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Friday, February 27, 2015

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Indefinite gamification of a videogame website. Featuring prizes!

A videogame website should be fun to play, right? ...Wait, fun to play? Yeah, instead of being a "reader" or "viewer" of KoopaTV, we will now deem you a "player".

Starting March 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2023, we will be activating a (the) KoopaTV Loyalty program!

What is it?

The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program was a competition between you, the players. We wanted to drive up player participation at KoopaTV, since that made our work more rewarding to us, and it's the fairest way to give out free stuff.

Free Club Nintendo codes prizes catalog KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards
FREE STUFF. BY PARTICIPATING. See below for how to do that.

How to win?

It was a point-based competition with you (anyone not named "Anonymous") having the opportunity to earn points via the following methods, published for posterity:

Method Point Gain Frequency Limits Notes
Comment! +1 for commenting, +1 for giving the Truth, +1 for having Levity, +3 for being positively featured in a monthly newsletter. Point gains once per calendar day You can comment multiple times a day, and if one comment doesn't have Truth/Levity but a subsequent comment does, you'll be awarded the Truth/Levity point for the day.
Correct us! Up to +5, depending on how egregious the error None, but there's a statute of limitations of 365 days on things that can be corrected Satire, obvious joke articles, reaction logs, guest articles (not “us”) and comments, are not eligible to be corrected. Errors can include simple grammar to factual inaccuracies, to passing unproven assertions as fact.
Request! (Click here for the Requests page.) Up to +3 for a good request. Once per calendar week If your request isn't deemed worthy of earning three points, you can submit another to reach that three.
Submit Guest Content! (Click here for the Guest Posts process.) A minimum of +5, and then up to +10 additional points depending on the quality. None Points earned when submitted. KoopaTV's staff will grade your article out of 10. Guest Art may or may not be subject to +5 minimum point gain depending on the medium.
Refer people! +6 None If a new person (never commented on KoopaTV before) namedrops you in a comment.
Improve KoopaTV's TV Tropes presence! +2 Once per calendar day You need to tell us if you make an edit. You can edit the Website/KoopaTV page, the VideoGames/KoopaTV page, or edit another page on TV Tropes to name-drop KoopaTV.
Fill out KoopaTV's Feedback Forms and Quizzes! (Click here for the page with those.) +4 for completing the current Feedback Form, up to +6 for the current Quiz depending on score. Once per Round The current quiz and feedback form are clearly marked on the KoopaTV page for them. Filling out older ones is just for amusement. If you fill it out multiple times, only the first will be counted, with the name you provide.
Contribute an outlet to the List of Media Outlets that Spread Nintendo Switch hardware revision at E3 2021 FAKE NEWS. +1 per valid media outlet or prominent individual. None In that article's comments section, provide a link to the offending fake news report (must be presented as news by the outlet) that a Nintendo Switch hardware revision would be announced at or before E3 2021.
Subscribe to KoopaTV by e-mail, and forward an e-mail to subscription (at) koopatv (dot) org to prove it +4 at the start of the next calendar month. Once per calendar month (twice per round) Click that link and then verify your e-mail. Once you receive KoopaTV articles, forward one to subscription (at) koopatv (dot) org with your name. You only need to forward one per calendar month, and points are given at the start of the next calendar month.
Film and upload a Let's Play of Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! Up to +10 depending on the quality. Once per user's lifetime Leave a link to the KoopaTV page for the game in the description(s).
Film and upload a Let's Play of Defend Anita Sarkeesian Up to +15 depending on the quality. Once per user's lifetime Leave a link to the KoopaTV page for the game in the description(s).
Film and upload a Let's Play of Capture the Confederate Flag Up to +20 depending on the quality. Once per user's lifetime Leave a link to the KoopaTV page for the game in the description(s).
Write a review of Capture the Confederate Flag and submit it as a guest post to KoopaTV. Up to +10 depending on the quality, on top of guest submission points. Once per user's lifetime Be honest.
Film and upload a Let's Play of The Wonderful 1237 Up to +25 depending on the quality. Once per user's lifetime Leave a link to the KoopaTV page for the game in the description(s).
Write a review of The Wonderful 1237 and submit it as a guest post to KoopaTV. Up to +10 depending on the quality, on top of guest submission points. Once per user's lifetime Be honest.
Film and upload a Let's Play of Soviet Missile Run Up to +25 depending on the quality. Once per user's lifetime Leave a link to the KoopaTV page for the game in the description(s).
Write a review of Soviet Missile Run and submit it as a guest post to KoopaTV. Up to +10 depending on the quality, on top of guest submission points. Once per user's lifetime Be honest.

