go continue until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. ^_^

      KoopaTV has lots of articles about Splatoon, especially since we write about the Splatfest topics as they come up.


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