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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mainstream Media Bias Against New 3DS

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - KoopaTV is better than the lamestream gaming media. Always.

The New 3DS XL is coming out February 13, or tomorrow. The media is doing a bunch of hit pieces on it, because, hey, they're all against Nintendo. This is pretty parallel to how the media attacks political candidates or policies that challenge their twisted values, like the attacks on Herman Cain, both Ron and Rand Paul, and the FAIRtax. Standard stuff for them.

Disclaimer: KoopaTV itself did a hit piece on the New 3DS when it was first announced. We don't regret that one, and we stuck to the facts. ...I'd argue it was also more anti-Shigeru Miyamoto than anti-New 3DS.

The latest slew of attacks on the New 3DS that the mainstream media is massively reporting is the transfer process between your ordinary, old 3DS and the New 3DS XL. They're falsely reporting about its complexity. See the official Nintendo of America video going over the process, in detail, below:

Here are some choice headlines or reactions from the mainstream gaming media, some of which are on our Sources To Stay Away From list (Awkwardly, GameSpot is on our recommended list as of writing. They've now been removed from that.):
There are also non-mainstream sources that I've never heard of getting in on the action, too. They must be trying to join the mainstream media by being their smaller-media lapdogs. These include apparent LOSERS like Player Attack ("Nintendo makes transferring data to New 3DS XL a pain in the ass") and Gamesided  — particularly egregious because they literally used the phrase, "Fortunately, NeoGAF comes to the rescue." Like, that's one of the worst things I've read on a website in 2015 so far.

Here's my advice: Don't read sites whose purpose in life is to fill you with misinformation backed by lies. This is totally the opposite of KoopaTV, which stands proud in its dual mission of "Truth and Levity". That said, all the sites I linked are supposed to be "news" sites, which KoopaTV is not. KoopaTV is a commentary site. It's our job to tell you our opinion on the news, and make it well-founded. That's different than just telling the news straight, though you'll get some of the news through us via the background information contained within our commentary.

Here are the facts: People who have done the 3DS to New 3DS transfer via computer have reported that it's extremely easy. As for doing trade-in deals, however people did those before (I've never done one and have always been afraid of them) when transferring data can just do the same thing. GameStop has arranged a special procedure just for that.

You may have read up to this point and wonder, "Ludwig, what's the problem with those headlines?"

None of those outlets gave you the facts and told you any of these pieces of information:
  1. Why the New 3DS is designed to require a screwdriver to access the microSD card. Well, it's because they wanted it to be as compact as possible since it'll be too big/heavy otherwise, especially the XL. Nintendo still wants you to fit it in your cargo pants, so the size is pretty much from the buttons and the screens and that's it. So the microSD card gets to sit right next to the battery. This also prevents people from just robbing your SD cards. Chances are, if you can afford a New 3DS XL, you have or know someone who has the required screwdriver. If they don't, you can  buy it for literally one dollar. You can also use it for many other things as well.
  2. Why there are so many steps in Nintendo's video. This is because they want it to be idiot-proof and they went through every step.
  3. Why they chose the computer method. ...If you can figure out how to do this one, you can figure out the other methods as well, which are cameo'd in the video anyway.
A Phillips #0 Screwdriver is one dollar.
The outlets just wants to give you problems (whether legitimate or concocted for attention) with no solutions or background information. This is not complete reporting, and these stories exist to dissuade you from getting a New 3DS and giving Nintendo more money. (Money they desperately need! ...More than we do!) After all, if you already have a 3DS, and you're reading that transferring your old data to the new system is apparently almost impossible, you'll have significantly less incentive to actually buy the new system. But, again, in reality, it's easy.

So, if you choose to get a New 3DS XL, have fun with it! If you're getting a 3DS for the first time, you'll have to buy the AC Adapter separately.

Nintendo's online store for 3DS AC Adapter, compatible with New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Be sure to tell us your friend code, too. In the comments. Our friend codes are here.

Ludwig still considers "ethics in videogame journalism" to be a stupid thing to base a movement on. That said, KoopaTV is a very ethical company that complies with the stringent labour laws of the wonderful nation of Sierra Leone, so you can trust KoopaTV.

Ludwig wrote all about mainstream media corruption in his anti-#GamerGate article, stating how #GamerGate should be concerned with the media at large, not just the videogame journalists.
The mainstream media is always against Nintendo, but this attempt by Game Informer is particularly comical.
Ludwig buys a New Nintendo 3DS XL, and does the very same system transfer process being attacked by the media here.
Misreporting rumours about Nintendo may or may not be a conspiracy, but something is up when the truth is not equally reported.


  1. For the most part, a good deal of their complaints aren't much of a big deal to me like the SD card being hidden or transferring files via computer. However, two things that come to mind that keeps me from buying the new 3DS.

    1. Graphics - Yes I know that graphics isn't everything and it's all about the gameplay, but for me, it adds to the immersion of the game itself. I only wish that they'd at least increased the resolution or added some upscaling technology to help make the game look smoother, especially since phones today can boast a higher resolution than a dedicated gaming console. The new Monster Hunter 4 still looks bad on the new 3DS. I don't care if my game takes half the time to boot than it did before. I just want it to look good so I can enjoy it more while I play it.

    2. No AC adapter - I personally don't need two 3DS's so I look to trade my old one in. However, Gamestop does require that trade-in 3DS's come with the AC adapter which makes getting the new 3DS feel incomplete because you just traded in the only way you can charge your console.

    Anyway, this is just my personal opinion I just thought to share it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your personal opinion with us!

      As for your points, I'm inclined to agree on the AC adapter and would have liked to see it included, if only because it's the option that makes the most sense for consumers. I can see why Nintendo did it (it makes the New 3DS look cheaper than it really is), though.
      Nintendo wants to get money from its existing customer base because it's easier, which is why they want old users to get the New 3DS XL and have... new users get old hardware instead, apparently. Perhaps they think "everyone who wants a 3DS has one by now" which isn't entirely true, since KoopaTV's very own Vortexica just got a New 3DS Majora's Mask edition as his first Nintendo system this generation!

      As for MH4 looking bad, well, I wouldn't know since I haven't seen it in person, but I did see MH3 on 3DS and... I don't remember how impressive it was since I was too preoccupied over how bad a demo it was.

      That said, frame rate > resolution any day. :o

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. I don't see what the fuss is about either way. If you don't have a 3ds,it's a great idea to get it,but people trading in their fairly new system to gamestop for 10bucks or whatever the rate off is also surprising. I have a gut feeling the next gen portable is going to come soon to proceed the n3ds.
      The lack of a regular size n3ds was pretty disappointing too,especially with region lock preventing an import from Europe/Australia.

    3. I thought you traded it in and got $100 off.


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