Tracking Progress!

The leaderboard is here. It's a spreadsheet. You can't be on the spreadsheet if you're anonymous.

Previous winners are viewable from the spreadsheet based on the round number. The spreadsheet is updated every time there is a point event, with the date provided being the date the point event took place.

This leaderboard ensures maximum transparency into the process.

Prizes and Time Periods!

The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program has concluded. Thank you for participating. Please see the leaderboard spreadsheet linked above for a historical record of the prizes and who won them.


For some boring stuff: Round 50 lasted from 00:00 (ET) on May 1, 2023 and ended 23:59 (ET) on June 30, 2023. That means no retroactivity. You must be 13 years old or older to participate. Cheating gets you disqualified in this round and all future rounds.  Ways of cheating include faking referrals (so I'd avoid referring your "sister") and plagiarising/stealing guest submissions. If we feel you're cheating or you're not doing quality things, we have the right to adjust the points/assign penalties as we see fit. Whether something is truthful or has levity is totally up to KoopaTV's staff. Former and present KoopaTV staff members may not participate. If you become a KoopaTV staff member during a round, you will be disqualified. You will be contacted if you're a winner by whatever contact means you leave us. All prize codes are applicable to North America only unless stated otherwise. Please only answer for yourself in quizzes/forms. Misrepresenting your identity will result in you being permanently banned from the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program.

Codes are on a higher-place-first-served basis.

People residing in Quebec are not eligible for entry.

Assume all prizes are denominated in United States Dollars (USD). KoopaTV isn't responsible for providing a prize in your local currency and USD-denominated prizes are provided as-is.

For Round 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41, and 47's random drawing:

The random drawing is done by adding up everyone's point values and using that as the denominator. In the order that each participant's sums are presented on the leaderboard spreadsheet, each participant will an equivalent number of chances to win as they have points. So if Participant A has 5 points, B has 3 points, and C has 7 points, the RNG will pick from 1 to 15, and A wins if it falls from 1 to 5, B from 6 to 8, and C from 9 to 15. If KoopaTV can't come in contact with the winner of the random drawing within a week, we'll re-draw and try again.

For Round 22, 28, 34, 40, and 46's's Nintendo Switch Online Family Group membership:

The Nintendo Switch Online Family Group membership lasts from November 1, 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022 to October 31, 2019/2020/2021/2022/2023.

Have fun.


  • Do I need to create an account to sign-up?
    • No! Just comment non-anonymously or do any of the other actions provided above with a consistent name and you'll be entered into our publicly-viewable spreadsheet.
  • How do I know you'll actually award the prize to me?
    • Just ask any of the previous winners. KoopaTV has a reputation for being a transparent and honest organisation (with the domain extension to show for it) that has given people their prizes promptly in the past.
  • Who does the judging for the judgment-call points?
    • Usually Ludwig, who may consult the staff on border cases. He also consults the other staff members on bigger-ticket point values like guest submissions. If you can win more than a point for something like a guest post, the number of points you earn is basically a quality score.
  • What do "truth" and "levity" mean?
    • Truth and levity represent the two pillars of the KoopaTV philosophy, so we'd like our readers to exhibit that as well. Truth means that your comment is rooted in the facts or is based in some sort of coherent logic. It usually means that your comment was value-added. Levity means that you're not taking yourself too seriously and you're having fun with us. If you can get a staff member to laugh from your comment, that's a sure way to earn your levity point for the day.
  • Can I get points for commenting on old articles?
    • Yes. The only limits on comments is how many you points you can earn a day, but you may get the points by commenting on any article, not just the most recent one. It's good to revisit classic material!
  • What about activity that takes place on the days in-between rounds?
    • They aren't counted for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program.


