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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Why KoopaTV Doesn't Talk About Fan-Made Material

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We're better than that.

KoopaTV has been asked many times (and I've been requested many times) over the years to write about some fan-made meme or fanart that is the talk of the day. And I say no. I'm not going to give examples, but surely you can think of memes that are spawned from the Internet's cesspools that have to do with Koopa Kingdom folks or people that Koopa Kingdom is interested in.

Why doesn't KoopaTV, the official Internet presence of the Royal Koopa Family, wish to comment on those cultural artifacts? The answer is simple: It goes against our core beliefs in truth & levity, as well as the belief that engaging in that kind of commentary does a disservice to the reader.

First of all, KoopaTV already avoids writing articles about rumours or so-called “leaks” because that's just sharing someone else's clickbait and trying to get a piece of it. We don't want to be part of the trend of sites that print that unverified garbage and profit off of it, and then suffer no accountability or consequences when it turns out to be false and made-up. There is enough that's happening to comment on things that are officially occurring.

It's the same philosophy with commenting on fan-made material. (Though you could classify rumours as fan-made material, too.) KoopaTV exists to give you value-add. We don't just go share other people's memes or whatever. What makes us better than anyone else if we resort to that?

KoopaTV does what most other sites don't do, and that's consistently create timeless, high-quality content. In the past, I've written such a timeless article about why making games based on being the meme of the week isn't a good idea. The same principle goes for a KoopaTV article. Since we think our content is the best on the Internet, sharing other people's stuff would just be degrading your experience. Commenting on it would just be punching down. It's not very impressive.

Still, there's room to discuss the state of gaming culture today and use select memes or fan artwork as exhibits. We've done that. Sometimes, we've participated in meme-making and have been internationally recognised for it. Other times, we've made memes for an activist cause.

But, without mentioning specific examples (since this article also serves to be timeless), there just isn't much to say about how a lot of the culture is just depraved, ignores the truth, and isn't even funny. We all know that. It's just not very interesting for us to subject you to it.

KoopaTV is better for you than the rot you see outside of here. We'd rather put effort into self-promotion than perpetuating the cultural misery that you came here to get away from.

KoopaTV is Koopa Kingdom's official Internet presence, existing to spread the word about Koopa Kingdom's point of view on issues, events, and occurrences. Please support KoopaTV's quality commitment by sharing KoopaTV's content out to everyone! By the way, did you know that, unlike those other sites that just fill your attention with rumours and unverified FAKE NEWS, that KoopaTV has a “corrections corner” feature that rewards you for correcting factual inaccuracies? It's a part of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, and all the corrections from every month are publicly displayed in KoopaTV's monthly newsletters!

KoopaTV is currently sitting on a big backlog of your reader requests (check them out and make one of your own here), so there's certainly enough ideas to go around without writing about crappy fan art every week.


  1. I applaud this. Frankly, THAT is in too many other places on the internet already. I mean, I'm not creeped out by THAT or anything, I do actually kind of like THAT, but how pervasive THAT has been is really a bit much. So I'm glad you're having nothing to do with the reaction to THAT powerup.

    1. This is an immediate reaction to THAT, but also some other things that have popped up over the years.

      Now I have a policy document I can point to.

  2. If I wanted to see the latest gossip and memes, I would head on over to Reddit. KoopaTV is not a forum to discuss the latest trends and fads that come and go but instead an authentic news site that provides timely and relevant information. When I come here, I know what I will read will be factual and will not be influenced by whatever is permeating Internet culture at the time.


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