7/4/2023: The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program has concluded.
5/1/2023: Round 50 has begun. This will be the final round.
3/1/2023: Round 49 has begun.
1/1/2023: Round 48 has begun.
11/1/2022: Round 47 has begun, featuring the random prize raffle. And for the first time ever, a preloaded debit card. Clarified in the rules that KoopaTV won't convert prizes to non-USD currencies for you.
9/1/2022: Round 46 has begun.
7/1/2022: Round 45 has begun.
5/2/2022: Round 44 has begun.
3/2/2022: Round 43 has begun.
1/3/2022: Round 42 has begun. There is now a new page to submit requests on.
11/2/2021: Round 41 has begun. The random prize component has returned.
9/2/2021: Round 40 has begun. Also discovered that the Official KoopaTV Logo Use Request form was against terms of use and was forced out of existence.
7/1/2021: Round 39 has begun.
6/25/2021: Announced a new point-gaining method, adding to "List of Media Outlets that Spread Nintendo Switch hardware revision at E3 2021 FAKE NEWS".
5/1/2021: Round 38 has begun.
3/1/2021: Round 37 has begun.
1/1/2021: Round 36 has begun.
11/2/2020: Round 35 has begun. The random prize component has returned. The Feedback Form has gone back down to 4 points.
9/1/2020: Round 34 has begun. The Feedback Form & Quiz have returned, and have increased points for this time. For the third time, the prize is membership in a Nintendo Switch family group.
7/1/2020: Round 33 has begun. The Feedback Form & Quiz are back on hiatus.
5/1/2020: Round 32 has begun. The KoopaTV Loyalty Cruise Program has been cancelled due to events beyond our control.
4/1/2020: KoopaTV announced an additional benefit to winning KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program rounds: The KoopaTV Loyalty Cruise Program!
3/1/2020: Round 31 has begun.
1/1/2020: Round 30 has begun. The point gain for the Feedback Form has been cut from 8 to 4 points.
11/20/2019: Clarified what we all knew, that you must be 13 years old or older to play.
11/1/2019: Round 29 has begun.
9/1/2019: Round 28 has begun. For the second time ever, the prize is membership in a Nintendo Switch family group. E-mail subscription has been added as a point method.
7/1/2019: Round 27 has begun.
5/1/2019: Round 26 has begun.
3/2/2019: Round 25 is a thing, and the Feedback Form & Quiz are off hiatus.
1/1/2019: Round 24 has begun.
11/1/2018: Round 23 has begun.
9/3/2018: Round 22 has begun. The Feedback Form & Quiz are on hiatus. For the first time ever, the prize is membership in a Nintendo Switch family group.
7/4/2018: Clarified that guest articles are not permitted for Corrections Corner.
7/3/2018: Round 21 has begun.
6/3/2018: This page has been updated to look nicer, with the embedded spreadsheet turning into an HTML table.
5/2/2018: Round 20 has begun.
3/2/2018: Round 19 has begun.
1/20/2018: New one-time bonus (plus ten points for winning the President Trump Fair & Balanced Mini-Contest) added.
1/8/2018: Rainbow Rocket Grunt Pixel failed to show up, so there was another raffle drawing and Vanessa Tsukino won. She received the code.
1/1/2018: Round 18 has begun. Referrals have had their points buffed and restrictions eliminated, and you can now win points via being the best comment of the month. Soviet Missile Run now has Let's Play and review one-time bonuses, while one-time bonuses based on KoopaTV's previous games have had their point values reduced. KoopaTV is calling for contact information for Rainbow Rocket Grunt Pixel because she won Round 17's raffle.
11/1/2017: Round 17 has begun.
9/1/2017: Round 16 has begun. A Round 16-exclusive one-time bonus of an Ace Attorney guest post contest is the round's special feature.
7/1/2017: Round 15 has begun, and a slight clarifying statement on Guest Art was made.
5/1/2017: Round 14 has begun, and corrections points are now available.
3/7/2017: Round 13 has begun a few days ago.
1/2/2017: Round 12 has begun. The Wonderful 1237 now has Let's Play and review one-time bonuses.
11/5/2016: Wrote that the random drawing winner has a week to receive their prize.
10/31/2016: Round 11 created, with prizes and info up. Referral and TV Tropes edit point values increased.
10/2/2016: Removed those embedded YouTube videos and changed the points list to a table.
8/30/2016: Round 10 created. Prize is a $10 eShop code.
7/17/2016: Round 9's prize is a $10 eShop code.
7/15/2016: New one-time bonus for filling out the Official KoopaTV Logo Use Request form.
7/1/2016: Round 9 begins, but no announced prizes yet.
5/4/2016: Well, there's an idea of what the prizes are.
5/2/2016: Round 8 begins, but we don't know what the prizes are yet.
3/1/2016: Round 7 begins with new prizes.
1/1/2016: Capture the Confederate Flag Let's Play and review one-time bonuses now up. Also, Round 6 begins with new prizes.
11/17/2015: Defend Anita Sarkeesian footage now gives up to 25 points.
11/2/2015: Round 5 info given. Sorta.
9/3/2015: Round 3 prize given out. Round 4 prizes and info up. Also uploaded a new video for Round 4, and added a FAQ.
8/3/2015: New method of getting points via TV Tropes.
8/1/2015: Closing the Elite Beat Agents prize.
7/8/2015: Referral period of active commenting now 5 days, not 7.
7/4/2015: New video for Round 3.
6/30/2015: Prizes from Round 2 fully distributed, prize for Round 1 up. Artwork request added as one-time bonus. Also, referrals now give FOUR additional points instead of two when they stay for a whole week.
6/12/2015: Prizes from Round 1 fully distributed so prizes for Round 2 actually finalised now.
6/1/2015: Round 1 ended, so Round 2's begin/end dates are implemented, along with prizes. Requests are now three points (from two). Guest submissions may now earn up to nine points each (from five). You may now earn two additional points for referring someone when they stay for at least a whole week, up from one.

If you have any questions or suggestions, this comments section is a good place to voice them.


  1. Hey! With this glorious point I just won, I am so far ahead you might as well give me the prize now! (if I don't win I honestly don't know what to tell you)

    1. Yeah, might as well.
      ...Either way, we're not the most sane, rational bunch here, so on you go to the leaderboard! We'll be silly and needlessly drag this on for a while even though you'll totally win.

    2. I totally understand man, might as well give the others hope!

    3. Hope is a great thing.

      We engage in it all the time.

      "We hope people will like this article!"
      "We hope we don't get cease-and-desisted today!"
      "We hope there is food on the table tonight!"

  2. "Each article is equivalent to one play session." (
    "Yeah, instead of being a "reader" or "viewer" of KoopaTV, we will now deem you a "player"."
    So I guess the first quote makes sense now. Did you decide to do this before that article?

    1. I basically wrote the majority of the Loyalty Rewards Program text in like, mid-February.

      Well the spreadsheet was made February 7, so I guess I wrote it early-mid February.

      So yeah, conscious decisions for wordplay.

  3. I have a request.
    Make the mobile version less likely to give a mammal cancer.

    1. We outsourced that entirely to Google.

      We think it's gross, too.

    2. It's so terrible, it killed 18 children.

    3. That probably explains our readership level.

  4. I like your site. I also like free stuff. This sounds like a win-win. Dope!

    1. It IS a win-win.
      Thanks for the voice of confidence, Mr. Godot.

      Could use some cocoa right now; got a stuffy nose.

  5. Replies
    1. Welcome to KoopaTV! We have... all sorts of fun content here for you. Tons of videogame-related articles, and a new one every weekday. Some of these are special features, like we just released a whole flash videogame last week. ^_^

    2. im sure it will be fun here!

  6. a little question... to record a lets play, does it have to include commentary? and does it have to be in seperate videos or can be done in only one?

    1. That's up to you as the Let's Player.
      Let's Plays are supposed to be art (they're frequently not) and each Let's Player has a distinct style.

      Here's what YouTuber Jareditton did for his LP of Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!. I'd say his commentary enhanced the experience, but you don't have to commentate.

      Having one video is known as a "long play" which is a style as well.

      I personally have my own style of Let's Playing in the ones I've done, prior to the current state of LPing. I've written plenty of commentaries generally disparaging about what videogame-playing YouTubers has become, which I see as more promoting the YouTuber's personality than the game they're playing and I don't like that.

      But that is its own style that you're free to pursue. ♪ The goal here is more to get the game preserved on film and have chuckles doing it/watching it.

    2. thanks! ill make one tomorrow! (long play most likely) and upload it, then put the link here :)

    3. Hm, okay.

      What'd probably end up happening is that we'll make an article featuring it like we did with Jareditton's TTPO!! Let's Play.

      I do know we won't do that until we publish our advertisement video/trailer for Capture the Confederate Flag since we want our official advertisement video to be floating and promoted before we have a long play.

      Basically: No need to rush. ♪

    4. oh alright then, ill still record it now because i have the tim, but i wont upload it :)

  7. Replies
    1. ...Do you know what you're doing here?

    2. Personally, I'm not very impressed!

    3. ill be honest and say i am not either

    4. Well im here for the prizes and The Blue Yoshi mentioned it to here i am!

    5. ...Uh...hi.

      You should read about the site.
      This About page might help.

      KoopaTV is about, uh, videogames and stuff.

  8. Has my google forms for the current round been received?

    1. It's there.

      You're basically telling me to hurry up and make the scoring sheet up-to-date, eh? Fine.

  9. If I get second, am I allowed to say I want the third-place prize instead? It's very close right now...

    I was aiming for the eShop one, I mean, Amazon is nice and all, but you have to pay for shipping, and I don't usually buy things from there...

    I'd understand if you don't want to. I can probably edge into third by making comments with decidedly no levity or something if that's the only way to go about it.

    Anyhoo, Merry Christmas, thank you for lending your unique voice to the internet, "Ludwig von Koopa"! Really appreciate it, now I have to run off to attend to my visiting family.

    1. Uh... yeah I guess you're allowed to do that.
      Previous rounds with more than one prize bracket allowed you to do that if someone could conceivably value a lower prize more than a higher one. It's just that I thought $10 Amazon > $10 eShop in every situation, since the former is a cash equivalent (and can buy an eShop card) and the latter can only be spent on a limited number of things.

    2. Cool. I'll opt for the eShop card if I get 2nd, then, because Amazon doesn't let you buy other gift cards if you're using balance from an Amazon gift card.

      Thanks a ton.

    3. ...Wait, really? That's a thing?

      Guess that's not a perfect cash equivalent, then.

  10. I m starting to like this website since its fair by using points

    1. Well, that system's been around for several years now, but the content has just gotten better and better!

  11. I wonder if I can win the shop card cause I just really want rent for switch

  12. Most Satisfactory. With this account I shall be able to further influence the unsuspecting members of KoopaTV into bidding my will, and possibly end up winning a gift card. Down with Miyamoto, and the Mypillow guy to an extent, but mostly Miyamoto. All hail Captain Stich, venerable leader of the Gordo!

  13. I beilive this but I need a reason can you please give me a reason not a card code or anything just something to confirm my suspicion's

    1. A reason for what...? I don't understand your comment.

  14. I just commented so do i get a point?

    1. Not for this one since it's spam, but the Kirby one, yeah.


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